Killing Fleas with Salt | Find Out How To Eliminate Fleas Effectively

You must be familiar with fleas if you are a pet owner. These tiny parasitic creatures survive on your beloved pets’ blood.

It will help if you are looking for a natural way to eliminate them from your homes so that your pets remain safe from harmful chemicals.

Probably, you have heard that salt can kill fleas. Don’t worry. We have got your back. 

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In this article, we will inform you about the effects of salt on fleas and how it is used to kill them. We will also give you some additional tips to get better results.

What is The Effect of Salt on Fleas?

Killing Fleas with Salt

The most effective way to wipe out the entire flea population is to eliminate their eggs along with adults. Salt is capable of doing this. 

There are many different types of fleas, and they love to lay their eggs in humid, dark, and warm places. It is a suitable environment for their growth. 

Salt is an effective dehydrating agent that absorbs moisture from its surroundings. It causes the instant death of fleas and their larvae.

It does not only make the environment around them less humid, but it also takes out all the water present inside them. 

When we talk about the flea life cycle, it is important to remember that fleas eggs stay in cocoons, and it is difficult to kill them by applying salt.

Thus, it is recommended to use it again after a few days when the young fleas come out of their respective cocoons.

How to Use Salt to Kill Fleas?

Now that you know that salt can kill fleas and help you transform your home into a haven for your pets, you would want to see how you can do it. 

First, you must take salt and grind it properly to obtain a fine powder. You need to follow this step because the fleas are minute, and thus, large pieces of salt will not be able to reach them. 

Take this fine salt powder and sprinkle it all around your home. Do not forget to spread it on the carpets and under the furniture.

Leave the salt undisturbed for at least 12 hours. After this period, clean the home to remove the dead bodies of fleas. Clean all the areas with a small vacuum cleaner to clean even the tiny crevices.

The adult and young fleas will die this way. But the eggs wrapped in cocoons will not pass conveniently. 

So, you must repeat all the above steps at least 2 to 3 times. And after two weeks, congrats! Your home is now flea-free.

Tips to Get Better Results

  • Make sure to crush the salt properly to break down the big pieces of salt and become a fine powder.
  • Keep a large amount of salt with yourself to not run out of supply.
  • Please keep track of your pet’s movement and observe their favorite places. There are chances of finding more fleas there. Sprinkle more salt there.
  • Clean the house a few hours after you are done with sprinkling salt to remove all the dead fleas. 
  • Remember to sprinkle salt again after a few days to get better and more effective results.
  • Do not show the behavior of sloth bears. Whenever you find a flea, start the work of eliminating fleas. There are chances that many more of them in your home are irritating your furry friends.

Final Words

Salt can do wonders if you have a flea problem at home, but do not sprinkle salt directly on your pets as it might irritate them by causing itchiness.

Visit a vet if your pet feels restless after sprinkling salt around it.

You can also try other home solutions like cornstarch or peppermint oil to get rid of these nasty bugs.

However, don’t hesitate to contact the exterminators if the flea population is vast and uncontrollable for you.

The safety and comfort of your pets come first! We hope that your queries are answered in this article.

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