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On top of food, bills, and work, there are still problems that exist outside one’s day-to-day that everyone can’t help but forget.

It’s there, though! Hiding in the corner of the room you’re in, behind the fridge—all of these problems are hidden in plain sight!

And these problems have many legs with many eyes and many ways to make your life just a little more awful.

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Flies, wasps, roaches, gnats—those are only a few of what you have to deal with in your home. But what you’re going to deal with here is Daddy Long Legs himself: spiders.

While their web-weaving can look pretty in the rain, many of them can bite, and it gets ugly FAST.

This brings you to the question: does hairspray kill spiders or not?

Can Hairspray Kill a Spider

Hairspray can immobilize spiders due to the sticky polymers it contains. However, it is not an effective method for killing them.

Spiders have a high tolerance for many chemicals, and even if they are immobilized by the hairspray, they may recover once the chemicals have dissipated. Additionally, using hairspray to kill spiders is not a humane or ethical method, as spiders are an important part of the ecosystem and play a role in controlling other insect populations.

Therefore, while hairspray may temporarily immobilize spiders, it is not a recommended method for killing them.

How does Hairspray affect Spiders?

Hairspray can affect spiders in several ways. When sprayed on a spider, the sticky polymers in hairspray can cover the spider’s body, making it difficult for the spider to move. This can lead to the spider becoming temporarily immobilized.

Additionally, the chemicals in hairspray may have an impact on the spider’s nervous system, potentially affecting its ability to move and function normally.

However, spiders have a high tolerance for many chemicals, and the effects of hairspray are generally temporary.

Ultimately, while hairspray may affect spiders, it is not an effective or humane way to control spider populations.

does hairspray kill spiders

How to Use Hairspray to Kill Spider?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to kill a spider, hairspray is an ideal solution.

1) Locate the spider

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to make sure you know where the spider is before you start spraying. If you can’t see it, use a flashlight to help you locate it.

2) Aim

Aim the hairspray at the spider. Make sure you have a good aim so that you don’t miss and end up spraying yourself or someone else.

3) Spray

Spray the spider with hairspray. Once you’ve got your aim, give the spider a good blast of hairspray. This should kill it instantly.

4) Dipose

Dispose of the dead spider. Once the spider is dead, dispose of it in whatever way you see fit. You can flush it down the toilet, put it in the trash, or even bury it in your backyard (if you’re feeling particularly gruesome).

Precautions to Safely Use Hairspray to Kill Spider

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to keep spiders away, hairspray may be your best bet. But there are a few things you need to know before using it.

Right Hairspray

First, it’s important to choose a hairspray that contains pyrethrin or permethrin. These ingredients are safe for humans and animals, but they’re deadly to spiders.

Ventilated Area

Second, make sure you use the hairspray in a well-ventilated area. You don’t want to breathe in too much of the fumes.

Look for Pets and Children

If you have pets or small children, be sure to keep them away from the area where you’re spraying the hairspray. If they accidentally get some on them, it could be harmful.

Don’t Inhale

Although some hairspray brands out there smell nice and flowery, you better not consider inhaling the chemicals it sprays out all willy-nilly!

The same as looking at it up close as you spray something WITHOUT wearing proper eyewear.

That hairspray can you’re holding contains CHEMICALS. Whether they’re mild or not, you shouldn’t aim that spray anywhere near your face. 

Unless you want both your eyes and skin to be irritated on purpose, then go on right ahead.

can hairspray kill spider

Does Hairspray Kill Black Widow Spider?

While hairspray may immobilize a black widow spider temporarily, it is not an effective or recommended method for killing the spider. In fact, using hairspray on a black widow spider could potentially agitate the spider and make it more likely to bite.

The best way to deal with a black widow spider is to contact a professional pest control company or wildlife removal service to safely remove the spider from your property.

If you must remove the spider yourself, wear protective clothing and use a long-handled tool to carefully capture and relocate it to a safe location away from your home.

Can Spiders Recover from the Effects of Hairspray?

Spiders have a high tolerance for many chemicals, and even if they are immobilized by hairspray, they may recover once the chemicals have dissipated. This means that spiders can potentially recover from the effects of hairspray, especially if they are not exposed to a lethal dose.

Final Words

Honestly, having tiny spiders scamper around the place isn’t so bad.

As long as they’re at a manageable size in their tiny webs off the side, these guys aren’t a problem.

What STRIKES as a problem are those fist-sized ones that can paralyze you with their venom while making babies like it’s no one’s business!

Those guys are THE WORST!

So, if you were suddenly hit by a spider infestation and all you have are hairsprays for your ‘do, it’s your lucky day!

And since you’re already here, you should’ve known by now why exactly it’s a lucky day for spider haters with a butt-load of hairsprays at your disposal!

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