How to Stop Spiders from Building Webs Outside | More About Them

Sometimes, we envy people whose homes are not being visited by insects.

It feels irritating knowing that no matter how much we sweep some areas in our home, pests and insects keep coming back!

Especially when spiders make their way inside and out and begin to build webs around the corners and yard, nothing frustrates us more.

We only want our home to be web-free, don’t we?

Well, worry no more because this article will help you deal with spiders that build webs outside the house to help you address one of your worst spider problems!

How to Stop Spiders from Building Webs Outside

Stop Spiders from Building Webs

Clean your Yard

The first step in preventing spiders from building webs outside the house is cleaning.

Since spiders are very fond of moving around, whether inside or outside the house, you need to clean both indoors and outdoors.

Not only will you sweep the yard, but you should also wipe your wall, fence, bench, chairs, and anything that surrounds the outside of your home.

Mow your yard and put the grass clippings in proper storage, unclog drains, and dispose of anything properly that needs to be eliminated in the area. 

If you have a clean yard, the more likely you will repel any insects and pests, the more spiders will keep away from the area and help you have a peaceful life.

Use Vinegar and Water Mixture

After cleaning the yard, you may use the vinegar and water mixture to prevent spiders from building their webs.

We can use the vinegar and water mix for various purposes, and one of which is to eliminate spider webs in the surroundings.

Mix half white vinegar and half water in a spray bottle, and shake vigorously to distribute both particles.

You do not need to follow half bottle of vinegar, and you can also make the mixture with more water than the vinegar.

So long as the vinegar odor is not that strong that may affect you and your smell; you are good to go.

Spray the mixture in corners, crevices, and areas where people usually pass outside the house. Avoid spraying varnished surfaces to protect their coating.

3. Use of Cinnamon

If you want spiders to have a hard time dealing with the smell they have around, then you should use cinnamon outside your house.

Cinnamon has a strong scent that sticks in our senses, and it does the same to the spiders that roam outside your home.

To prevent spiders from building webs, you can put cinnamon sticks outside your house in areas where you usually find spiders stay.

If you don’t have cinnamon sticks, you can sprinkle cinnamon powder as long as you regularly clean and remove the powder in areas you spread it and wipe the area to avoid discoloration.

You can also use cinnamon-scented oil or candles.

How to Stop Spiders from Building Webs Outside

Seal Windows and Holes

To prevent spiders from coming in and out, you need to seal the windows every day and seal the cracks and holes you can find outside the house.

Spiders love to build webs in areas where people don’t interact. If cracks and holes are present outside the house, find a way to cover up those areas to ensure that spiders won’t make their way to build their webs in those areas.

If broken window parts need to be repaired, fix those issues immediately to ensure that no spider stays around and builds their webs outside the house.

Turn Off the Lights

Spiders love staying in areas with bright lights, given that insects love lights as well. Since spiders are looking for their food, they will find ways to look for bright spots to eye their target.

Please turn off the lights outside your house to avoid insects from coming over, encouraging spiders not to go into the area since they cannot find food around the yard.

Stop Spiders from Building Webs

Final Words

Now that you have an idea of different methods to stop spiders from building webs, you should begin to clean outside regularly to avoid the nuisance that messes around!

Spider webs don’t harm us, but sometimes they make their way in making our home look dirtier and more unsanitary.

Spider webs attract dust, which significantly impacts why we should eliminate them inside or outside the house.

Just keep in mind that spiders are also trying to live by making their webs, but if they become pesky, then you should begin eliminating their built webs that compromise the cleanliness of your home.

Hopefully, this brief article helped you gain more ideas about further webbing prevention.

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  1. I already knew that spiders love me (they want to be around me at all times), but not that they hate cinnamon. That’s great; I love cinnamon and hate spiders. I had no idea that vinegar repels them, either. I’m not as fond of vinegar’s scent as I am of cinnamon’s, but that’s okay. Apparently vinegar can even kill spiders? Who knew! I mean, they can drown in any liquid, but it is news to me that vinegar can kill them via other means… I guess vinegar is my new best friend. 😉
    Thanks for such a great article to alleviate the bane of my existence!


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