Get Rid of Rats with Peppermint Oil | DIY Method to Eliminate Rats

Having rats running around causes nuisance and distraction. We can see them hanging around the small holes, corners, in our toilet and even worse—in our kitchen!

These rats are risky for our health, and we must look for an immediate solution. 

The good thing is that there are home remedies that we can use to fight off pests! We can repel rats with peppermint oil.

If this sounds interesting to you, c’mon, and let’s find out if you can truly get rid of rats with peppermint oil.

Peppermint Oil

peppermint oil for rats

Evident from its name, the peppermint belongs to the mint family; it is an aromatic herb from the hybrid of spearmint and water mint.

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Peppermint has many uses: people use them to add either fragrance or flavor to food, soaps, tubes of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and many more.

This plant has also shown health benefits to help you with nausea, headache, cold, flu, skin conditions, and can also be used as tea. 

The peppermint, either leaves or oil, can interact with medicines to support your condition. Despite its multiple benefits, it may offer service in another form of use, too.

Does Peppermint Oil Kill Rats?

Unfortunately, you can’t completely get rid of rats with peppermint oil.

You see, peppermint oil can’t kill rats. Although it is a potent essential oil that helps relieve pain, kill germs, and eliminate body mucus, this peppermint oil isn’t enough to kill the rascal rats in your house.

Peppermint oil may not have the power to become a poison in killing rats from your home, but it can act as a strong repellent in getting rid of rats.

Peppermint has a powerful smell that’s soothing for humans when used in a diffuser. It may be overwhelming for some, but this overwhelming sensation may be different for the rats.

It’s so strong that it can keep them away from your home, but it is not a reliable permanent solution; we can’t also assure that it will work for a large number of rats because they may overpower the actual smell of the peppermint. Nevertheless, peppermint oil is effective as a rat repellent.

Peppermint Oil as a Rat Repellent

Killing rats can be truly inhumane, so getting rid of them by making them go away from our homes is a lot better. 

One of the most commonly used natural remedies for warding off rats is peppermint essential oil. You can purchase this essential oil in health shops, organic sections in a mall’s department store, or you can even buy this online to pick your choices a lot easier.

The peppermint smell is so unappealing to rats, but it doesn’t harm them in any way. To use peppermint oil, here are some methods:

  • Mix peppermint essential oil with water. The more peppermint oil you use, the stronger its smell to the rats’ noses. Although oil and water don’t mix well in science, this mixture can be effective in repelling rats from your house.
  • The mixture should be placed in a spray bottle and spray it in your house’s corners, holes, rooms where people don’t usually go to, and places where you think are the entrances and exits of rats. Do this routine once a day, but it depends on how often you want to spray the areas.
  • If you want your peppermint oil to be concentrated, use a cotton ball and apply a few peppermint oil drops.
  • The smell of oil can last for days, but you can replace it whenever you want. Place the cotton balls on the same areas where you think are affected by rat infestation.

Additional Rat Repelling Measures

peppermint oil for rats

Now that you have the essential oil to use for repelling rats, it’s now time to make a move on keeping them away by not relying on peppermint oil.

Make your home uninviting, not for the people, but for the pests. Different kinds of pests can enter your home, and that includes rats. It’s not only rats that hate the smell of peppermint, but other pests also can’t take its odor’s toughness.

By combining different rat repellent methods, you can make them lame enough to enter your house because they will lose their bravery because of the boundaries you set between the pests and your family. 

Keep your house clean by keeping all your indoor and outdoor trashes in their proper places. Make sure rodents can’t find your garbage bin to avoid a massive mess happening.

Block small holes in your house if any are available, and you can use different mice repellent methods to keep them away from damaging your things.

The key to keeping rats away is by keeping your home neat and tidy: this way, rats won’t find any reason to enter your home because you can easily catch them due to your house’s organization.

Final Words

Even if you never found rats in your home, it’s better to take steps to make your home unattractive from their instincts.

Peppermint oil can help you with this plan, and you should be smart enough where and when you’re going to use this effective natural remedy.

Rats can be as cruel as they are but trying to kill them with peppermint oil will never work. Instead, a peppermint oil rat repellent will be your best weapon to level up your house’s protection from pests.

Hopefully, we helped you in understanding the use of peppermint oil for rats and mice.

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