Get Rid of Mice When You Have Dogs at Home | Pet-Friendly Pro Tips

Mice are our unwanted guests at home. Imagine having to deal with the damage and health-related risks they bring to your household.

Indiscriminately using insecticides against these notorious pests is a different matter when you have dogs, or any pet animal, inside your homes.

Well, fret no more! We got you covered on this one.

In this article, we will let you in some pro tips in getting rid of mice when you have dogs naturally and effectively.

These tips require natural and homemade solutions that are dog-friendly as well.

This time, you can deter the presence of mice in your homes without risking the health of your dogs. 

What are mice?

Let us just put it out there: mice are notorious pests! These pests are known for gnawing, urinating, defecating, and even nesting on houses and buildings.

What’s worse, mice can gnaw on hard objects such as electrical boxes that can cause fires in homes.

Mice can also trigger an allergic reaction and even severe asthma because of the urine, droppings, and dead skin cells they leave on homes.

Basically, we don’t want these unwanted pests under our house’s roof.

Adult mice are characterized by their small and slender bodies. They even weigh between 0.5 -1 ounce.

And, their ears are relatively large and hairless while their tails are long. Mice have furs with light brown to white undertones in their entire body.

These pests are adaptable to any living condition. This explains how mice can grow in number instantly.

And they can even jump 12 inches or higher. While they may have poor vision, mice have an excellent sense of smell and touch.

Mice are 10 to 20 times more common to find inside homes than rats. These pests are most active at night because they are comfortable moving in dark places.

Now, if you’ve seen mice even in the daytime, this can only mean one thing: you have a severe mice infestation.

Get Rid of Mice When You Have Dogs

Should I be scared of mice?

Obviously, everyone should be scared if there is a presence of mice inside a household.

This fear dates back to the 14th century, when the deadly mice-borne disease known as the Bubonic plague or Black Death took millions of lives in Europe.

Mice are vectors of life-threatening diseases that can pose health risks to your family and even your pets as well.

To name a few, rat-bite fever, typhoid, and pneumonic plague are afflicted by these insidious pests.

Some of its symptoms may include rashes, headaches, and also severe respiratory diseases, which lead to death in some cases.

As such, mice are deadly pests that pose health-related risks to people and even pets inside your homes. 

Pet-Friendly Pro-Tips in Getting Rid of Mice in House

Having mice in your house is stress-inducing. Oftentimes, people opt to use insecticides and poisons to repel the growing mice infestation inside their homes.

But, it’s not that simple for pet parents. Dogs, for example, can be placed at more significant risk.

So, how do you get rid of mice when you have dogs, or any pet animal, inside your house?

Read on to find out about these pet-friendly pro tips!

Pro Tip #1: Eliminate Food Sources

Mice are drawn towards food left unattended and unchecked in the kitchen or the pantry.

These pests only need a small amount of food each day to survive. So, to repel their presence inside your homes, it is advisable to eliminate food sources that may attract them inside.

Make sure that you clean up all the mess thoroughly. One way to do this is to store grains, cereals, dry goods, and pet food in a glass or metal container.

Remember, mice can chew on plastic encasements where you might have placed your food inside. Thus, using glass containers keep your food secure and uncontaminated from these notorious pests.

And, if you have a pet dog at home, don’t leave his food out for more extended periods.

Pro Tip #2: Get Rid of Possible Nesting Sites

Mice are insidious pests who love to gnaw on soft materials inside your home. Ensure that you clean all of the clutter, such as fabric, rugs, and blankets, so that mice cannot use them as their nesting sites.

Also, keep in mind that these pests can chew on cardboard, paper, and other lightweight materials to make their nesting areas. 

Also, check outside your house. Mice can possibly make their nesting sites in tree branches or foliage left unchecked outside your house.

A general rule of thumb: make sure that both the inside and outside of your homes are clean and tidy. By consistently practicing this tip, mice will not likely stay longer inside their homes.

Pro Tip #3: Seal Entryways

As the weather gets colder, mice will migrate inside your homes just to survive the colder season.

As such, it is advisable to seal and block all possible entryways used by these pests to get inside your homes.

One way to do this is to use caulk or steel wool in tiny holes and doorways that can be used as entry points for these notorious pests. 

Remember, mice are small pests that can climb in tiny spaces and small holes. It is essential to seal all entry points inside your homes to dissuade their infestation at an earlier stage.

It will save you tons of worry and stress in the future.

Pro Tip #4: Use Pet-Friendly Mice Repellents

Getting rid of mice when you have dogs in your homes calls for natural and homemade solutions that can effectively repel the presence of these pests.

As we have said before, mice have a strong sense of smell and touch. You can use this to your advantage by opting to use pet-friendly mice repellents.

One of these mice repellents is essential oils. Mice hate the pungent smell of peppermint oils, cayenne, and pepper.

One way to use essential oils is to douse a cotton ball with one of these natural oils and place them in places where mice love to lurk.

Also, using essential oils is pet-friendly as this is the least-toxic alternative to getting rid of mice in your homes.

You can also use a mixture of apple cider and water. In here, you can mix equal amounts of water and apple cider in a spray bottle.

Before spraying this solution, make sure that you shake it well. Then, you can spray this in the perimeter of your house where you’ve dealt with mice infestation.

Re-apply this solution at least once a month.

Get Rid of Mice When You Have Dogs

Pro Tip #5: Get a Cat

One of the most effective ways to deter mice in your house is to get a cat. If you can adopt a cat, then you’ll likely have a chance of getting rid of mice infestation inside your homes.

Cats are agile and quick in catching any mouse that might come in their way.

And, if you have a pet dog at home, make sure that you gradually introduce the two together. Just keep your cat and dog on good terms with each other. 

Final Thoughts

Indiscriminately using insecticides and poisons against mice will likely risk the health of your dogs, or any pet animal, inside your homes.

That’s why using natural and homemade solutions in getting rid of mice infestation when you have dogs at home are your best options to consider. 

We hope you note those pro tips in getting rid of mice when you have dogs at home.

Just like how notorious these pests are, you need to be extra diligent in getting rid of mice in your homes. Our piece of advice: get rid of them naturally and effectively.

We know that this time you are better equipped to handle them. Just follow those pro tips because it will save you tons of stress and worry.

Thanks for reading!

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