How Long Do Fleas Live Without Blood?

Fleas are weird creatures that can bite you and irritate you. We know that they are annoying. Eliminating them is also vexing.

But have you ever thought about the consequences of making fleas stay away from blood? We are sure that this funny thought must have crossed your mind sometime since it is considered their main source of sustenance.

You might also be curious to know about the duration of time fleas can survive without blood. If yes, then this is just the article for you! We will answer your queries here, so let’s jump into the article.

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What is The Diet of Fleas?

We have heard that the primary diet of fleas includes blood. But there is more to it. There are many varieties of fleas.

Fleas parasitize warm-blooded animals like humans, cats, dogs, and livestock. They usually prefer to suck blood from furry animals.

The fleas usually feed on blood and small cells. It is the diet of adult fleas.

It is an unsaid assumption that fleas survive only on blood. But this is just a myth. Surprisingly, flea larvae need eggs, vegetable matter, dead insects, and many other organic materials for their survival.

It might be shocking for you that 12% of flea larvae that were given only blood could not survive. Thus, it is proved that they feed on various food materials.

TopicFleas typically live for 2-3 months but can survive up to a year in ideal conditions.
Flea TypeThere are over 2,500 known species of fleas, but the most common flea found on dogs and cats is the Ctenocephalides felis flea.
Life SpanFleas typically live for 2-3 months, but can survive up to a year in ideal conditions.
DietFleas are parasitic insects that feed on the blood of their host. They can feed on a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, humans, rodents, and birds.
how long can flea live without blood

Can Fleas Survive Without Blood?

Fleas are believed to be solely dependent on blood. But we know by now that larvae need other organic materials for their survival.

Now, the real question is whether fleas can survive without blood or not. 

The answer to this question is yes. Fleas can survive without blood, but not for many days. So, it is not possible for them to live their complete life without blood as they need it eventually.

The next query arising in your mind out of curiosity must be the number of days fleas can survive without blood. We will provide a satisfactory answer to this query in the next section.

How Long Can Fleas Live Without Blood

One more question must be disturbing you, that is, why do fleas need blood? 

Is it only because it is the only digestible food for fleas? Or do they need something else as well?

The female fleas need blood to lay eggs. They start laying eggs 36 to 48 hours after having their blood meal.

So they cannot carry forward the next generation and increase the population without consuming blood. So they need blood for their survival as well as the propagation of their species.

The lifespan of fleas with food and host is approximately 100 days, about 2 to 3 months. The fleas can die within 3 to 12 days if they do not receive blood from any host.

Final Words

We know by now that fleas feed on blood. It is the reason that we should try to protect ourselves from fleas.

Almost all species of fleas survive on other animals like dogs and cats. But still, we should try to get rid of them as soon as possible, as they are the causative agents of many diseases.

We hope that this article resolved your queries regarding fleas’ life and feeding habits.

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