Black Beetles In Your Bathroom | What Attracts Them To Your Bathroom

You’ve undoubtedly seen a black beetle lurking at one corner of your bathroom. Out of panic, you’ll probably choose not to take a shower or take a pee instead. Worry not; these black beetles won’t hurt you! Just don’t try to piss them instantly!

In this article, we will shed light on those black beetles in your bathroom. As these bugs love to take shelter in your personal space, you will know how and why, out of places, they love to reside in your bathroom.

Just keep reading, and you will indeed find an answer to your question. We got you covered on this one!

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What Are Those Black Beetles in My Bathroom?

Black Beetles In Your Bathroom

I know that you’ve seen these black beetles in one corner of your bathroom. Ever wonder what these bugs are called?

These bugs are aptly named black beetles, as their color and appearance suggest.

Let us just put it right there: black beetles are nuisance pests. These bugs are identifiable with their shell-like outside appearance and two pincers attached to their faces.

And, these beetles are unique because their first set of wings is hardened and thickened to protect them while flying. 

Black beetles have poor vision, so they rely on their “pheromones” to follow the trail of vibration and sound in the environment.

These bugs can adapt to a new environment needed to sustain their survival. And, if you’ve found them in your bathrooms, they likely took shelter in that area of your house.

The average lifespan of black beetles is one year. Generally, they do not pose harmful threats to humans, but when they are left unchecked in infesting your homes, you should take necessary measures to control their growing presence in your homes.

There are many bugs that are attracted to light and black beetles are one of them, so it is not surprising to see them inside your bathrooms or in your entire house.

Things That Attract Black Beetles in Your Bathroom

If you’re wondering why black beetles are drawn in your bathrooms and even in your houses, it’s a simple biological nature of insects: they needed basic requirements for their survival.

Just like humans, these insects need suitable living conditions, food, and water sources. Hence, black beetles can fulfill those basic needs inside your house.

One thing that attracts black beetles in your house or bathroom is white light. They are drawn to standard white bulbs that you use inside your homes.

And, you certainly use white bulbs inside your bathroom. This is a driving factor why black beetles reside at one corner of your bathroom. 

Also, if you have uncovered trash bins in your homes or inside your bathrooms, these are potential food sources for black beetles.

These bugs scavenge food even in your trash bins. Black beetles need ample food sources to satisfy their dietary needs. For them, it is the buffet of everything that they can eat.

More than this, black beetles thrive in places rich in moisture. And, look no further; your bathroom is the perfect place for that.

During summer or even in periods of drought, black beetles migrate to areas with enough water sources to provide them with the moisture they need to survive.

It is not just in your bathrooms that they can be found; they are also drawn to plumbing leaks with excess humidity.

Black Beetles In Your Bathroom

Ways to Stop Black Beetles from Coming in Your Bathroom

One of the best ways to repel the presence of black beetles in your bathroom is to make the area the least sustainable for their survival.

Simply make sure that you reduce the humidity or accumulation of moisture in your bathrooms.

Since black beetles are drawn to moisture, you can use a dehumidifier after showering or even using the bathroom.

This is to keep the moisture in your bathroom at bay and discourage these bugs from coming back.

Also, if you have unfixed plumbing in your bathrooms or even in your entire house, it is high time to get that plumbing repaired in an instant.

Black beetles can infiltrate your plumbing and use it as an entryway to share your house or bathroom with you.

It’s possible that if you are experiencing a black beetle infestation, it can be traced back to your plumbing left unchecked regularly.

Although black beetles are harmless to humans, they might pinch someone if threatened.

If you’ve seen a black beetle lurking at one corner of your bathroom, make sure that you do not aggravate the bug as it can fly and pinch at you.

This time, take necessary measures to get rid of these tiny bugs in your bathrooms

Final Thoughts

Black beetles are nuisance pests! Imagine sharing your personal space with these bugs. Indeed, we share the same sentiment with all of you.

But, don’t worry, you’ll be able to handle black beetles in your bathroom in no time. We hope you have taken down notes on identifying those black beetles residing in your bathroom.

This time, you know what these bugs are capable of, and you can counteract necessary measures to repel them.

Thanks for reading!

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