Mice & Rats

Get Rid of Mice When You Have Dogs at Home | Pet-Friendly Pro Tips

Mice are our unwanted guests at home. Imagine having to deal with the damage and health-related risks they bring to your household.

Indiscriminately using insecticides against these notorious pests is a different matter when you have dogs, or any pet animal, inside your homes.

Well, fret no more! We got you covered on this one.

In this article, we will let you in some pro tips in getting rid of mice when you have dogs naturally and effectively.

These tips require natural and homemade solutions that are dog-friendly as well.

This time, you can deter the presence of mice in your homes without risking the health of your dogs. 

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How Do Rats Get in the Attic? Find Out More About Rats in the Attic

The attic might be the less accessible part of your house, but it also has the items you hide from people’s sight.

What if rats are in your attic together with your hidden pieces of stuff up there?

Now you feel disgusted and irritated, do you?

Rats can genuinely be annoying, and they can cause damage to our things. Given that an attic has no visitors, they can roam freely and eat up whatever they want.

Do you want this to continue? I know you don’t.

Hence, we should know how they got up there and how the rats got in your attic.

Ready? Let’s go!

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Can Rats Climb on Walls, Bed, and Other Things | Find Out Here

Are you wondering how rats could reach your attic and drawers? Or how can they enter your house with the door closed and glass windows wide open?

They can be dubious by appearing and disappearing in a blink of an eye! Moreover, their ability to move fasts makes it too hard to catch them. 

If that’s the case, you might want to know if they can climb those high and elevated areas in our home. 

Let’s find out.

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Killing Rats with Baking Soda | Does it Really Work?

Who would not want a pest-free home with your clothes, appliances, and furniture safe from damage? There will be no worries about the pests running around! 

Despite that, you should not feel too confident. These pests can attack any minute without you knowing. Don’t be surprised if rats are secretly rummaging through your stuff! Plain rude, isn’t it?

You should prepare a home remedy that is available anytime in your kitchen. Yes, a budget-friendly solution! 

What if I tell you about baking soda for rat control? Sounds interesting, right? Let’s find out if this chemical can completely eliminate rats.

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Killing Rats with Dry Ice | Tried & Tested Method to Eliminate Rats

Rats are a risk for humans—they carry and spread diseases and destroy our properties. 

Residents in rural and urban areas have been struggling with rat infestation. They tried different methods in the hope to control the problem of killing rats using dry ice. 

Yes, paying a hundred bucks to exterminate these rats is out of the picture. All you need to do is follow this low-cost and helpful procedure.

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Killing Rats with Carbon Monoxide | Step By Step Process for Killing Rats

Rats are unbearably stressing for they bring destruction and risks along with them. 

Rat infestation is a nightmare for everyone. But who wouldn’t be? No one would like to have their furniture, wiring, clothes, walls, and even our plants being damaged by these rodents.

You might be looking for a less inhumane way of achieving a rat-free environment. Getting rid of rats using carbon monoxide may save you from doom!

Now, jump in to know if carbon monoxide is an effective solution in keeping rats away from home.

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Killing Rats with Antifreeze | Should You Use It?

Who doesn’t like a clean and tidy house? However, rats might be silently creating damages in your furniture and electric wires without you knowing. 

And if they already invade your place, I guess you’re tired of dealing with these arrogant rats. Running around is too tiring, and you might think of getting rid of rats with antifreeze.  

Killing rats with antifreeze is a mostly used method, but proper usage and safety precautions are badly needed. 

Let’s dive right into the article to learn how to properly use antifreeze for rat control.

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Killing Rats with Bleach | Can you Eliminate Rats with Bleach?

Have you seen a glitch of running rats in your house? Or heard there small snickering sound? 

If that’s the case, you must work on death-dealing home remedies for these pests. 

For eliminating this pest, you don’t need to a buck or to even purchase equipment. You must want to try bleach for killing rats! A cost-effective ideal solution for unwelcome tenants in your house.

Let’s find out if bleach kills rodents and how to get it done properly.

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Killing Rats with Coke | Does It Really Work?

Rats are everywhere! You can spot them in alleys, street canals, fields, and even worse—inside your house! 

Once you discover that you have rat problems in your home, you better start looking for home remedies. You might be thinking of eliminating rats with soft drinks which is a budget-friendly solution.

Does it really work? Let’s find out and fight off these pests by learning how to get rid of rats with coke!

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