Does Lavender Repel Fleas? | Get Rid of Fleas Immediately!

You all must have seen fleas in your homes or on your beloved pets. The usual hosts of fleas are dogs and cats. 

They can bite humans but do not live on them. We understand they are stubborn, and getting rid of them is a tough job.

You must have heard somewhere that you can use lavender to eliminate fleas. Is it true? If yes, then how?

This article will inform you about how lavender can repel fleas, its side effects on your pets, and how you can prepare flea repellent yourself using lavender. 

How Does Lavender Repel Fleas?

can we get rid of fleas with lavender

We use the process of steam distillation to obtain lavender oil from lavender leaves. Like every other essential oil, like the tea tree, lavender also contains the aroma of its parent plant.

Human beings usually find the smell of lavender oil pleasant. But it is not the case with these six-legged creatures.

Lavender oil has a strong characteristic odor. It is this smell of lavender that repels the fleas. They cannot tolerate its smell and thus get away from it as soon as possible.

How Can You Prepare Flea Repellent Using Lavender?

You can prepare a flea repellent yourself at home by using lavender oil.

Take a spray bottle and put about five drops of lavender oil with 2 ounces of water. Shake it nicely. Spray the prepared solution on your pet’s bed, carpets, and the areas where your pet lives most of the time.

To get better results, you can add about 2 ounces of apple cider vinegar to the solution. Use the oil solution to massage your pets.

Take lavender oil and add 5 to 10 drops to your dog’s shampoo for additional benefits. Make sure not to spray the oil solution on the dog’s eyes.

Using it is not a brilliant idea if you own a cat. If you are still planning to do so, dilute the oil by adding a large volume of water.

You can also plant lavender plants in your garden. It will give you an additional layer of protection from fleas.

Can Lavender Oil Kill Fleas?

Does Lavender Kill Fleas

The answer to this query is no. Lavender oil is not strong enough to kill fleas. It can only repel them.

Fleas have a strong sense of smell. They can smell the aroma of lavender and hate it. It can eliminate fleas but does not kill them.

Side Effects of Using Lavender Oil on Your Pets

We all know that canines have a lot of olfactory receptors than we have and, thus, have a great sense of smell. They can easily get annoyed by the smell of lavender oil.

Inhaling concentrated lavender oil may cause respiratory problems and effects on the central nervous system in dogs. 

Commercial lavender oil has chemical components like phenol mixed in it. Cats are sensitive to phenols. It can cause liver failure, seizures, and, in extreme cases, the death of cats. 

It is thus advisable to use diluted lavender oil on your pets to get rid of fleas. The dilution will make it less concentrated and problematic.

Ingesting lavender oil can cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs and cats. Remember to keep it away from their reach.

Final Words

Fleas on your cats and dogs can be a common issue, but if not taken care of, they can be a giant menace for your pets.

They can spread many diseases and be difficult to eliminate if instant actions are not taken.

We recommend you consult a vet before applying essential oils like lavender oil on your little furry friends. Always use diluted lavender oil to minimize the side effects.

If the flea infection is severe and you cannot control it yourself, pay a visit to the vet.

We hope this article resolves your queries regarding using lavender to repel fleas.

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