Killing Rats with Coke | Does It Really Work?

Rats are everywhere! You can spot them in alleys, street canals, fields, and even worse—inside your house! 

Once you discover that you have rat problems in your home, you better start looking for home remedies. You might be thinking of eliminating rats with soft drinks which is a budget-friendly solution.

Does it really work? Let’s find out and fight off these pests by learning how to get rid of rats with coke!

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Killing Rats with Coke

Killing Rats with Coke

First, let’s talk about Coke. 

Coca-Cola and other soda drinks like Pepsi are sweet substances. They contain sugar that lends satisfaction after drinking. Not humans can only drink soda, but rats and mice, too.

Rodents are attracted to sugary substances or any sweet food; therefore, you can attract them with an opened soda drink in a glass, or even those soft drinks spilled on the floor.

People believe that they can use soda drinks to get rid of rats and mice from their homes. Coca-

Cola is one of the best examples due to the carbonation it produces. They believe Coca-Cola suffocates rodents and possibly leads them to an explosion.

How Does Soda Drink Affect Rats?

If rats drink soda, they only gain satisfaction from the sweetness it provides.

Those rats kept as pets by their owners, usually suffer from health issues, for they eat anything they want. Rats can suffer from diabetes if they drink soda and eat any sweets around the corner. 

Rats are a little dirty, especially if they’re not your pet. They run around different places before reaching your home, which leads them to bring dirt and bacteria to varying parts of your house.

Given that rats come from different areas, they also need food to live. Rats and mice can eat anything and everything.

However, they’re not living garbage! They’re just like any other stray animals that eat what they could see around them. But, they have preferences too. 

Can I Kill Rats with Coke?

No. Coca-Cola and other soda drinks may have carbonation, but this doesn’t contribute to your desire to kill rats.

The carbonation present in any soft drink is not enough to affect a rodent even at its slightest possibility.

The fact that rats can’t even burp as humans do, attempting to suffocate them with soda drinks’ carbonation makes no use of getting rid of them.

Also, just because rats and mice don’t burp doesn’t mean they’ll explode from the built-up carbonation in their system.

That’s just how they’re built! Killing rats with Coke can be the wrong decision for your desire.

Trying Coca-Cola for Killing Rats

Killing Rats with Coke

If you badly want to try this method, then use Coca-Cola as your item. Any soda drinks will do so long as they’re carbonated.

Look for spots in your house where rats are usually hiding or running. It can be around your kitchen, wall voids, or small holes that rats may have possibly made to create their pathway.

Let’s say soda actually works, then it should work for other rodents, too. This method should also kill hamsters, chipmunks, guinea pigs, and other rodents. Keep it away from your pet rodents if you have any.

There’s nothing wrong if you want to try this method, even if it’s not recommended. If it doesn’t kill rats and mice, you don’t lose anything because it’s an attempt.

However, the soda drink will attract rats and mice and they may consume everything. If not, then the ants will come for it because ants are attracted to sugar – they need energy too!

Final Words

Now, you’ve realized killing rats with Coke isn’t effective no matter how thought you’re believing for the soda to work.

It’s safe because you can attract them with the sugar present in the soda drink, but regrettably, eliminating them with this method doesn’t work.

There may be mice and rats in your house that you’re trying to get rid of and using Coca-Cola or other soft drinks as your remedy isn’t recommended.

It would be best to use mousetraps or electronic rat traps at every part of your house where rats are usually located to drop them in no time.

Rat poisons are also available and make sure to use them very carefully to avoid contact with your skin.

Hopefully, this article fed you with essential knowledge that you should know when dealing with rodents in your home.

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