Gnat Bombs and Foggers | How to Kill Gnats with Foggers

There’s something in the air. Have you noticed that yet? It pesters your life, distracts you from doing anything else, and just drives you CRAZY thinking about it?

If your guess is love, then prepare to be disappointed because, BOY, do these gnats will ruin your poor, romantic heart. Sure, they’re not as awful as bedbugs or wasps.

But I don’t think any sane person would want these pests flying around and giving birth all willy-nilly like they own the place!

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So there’s one of many things to do that can get rid of your pest problem.

And that is to drop the bomb on them!

Do Bug Bombs Kill Gnats?

Short answer: yes and no.

Here are the reasons why that’s the way it is.

Yes, bug bombs DO kill gnats.

Like any life-threatening bomb you know, bug bombs will kill anything in direct contact, with their toxins dragging every bug in the open down into whatever afterlife bugs have.

But here’s where the “no” part comes in.

To survive from bomb explosions, people take cover to give themselves a better shot at enduring, right?

Well, the same goes for gnats.

gnat bites on skin

Since gnats can burrow into the nooks and crannies of your house, those hard-to-reach spots will be their hideouts while they wait for the fogger to calm down.

Not only that, but gnat bombs – or bug bombs, in general – have chemicals more known for repelling bugs instead of killing them. Yes, even wasps can be killed by bug bombs!

So if you’re the unlucky one who picked a repellent bug bomb, then you’re looking at gnats flying all over the place.

But pick the perfect one, and you’re on your way to clean, bug-free air!

How to Use Bug Bombs to Kill Gnats

Take Position

Locate where exactly the thick of the gnat infestation is, and set up there.

Since gnats tend to fly, be sure to cover all of your bases by placing the fogger on some kind of platform to get more coverage in the open air.

Instructions will be your best friend here because these are your reference on how wide exactly do these bombs have, so you better take your time reading them!

Shake, Shake, Shake!

If you want your fogger to fulfill its purpose to the fullest, then you better shake that thing to wake up its chemicals!

After a few minutes of some solid shaking, you’re now ready to pop that thing off!

Run Away!

After setting down the gnat bomb, you’ll need to go VERY far away from where it is!

Sure, this bug bomb is made to kill BUGS, but it still has hazardous toxins which you can breathe in and hurt your lungs.

It’s safe to say that chemicals do not care about whoever gets hit by them.

So if you have recurring body pains, then you might want to let someone else take over this task because you’re going to need to move fast once the smoke’s in the air.

Precautions to Take When Using Gnat Bomb

No Roasting by an Open Fire!

Since your regular can of fogger has gas and chemicals and everything dangerous inside, everyone should make sure all electrical outlets in the area are unplugged!

Don’t leave anything that can cause a fire inside the fogger’s range!

As mentioned earlier, a gnat bomb is made of highly hazardous chemicals that can easily get caught in a fire if that crucial detail slips your mind.

So, hey, you’ll be able to kill all of those pesky gnats! 

For the price of burning your entire home down, that is.

Therefore, it’s a must that you look over everything going on in your house to drop any chances of indoor fires from being a common problem to none!

Cover Up!

Now you got the fire hazard covered; you’ll be needing to do the same on every surface within the fogger’s range!

Pages of newspapers or paper towels are enough to cover countertops, tables, bedding, and wherever you frequent because as the owner of that home you’re staying probably wouldn’t want the stench from the fogger following you around, right?

Besides those surfaces, be sure to hide your utensils and food displayed outside!

Unless you want to know how a fogger tastes like.

But other than that, be sure to cover YOURSELF up while going in there fogging!

With how strong those chemicals are, it’ll be no surprise how much damage they can give to someone’s organs.

So tell whoever you’re living with that you’ll be bombing the gnat problem and to leave the premises with you.

The same goes with your neighbors, mainly if your homes are closely knit together because there’s a bigger chance the chemicals might leak through some unnoticed cracks on the wall and affect your neighbor.

For a minimum of two hours, you can get to know these people in the safety of being out and about! These safety precautions also apply when you’re trying to get rid of other pests.

One example is carbon monoxide for eliminating rats. Always keep in mind not to forget precautions when using chemicals.

The More, The (Not) Merrier!

All right, we get it. You want to be extra sure you got all of it.

But throwing in another gnat bomb isn’t the answer, man.

Because instead of giving your first fogger a “boost,” using more bombs in one place alone will only boost the health risk and nothing else!

And the worst part? Whatever amount of gnats you killed from your first bomb will stay the same.

Especially if they’ve been hiding away this entire time!

So who’s the dumb one now?

bombs and foggers for gnats

Final Words

Although not necessarily harmful, gnats can be a real pain in the butt when you’re looking for some peace.

And honestly? Everyone deserves quiet moments to themselves in the middle of 2022.

So, if you’re having pest problems like roaches or these gnats, then it’s your lucky day today now that you know all there is to know about bombs and foggers!

Especially their safety precautions! Because you probably have an idea already of why these things are a double-edged sword!

But once you got that in the bag, all these gnats can bid your home goodbye!

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  1. So what is the answer to getting rid of houseful of gnats? We have done all this.
    In the past we used Precor bombs. They are no longer available. They worked
    like a charm and had no more gnats until some came in on a sack or two of fruit from store.


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