Do Cats Keep Rats and Mice Away? | How To Get Rid of Rats

Are you looking to buy a cat to get rid of rats and mice in your house? 

Are you sure cats chase rats away and can be of help in repelling mice and rats? 

Do cats keep rats and mice away from your homes? Well, that might be the case in Tom and Jerry. But does it work in real life too? 

Keep reading to find out!

Do Cats Deter Rats And Mice?


Rats and mice are afraid of the smell of cats. Cats emit a chemical that mice can detect. 

Rats and mice are deterred by this chemical found in the cat’s saliva. The sensory organs of the rats sense this, and they get terrorized.

So it is true that cats can deter rats and mice. But this is only to some extent. 

They can only passively defend your house. But this doesn’t mean cats can be a solution to a rat infestation. 

can cats keep rats away

Do Cats Prevent Rats From Entering A Home?

The answer to this question is a little uncertain due to some reasons. 

1. Some Cats Don’t Notice Rats

Not all cats are interested in hunting down rats. Some domestic cats which are well fed don’t need to hunt rats for food. They only cause and hunt rats as a sport. 

So if your cat is fond of hunting, they can chase away rats, preventing them from entering your house. 

2. Rats May Enter The Areas Where There Is No Cat 

Though the chemical emitted from cats can deter rats, mice and rats are clever enough to avoid the areas where there are no cats. If that’s the case, then cats are no help repelling rats and mice.

3. Using Cats, You Can Catch One Mouse But Not All

Yes, this is true! Your cat might chase and kill one or two mice and rats but evading the entire population of mice is simply not possible. So using cats to keep all mice away is not possible.

Does Cats’ Urine Keep Rats Away?

Rats tend to leave the area when they smell cat urine. B t when rats and mice are exposed to the chemical composition of cat pee, they are less likely to avoid it. 

So the answer to this question is NO! 

Do Some Cats Ignore Mice?

Yes! Some cats that live indoors are usually well fed, and they find no need to hunt cats. Such cats ignore rats and mice and do nothing to chase them away.

Some pet cats are even afraid of rodents without exposure to outdoor activities like hunting or chasing. 

Do Cats Make the Problem of Mice Even Worse?

Rarely can cats make the rodent problem even worse. Some cats might bring home the rodent prey they had hunted as a trophy. 

If you live in an area surrounded by fields and have a cat that loves to hunt, you are in trouble! 

In such cases, if you want to get rid of rats and mice, you could get professional help from pest controllers and exterminators.

cats can keep mice away

Why Are Cat Not The Solution? 

  • Mice can enter small spaces of your house like the attic, roof, basement, or even small holes in your walls. But cats cannot enter these small spaces. So they cannot be very effective in completely repelling rats and mice.
  • Your cat’s health might be at risk if they are let to hunt rats. Mice can carry many diseases that can infect your cats, making them ill. It would be unfair to risk your pet cat’s health to get rid of rats.

Alternative Methods To Get Rid Of Rats And Mice 

The best thing you can do is to contact a pest control or professional exterminator who might be able to help. They would have the necessary skills, experience, and equipment to solve your mice problem effectively. 


So yes, Tom and Jerry are unsuitable when they make you believe that cats can deter rats and mice.

To some extent, they do, but that’s not always the case. 

So don’t depend on your pet cats or don’t consider getting a cat for this purpose.

Instead, invest in rodent control methods like borax or antifreeze or even an exterminator who can ultimately help you eliminate rats and mice from your house.

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