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The sight of your yard slowly turning into a maze of mounds and burrows caused by gophers is undoubtedly an eyesore. Not only do they damage your lawn, but they also eat up your plants and their roots.

Due to all these destructive activities that gophers do, you might be wondering how to make this stop. I’ve been in a similar situation as you, so I started looking for answers everywhere on how to get rid of them quickly.

Some became success stories after a few good attempts, while others failed miserably.

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Out of all the things I’ve learned, I’ll share with you a simple home remedy on how to conveniently bid goodbye to destructive gophers with the help of juicy fruit gum. 

Does Juicy Fruit Gum Kill Gophers And Moles?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that Juicy Fruit gum can kill gophers and moles.

In fact, the active ingredient in Juicy Fruit gum, which is called methyl salicylate, is a common flavoring agent that is used in a variety of food and cosmetic products. It is not known to be toxic to gophers or moles, and there is no evidence to suggest that it can kill these animals.

How Does Juicy Fruit Gum Kill Gophers?

The sound of this is undoubtedly odd and confusing. How is it possible to get rid of gophers with juicy fruit gum?

The exact mechanism by which Juicy Fruit gum kills gophers is not well understood, and there is some debate about whether it is truly an effective method for getting rid of them. However, there are a few theories about how Juicy Fruit gum might work to kill gophers.

One theory is that gum contains certain ingredients, such as sugar and artificial sweeteners, that are attractive to gophers but difficult for them to digest. When they consume the gum, it can become stuck in their digestive tract, leading to blockages and ultimately death.

Another theory is that the gum contains certain chemicals or additives that are toxic to gophers. However, there is no conclusive evidence to support this theory, and some experts believe that any toxic effects from the gum are likely to be minimal.

It’s worth noting that while there are anecdotal reports of Juicy Fruit gum being effective at getting rid of gophers, there is little scientific evidence to support its use as a reliable method of control.

Get Rid of Gophers with Juicy Fruit Gum

How to use Juicy Fruit Gum to Kill Gophers Step by Step

It might be interesting to start experimenting with fruit gums as a gentle yet deadly method to eliminate the destructive rodents lurking in your lawns.

1. Locate the Main Tunnel

The first step in using Juicy Fruit gum to get rid of gophers is to locate their tunnels. You can do this by looking for fresh mounds of soil in your lawn or garden, which indicate an active tunnel. Gophers create these mounds when they dig new tunnels or push soil out of existing ones.

Once you’ve located a fresh mound, you can use a probe or stick to determine the direction and depth of the tunnel. Insert the probe or stick into the soil at a slight angle until you hit a solid surface – this will be the roof of the tunnel. Then, use the probe to trace the direction of the tunnel and determine its depth.

It’s important to distinguish between main tunnels and feeding tunnels when placing the gum. Main tunnels are typically deeper and wider than feeding tunnels and are used by gophers to move around their territory. Feeding tunnels are smaller and shallower and are used by gophers to access their food sources. Placing the gum in a main tunnel is more likely to be effective, as it may disrupt the gopher’s movement throughout its territory.

2. Chew the Gum

Get as many pieces or sticks of gums as you can. You may cut them into pieces of ½ square inches each or take them as they are. 

Chew up the gums until they become soft. Make sure that the flavor is out and evident.

3. Place the Gum properly

When placing Juicy Fruit gum in gopher tunnels, use a plastic spoon or similar tool and push it into the tunnel. This helps to avoid leaving your scent on the gum and the soil around the tunnel.

Potential Risks and Safety Concerns Associated with Using Juicy Fruit Gum

While Juicy Fruit gum is considered a safe and non-toxic option for getting rid of gophers, there are some potential risks and safety concerns to be aware of. These include:

Harm to Non-Target Species

If other animals, such as birds or small mammals, ingest the gum, it can cause harm or even death. To prevent this, be sure to place the gum only in gopher tunnels and dispose of any unused gum properly.

Ingestion by Pets

If you have pets, be sure to keep them away from any areas where you have placed the gum. Ingestion of the gum can cause digestive issues and other health problems in pets.

Chemical Exposure

While Juicy Fruit gum is considered non-toxic, it is still a chemical and should be handled with care. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling the gum and avoid inhaling any dust or debris from the tunnel.

get rid of gophers with juicy fruit gum

Other Methods to Keep Gophers Away


Gopher traps can be an effective way to catch and remove gophers from your yard or garden. There are several types of traps available, including box traps, snap traps and tunnel traps.


There are several types of gopher repellents available on the market, including granular repellents, sprays, and electronic repellents. These products work by emitting a scent or sound that is unpleasant to gophers and other rodents.


Flooding the gopher tunnels with water can be an effective way to force the gophers out of their tunnels and into the open, where they can be caught or chased away.

Castor oil

Gophers are repelled by the smell and taste of castor oil, so applying a castor oil-based repellent to your lawn or garden can help keep them away.


Installing a physical barrier around your garden or yard can help keep gophers out. Make sure the fence is buried several inches deep to prevent the gophers from burrowing underneath it.


Planting certain plants, such as gopher spurge, daffodils, castor beans, and alliums, can help repel gophers. They don’t like the smell or taste of these plants and will avoid them.

Predator urine

Spraying predator urine around your yard or garden can help deter gophers. You can purchase coyote, fox, or bobcat urine from garden centers or online.


Gophers are repelled by the smell of garlic. You can create a garlic spray by blending garlic cloves and water in a blender and then straining the mixture. Spray this mixture around your yard or garden to repel gophers.

Strong Scent repellent

Using fish oil, peppermint oil, coffee grounds, or Tabasco sauce as a natural repellent for gophers

Vibrating stakes

Vibrating stakes can create vibrations in the ground that mimic the movements of a predator, scaring gophers away.

Get Rid of Gophers with Juicy Fruit Gum

Final Words

Gophers typically leave damages that we want to fix as early as possible, and indeed, getting rid of them is the best option. 

While having fruity gums is convenient and fast, there is no assurance that this would work for everyone. You may try this method out when starting, but other more effective options should be considered.

For more severe gopher infestations, you should seek help from pest control services. After all, at the end of the day, we want nothing but a gopher-free lawn. 

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