Is Citronella an Effective Flea Repellent?

Fleas, the little blood-sucking creatures, are annoying. They feed on the blood of cats and dogs. It is often challenging to eliminate them from our homes. 

You might have heard somewhere that citronella is an effective flea repellent. Is it true? You do not need to worry anymore. We are here to your rescue. 

In this article, you will learn if you can use citronella to repel fleas or not. If yes, then how? You will also get information about the safety measures to take while using citronella oil.

How Does Citronella Repel Fleas?

How Does Citronella Repel Fleas?

You must be looking for a natural way to eliminate fleas from your home and pets. Citronella oil is one way to do so.

Citronella oil is extracted from citronella grass by steam distillation. It is not only an effective flea repellent but also a mosquito repellent. 

We know that all essential oils have a characteristic odor. Similarly, citronella oil has a strong smell that repels fleas.

You might think that the floral smell of citronella oil is pleasant to us. But it is not favorable for fleas. The scent is unendurable for them, and thus they flee from this smell.

The smell is insufferable for them and is strong enough to repel them but not kill them. So citronella oil can be used only as a preventive measure.

How to Use Citronella to Repel Fleas?

How to Use Citronella to Repel Fleas?

Citronella oil can be diluted and sprayed on your dog’s bed, carpets, and other areas infested with fleas.

For preparing the spray solution, you need a spray bottle, citronella oil, and water. Put 6 to 7 drops of citronella oil and a cup of water in the spray bottle and shake it well. 

Congrats! The spray solution is ready for use. You can also add coconut oil to dilute it and suppress its smell.

You can soak cotton balls in citronella oil and put them in the corners of your home. The odor will stay in it longer and keep the fleas away.

Clean the body of your pets frequently by using shampoos.

It is equally important to clean the home by vacuum cleaning it and keeping the grass in your lawn short. It will prevent the entry of fleas into your home in the first place.

Safety Measures to Take While Using Citronella Oil

Is Citronella an Effective Flea Repellent?

You might think that essential oils like citronella oil are natural and thus harmless. But it is not the case.

Direct the spray away from your face. Do not spray the solution on your dog’s face.

Natural oils can cause allergic reactions in your pets, especially cats. Concentrated oil is even more harmful.

Always dilute the citronella oil by adding water and other carrier oils like coconut oil and avocado oil. Clean the carpets and your home entirely by vacuum cleaner after spraying citronella oil spray.

Remember to wear a mask and protect your eyes while spraying citronella oil solution. Pay a visit to the vet if your pet becomes restless by its use.

Final Words

We acknowledge the fact that eliminating fleas can be a tiring task. But it would be best if you tried to get rid of them as soon as possible. 

It is estimated that there are a hundred fleas per one flea observed. If you do not do something, their population will increase, and so will the problems. 

The fleabites on humans look like red spots on the skin. Visit a doctor if you observe it on your body and experience itchiness and irritation.

Contact the exterminators if you ever feel that you cannot control their population. They can do the required job with much ease.

We hope that your queries are answered in this article.

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