Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Fleas? | Get Rid of Fleas Permanently

Fleas are annoying, and so is the mess caused by them. You must be frustrated by their presence, and we understand that eliminating them is difficult.

You must have heard about the use of essential oils to kill fleas. Tea tree oil is one of them. So does it kill fleas?

In this article, we will discuss if tea tree oil is effective against fleas, and if yes, then how you can use it.

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We will also share with you the safety measures you need to keep in mind while using it.

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Fleas?

Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Fleas?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Like every other essential oil, tea tree oil has a characteristic odor.

Tea tree oil can potentially repel and even kill fleas due to its minty and unpleasant smell for fleas if used properly. The proper way to use it is after diluting it.

Now that you know that tea tree oil can kill fleas, you would like to see how you can use it to get the best results. It is discussed in the next section.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Kill Fleas?

How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Kill Fleas

You can use tea tree oil in several ways to repel and kill different types of fleas. We have explained a few methods here. . It is best to use all the methods simultaneously to get maximum output.

Spray Solution

Spraying diluted tea tree oil solution is one of the most widely used methods to kill fleas. So how can you prepare the solution?

You can prepare the spray solution by taking a 1-liter spray bottle and filling it with water. Put approximately 20 drops of tea tree oil and shake it well.

Do not mix more oil in water to prepare a more robust and effective solution. It will not help you by taking less time to kill fleas, but it will lead to allergic reactions and severe health issues in your pets.

Spray this solution on carpets, cracks, crevices, and on and around your pet’s bed.

Remember to spray it away from you and protect your eyes. You can also spread the solution on your lawn to kill fleas present there.

Remember to repeat the process at least twice a week for better results. Wear a mask while spraying the solution, and never use more than 1% concentrated oil solution for spraying.

Soaking Cotton Balls in Tea Tree Oil

You can soak small cotton balls in tea tree oil and place them in the corners of your home.

Try to keep it in a place that is not approachable for your pets.

Flea Repellent Collar:

You can also prepare a DIY flea repellent collar by taking diluted tea tree oil and rubbing it on your pet’s collar if you think your pet has fleas.

Let it dry naturally, and then use it. 

Is Tea Tree Oil Safe to Use?

Tea Tree Oil Kill Fleas

You must be thinking that tea tree oil is natural, and thus, it should be harmless. But it is not the case. All-natural products are not necessarily non-toxic.

Tea tree oil is toxic and even lethal if it is ingested. So, pay extra attention while applying it to your pets.

Do not apply it at an approachable spot for pets from where they can conveniently lick it.

It is not advisable to use tea tree oil on cats. Cats love to lick their bodies to groom themselves.

So, the chances of consuming the oil orally and experiencing associated risks are higher for cats.

Also, commercial tea tree oil has some harmful chemical components that can cause skin irritation and itching in your pets.

Therefore, read the name of the oil constituents carefully before using it.

Always dilute the oil before using it to minimize the side effects caused by it. Keep the solution away from your pet’s and children’s reach.

Consult a vet immediately if your pet consumes tea tree oil. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor if you are experiencing allergic reactions while using it.

You can also use other safer products and methods to kill fleas if it does not work.

Sprinkling crushed salt on carpets and near your pets is one of the most effective and harmless methods.

You also need to clean the bed of your pets and bathe them regularly to stop the population of fleas from becoming humongous.

Final Words

Tea tree oil is effective against fleas, but you must ensure that you and your pets are not allergic to it.

If you are looking for home remedies, you can also use solutions like lavender or peppermint oil to eliminate fleas in your house.

However, contact the exterminators if you are not able to eliminate their population by home remedies.

We hope you got the desired information on using tea tree oil against fleas in this article.

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