Get Rid of Tiny Bugs in a Bathroom | Pro Tips to Eliminate Tiny Bugs

You’ve undoubtedly seen tiny bugs freely resting in your bathrooms. Out of stress and worry, you’ll probably choose not to take a shower or take a pee instead.

As such, the presence of these tiny bugs in your bathroom is a real nuisance! They might not bite or hurt you, but they are unsightly to see thriving in your bathrooms. 

In this article, we will let you in on some of the pro tips you can employ as preventive measures in getting rid of these tiny bugs in your bathroom.

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We’ll know how and why, out of places, they love to infiltrate your drains and sinks just to take shelter in your bathroom.

We got you covered on this one! Just keep reading, and you will surely find an answer to your question. And, you’ll know how to control their growing population in no time. 

What are the Tiny Bugs in Your Bathroom?

These tiny bugs you’ve seen are drain flies. You’ve probably seen these bugs reside in their favorite resting places – in the bathroom.

Commonly, these bugs go with moth flies, sewage gnats, filter flies, and in short, nuisance pests!

Seeing these bugs in your bathrooms is concerning because they often go in large groups.

Although drain flies do not bite or sting people and pets alike, their presence alone is a real nuisance.

The larvae of drain flies feed on decaying organic matter, algae, fungi, and bacteria. Simply, if there is moisture, these bugs will surely be there.

Hence, it is not a strange thing to see them in bathrooms. Drain flies are attracted to the damp moisture contained in a bathroom.

As their names suggest, drain flies thrive on drains and sewers where they can lay their eggs at any given time. 

Specifically, you’ll find drain flies in areas with stagnant water within your bathroom.

For example, that could be in your walls near the shower and inside sinks located in your bathroom.

Oftentimes, drain flies are confused with gnats and fruit flies because of the resemblance of their small sizes.

When squashed or crushed, drain flies leave a powdery substance on the floors.

Now, you may be confused why drain flies are attracted to your bathrooms? Well, read on to find out what attracts drain flies to a bathroom.

Things That Attract Tiny Bugs to Bathrooms

As we have mentioned before, drain flies are attracted to a bathroom because of the damp moisture.

As such, their presence is abundant in bathrooms and even on kitchen counters. And, bathrooms are prime spots where bacteria and stagnant water often accumulate.

Also, these bugs are drawn to wet mops left uncleaned and buckets filled with stagnant water. Imagine, female drain flies can reproduce 100 eggs within the range of 48 hours.

This makes it even necessary to get rid of their presence in your bathroom.

As their name suggests, drain flies are also attracted to pipes, sewers, and drains.

These are one of the entry points of drain flies to your bathrooms or even your entire house.

As they arrive in large numbers, it is highly needed to employ necessary measures in getting rid of them out of your bathroom.

Their presence can cause more than trouble and stress if you leave these bugs unchecked.

Get Rid of Tiny Bugs in a Bathroom

Pro Tips in Getting Rid of Tiny Bugs in Bathroom

As the presence of drain flies is a real nuisance, you must employ ways to get rid of them out of your bathroom in no time.

As it turns out, there are pro tips you can use in repelling their presence in your bathroom without even using toxic alternatives against these annoying bugs. 

Here are some of the pro tips you can regard in getting rid of their presence out from your bathrooms. Read more to learn about these helpful tips.

Pro-Tip #1: Eliminate Moisture

One of the critical steps in getting rid of drain flies in your bathroom is eliminating moisture and organic debris that may have accumulated.

Without some water source, drain flies cannot breed and grow their eggs. Hence, moisture is critical for drain fly breeding.

Make sure that you clean the sink and bathtub or shower drains. Also, if you place mops in the bathroom, make sure that you hang them off the floor and let them dry out first.  

Another way to eliminate moisture in your bathroom is to look for cracked or loose ceramic floor or bath tiles in it.

This would attract drain flies even more to your bathroom if you left cracked bath tiles unchecked and unrepaired.

When you at least try to eliminate excess moisture in your bathrooms, you diminish the growing population of drain flies.

Pro-Tip #2: Clean Drains

To check if your drains or sinks are the breeding sites for these drain flies, place a clear packing tape or a white cloth across the drain just right to let the water flow through it.

Check the tape or white cloth regularly. Also, make sure that you are not covering the drain’s opening.

If you’ve seen some flies trapped in it, then you have found the source of the drain fly infestation.

As such, it is highly recommended to clean your pipes right after locating the source of the infestation.

To eliminate these breeding sites, make sure to use a stiff brush. Chlorine and bleach are ineffective in thoroughly cleaning your drains.

Now, after scrubbing those drains with a brush, make sure that you flush them with boiling water to remove any material left in the drains.

If you’ve managed to do this, you prevent a worst-case scenario.

Get Rid of Tiny Bugs in a Bathroom

Pro-Tip #3: Seal the Entryways

When drain flies are common outdoors, expect that they’ll migrate into your bathrooms and even in your entire house.

Thus, you need to seal possible entryways that drain flies can use to get inside your homes. One way to do this is to use caulk seals or spray these entry points with a solution of water, apple cider, or vinegar to eliminate these pests.

Now, if you opt to use the least-toxic insecticides, be sure to follow the directions carefully, as many insecticides can harm other members of the household and even your pets.

Prohibit spraying insecticides in pavements, surfaces exposed to rain, and surfaces that drain on pavements.

This is a needed precaution because you don’t want to allow insecticides from being washed into streams or storm drains.

Your goal is to make sure that you seal possible entryways in your household that these bugs might use to infiltrate your homes.

Pro-Tip #4: Clean Your Bathrooms Regularly

One of the best things that you can do to get rid of these tiny bugs in your bathroom is to clean it regularly and diligently.

Remember, the key thing to repel these bugs from your bathroom is sanitation. Ensure that your shower, drains, and sinks are not used as breeding places for these nuisance bugs.

If you clean your bathroom regularly, you are using suitable preventative measures against their possible infestation in your bathrooms.

As your bathroom contains excess moisture, it is not strange that drain flies are attracted to it.

With this in mind, you already know why they are drawn to thrive in bathrooms out of all places.

This time, you are better equipped to eliminate them by employing preemptive measures against these nuisance bugs.

Final Thoughts

Drain flies may not bite or sting, but their presence alone is enough to cause worry and annoyance.

What’s worse, you’ll find them resting in your bathroom! As such, you must employ preventive measures in repelling their presence out from your bathroom.

This time, you’ll know better about controlling their population. 

Our word of advice: clean your bathrooms diligently. If you can do this without fail, you are on to getting rid of tiny bugs in your bathroom in no time.

Just follow those pro tips we have provided for you. For sure, it will save you less stress and worry if you’ve ever encountered a drain fly infestation.

Thanks for reading!

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