How to Get Rid of Snakes from a Pond | Pro Tips to Eliminate Snakes

Have you tried bird watching or fishing in your pond, and then a snake slither in your way just to ruin your day?

And, imagine the fear and panic you must have felt when you saw one! Well, worry no more; we have the pro tips you can employ to get rid of snakes in your pond.

In this article, we will let you in on some pro tips needed to get rid of snakes in a pond. This time, you can face your fear of snakes and employ appropriate measures to get rid of them.

Snakes and Their Reptilian Instinct to Thrive in a Pond

Get Rid of Snakes from a Pond

Ponds are the meeting place for the neighborhood that is interested in bird watching, wildlife watching, fishing, and other outdoor activities you can ever think of.

And, snakes are drawn to the habitable water and grass in a pond. 

As you enjoy that scenic view in the pond, you may be startled by the presence of snakes. And, the most common types of snakes that thrive in ponds are garter snakes and water snakes.

These snakes are drawn to the habitable pond area and the availability of food sources.

For example, water snakes are infamous for showing a lack of fear in people and boldly stealing from unguarded bait.

Lucky for you, during winter, snakes are dormant and will wait for early spring to emerge and bask in the heat of the sun.

Snakes will undoubtedly thrive on ponds in summer as they need water to sustain the hot days.

There are countless reasons why snakes are drawn to live on ponds. And, as you can think of, these things that attract them to reside in a pond area will help get rid of them!

Let us check some of the pro tips on how to get rid of snakes in a pond.

How to Get Rid of Snakes in a Pond

Although snakes play a pretty significant role in the ecosystem, many people are still freaked out of their existence.

Snakes are unwanted guests anyone can think of with their slimy and long-legged slender bodies.

Our word of advice, though, is don’t try to catch a snake by yourself! You’ll get yourself in imminent danger. 

Hence, here are some of the pro tips you can employ in getting rid of snakes in a pond.

Get Rid of Snakes from a Pond

Pro Tip#1: Habitat Disturbance

One of the compelling ways you can use to getting rid of snakes in a pond is to remove and eliminate any hiding spot or habitable area they can use as their breeding places.

Like any animal, snakes thrive if there is a habitat suited for their survival.

The only means to disturb their habitats in ponds is keeping the grass low and maintaining garden areas near a pond.

Also, it increases your chance to spot a snake from a far distance and take appropriate measures to get rid of them.

Remember, snakes slither at top speed, so make sure that you get a clear view of them from far away. 

Another thing you can do is to remove piles of wood and compost away from your pond.

These are potential hiding spots for snakes, and with the nearest water source in a pond, snakes will likely choose these places as shelter and habitats.

Just keep your yard clean by cleaning all of the piled branches, wood, and compost. You are doing yourself a favor by eliminating potential habitat areas for snakes. 

Pro Tip #2: Eliminating Food Sources

One of the species of snakes that thrive in ponds is the water snake. As we have mentioned before, water snakes are not scared of human presence.

They are willing to take the risk for any food that they can scavenge. With this, one of the pro tips you need to employ in getting rid of snakes in a pond is to eliminate their food sources.

If you’ve seen rodents and rats scurrying in your house, you should eliminate their presence in an instant.

One way to do this is to set up enclosed traps in your pond or even in your backyard.

As you lessen available food sources for snakes, you reduce the chance that they will stumble in or near your pond area.

Pro Tip #3: Use Natural Snake Repellents

Once you have eliminated potential hiding spots and food sources that snakes can forage for, it is now time to strategically counteract their presence in or near your pond.

And, some of the ways you can do that is through a natural but effective way.

Snakes hate the smell and essence of plants like lemongrass, wormwood, marigold, and garlic.

With this knowledge, you can strategically surround your pond with these plants and get rid of snakes slithering in your pond. Talk about hitting two birds (or snakes) with one stone!

Other than this, lemongrass is an effective mosquito repellent. One of the natural ways you can get rid of snakes in your pond is to use essential oils.

These are effective and natural snake repellents. And, it is economical and highly available in the market.

Certain essential oils include peppermint oil, cinnamon, and olive oil that snakes hate the smell of. All you need to do is use 10 to 20 drops of these essential oils in a cup of water.

Then, stir it well and place it in a spray bottle. Shake it well and spray on the desired area in or near your pond area.

Pro Tip #4: Employ Snake Traps

If snakes are not deterred by those methods and pro tips you have employed to get rid of them in your pond areas, then it is high time to employ snake traps.

Before opting to do this, make sure that your state or city has implemented policies regarding snake traps. These traps can instantly kill snakes, which is regarded as illegal in some states.

Snake traps serve as a decoy that lures the snake into a trap with the appealing scent it gives off.

Once the trap worked, a snake will be contained inside it and the snake will not be able to set itself free from the strap’s sticky surface.

Some people opt to use traps for snakes but make sure that it is legal in your state or country before doing so.

Pro Tip#5: Contact a License Snake Catcher

We have always stressed this pro tip: never attempt to catch or kill a snake by yourself. If threatened or disturbed, snakes will likely bite or attack you swiftly.

Hence, it is highly recommended to contact a licensed snake catcher.

If you wish to remove or eliminate snakes in your pond or on your property, it is advisable to consult the aid of a professional snake catcher.

This increases the chance that snakes will be rid of in your pond.

Licensed snake catchers will charge a fee for their service, and it is safer and sensible for you to just pay them rather than kill or catch the snake just by yourself.

Final Thoughts

Snakes trigger a sense of fear and panic in a lot of people. And, most of these reptiles love to lurk in your pond!

It can be a bother if you enjoy the scenic view in the pond and then a snake will just ruin your day. You are better equipped to get rid of snakes in or near your pond this time. 

We hope you’ve listed down some of these pro tips you can employ to get rid of snakes in your pond.

Remember, never try to catch or kill a snake by yourself! Heed our advice, and you’ll deal with snakes safely and sensibly.

Thanks for reading!

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