Killing Rats with Antifreeze | Should You Use It?

Who doesn’t like a clean and tidy house? However, rats might be silently creating damages in your furniture and electric wires without you knowing. 

And if they already invade your place, I guess you’re tired of dealing with these arrogant rats. Running around is too tiring, and you might think of getting rid of rats with antifreeze.  

Killing rats with antifreeze is a mostly used method, but proper usage and safety precautions are badly needed. 

Let’s dive right into the article to learn how to properly use antifreeze for rat control.

What is an Antifreeze?

Antifreeze is an additive known as an engine coolant that lowers a water-based liquid’s freezing point. People use this antifreeze substance to reach freezing-point depression for environments with cold temperatures and achieve boiling point elevation for places with higher-coolant temperatures.

Antifreeze is used for vehicles to regulate your car’s engine during intense temperatures by maintaining its operating temperature and preventing the engine from getting damaged. Despite its purpose for car engines, it’s has a sweet substance that attracts pets.

Can I Kill Rats with Antifreeze?

Antifreeze is a hazardous chemical, which means, you can kill rats with antifreeze. However, using antifreeze as your method can put anything or anyone in your home at risk. Your pets can be at risk, which means they can also die from this lethal poison if you’re not careful in using the antifreeze.

However, if you insist to use antifreeze as your rat killer, here are some ways to follow.

Starting with Antifreeze

Antifreeze has been extensively used to disturb and kill pests. Rats, chipmunks, mice, and other rodents are captives for sweet substances. The antifreeze’s smell can lure them, and it depends on how you deal with the antifreeze.

If you have pet rodents in your house, or other pets, stay away from the antifreeze: this will poison them, too. Antifreeze can poison humans, too, so you should take precautions.

  • You should wear protective equipment when dealing with antifreeze.
  • Ensure your area where you plan to place your bait and keep your pets away (if you have any) from any possibility of them getting poisoned.
  • Prepare either a container or bread if you want different baits for your rats.

Killing Rats With Antifreeze

killing rats with antifreeze

Firstly, look for the areas where rats and other rodents passed. Please take note, you should keep the antifreeze away from your pets. It can kill anything or anyone with no exception.

If you have found a spot, prepare your lethal chemical. Avoid smelling the antifreeze because it’s a poisonous substance. You don’t want a headache from smelling the antifreeze while planning to eliminate the rats from your home.

  • Use a small tray or container where rats can hop right on easily. Pour your rat poison into the container, and make sure it’s the right amount you need.
  • You can also use a pail or any receptacle that has a deeper length. Pour enough amount of antifreeze that rats can drink. Once rats and other rodents jump right into the receptacle, they would have a hard time going out. In this case, the container should be placed with locks or blocks around it, so it won’t fall off once the rat tries to go out.
  • Another method is killing rats, chipmunks, and mice with antifreeze-soaked bread. Depending on which area you want to place it, you may use a plate or anything that you can use to put the bread. Soak the bread with antifreeze, and you can soak them generously. Make sure the bread won’t break, so it will be pleasing to the rats’ eyes.
  • Place your rat poison in areas away from your pets. Once your pets can smell the sweet scent of antifreeze, it may kill them in an instant.

How Long Does It Take A Rat to Die From Antifreeze?

Depending on how you use the antifreeze, it can kill rats and other rodents within an ample time. Suppose you lure them with an antifreeze directly without any material as your medium.

In that case, it can cause instant cell damage to various body organs, and the kidney is the most and widely affected. The liver can be attacked by the poisonous antifreeze substance, which can eventually lead to heart failure, resulting in death right after.

If you kill them with antifreeze-soaked bread, it may take a bit longer to penetrate their system, since it is not a concentrated antifreeze.

However, it would entice the rats to eat the bread because it’s food, and secondly, the sweet smell is attached to it. Rats consuming the bread can also kill them if they plan to eat the bread a lot. 

It may take a long time for rats to be killed, but it is an effective method. If you still haven’t seen dead rats around your home despite seeing them drink or eat your lethal poison, wait for a bit because it may kill them overnight.

Final Words

A rat infestation can be bad for your home and you can use various home remedies for rats to eliminate them but killing with antifreeze substance is a dangerous idea.

It may kill them the way you want rats and other rodents to be eliminated, but it may kill other living things that you don’t intend to kill.

If you truly insist on using antifreeze, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind: be careful. You may be exposed to a dangerous poison, but you can satisfy yourself with being free from rat infestation in your home.

This guide should have made your view clearer on using antifreeze in your home correctly and gave you more knowledge to handle pests.

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