How to Get Rid of Tiny Bugs in your Bathroom

You’ve undoubtedly seen a tiny bug freely jumping in your bathroom. Out of panic, you’ll probably choose not to take a shower or take a pee instead. Worry not, these bugs are called springtails! And, they won’t even harm or bite you!

In this article, we are going to shed light on those tiny bugs jumping in your bathroom. As these insects are called springtails, you will know how and why out of all places, they love to take shelter in your bathroom.

Just keep reading and you will surely find an answer to your question. We got you covered on this one!

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how to get rid of springtails at home

What Are Those Tiny Bugs in My Bathroom That Jump?

I know that you’ve seen these tiny bugs jumping at every corner of your bathroom. Ever wonder what are these bugs called? Well, as their jumping behavior suggests, these tiny bugs are named springtails.

Let us just put it right there: springtails don’t bite or harm people. These bugs are wingless arthropods that have unique locomotion called the ‘springtail’ movement. And, because of their small size and jumping habits, springtails are also called ‘jumping dirt.’

The name ‘springtail’ comes from the insects’ forked tail called a ‘furculum’ which can also be found among various insects. Springtails can’t fly but they can jump an inch higher every time they move to another place.

What’s good about springtails is that they do not bite humans or pets, spread harmful bacteria and diseases, and do not damage or infest household items and indoor potted plants. It’s just that their presence alone makes them pests at homes!

What causes springtails at home

Appearance of Springtails

Springtails are recognizable with their tiny and pinhead-sized bodies. Others have elongated bodies while some species have a round body as well. These insects vary in color in which most of them appear gray and purplish. And, they possess six legs just like other insects.

Now, you’ll pretty much assume that these insects fly or they possess wings. Well, they aren’t. Springtails can only jump but not fly inside your house. They are wingless and their favorite habit, as their name suggests, is jumping!

The smallest springtail has a size of 0.2 mm long which is recorded as the world’s tiniest insect. Other springtails can reach ten inches long and can therefore jump even higher! But, don’t worry, they won’t even try to hurt or bite you.

Springtails in Homes

During hot and dry periods of summer, springtails will likely take shelter from the heat inside your home. These insects do not like the scorching heat of the sun! Springtails migrate inside your home because they seek sources of moisture and shade from the outdoor heat.

If springtails enter and take shelter in buildings and houses, they can often be found in areas where there is an abundant water source such as your kitchen or your bathroom. While in outdoor areas, these insects will enjoy your swimming pool or your garden.

Springtails inside your home will not even try to bite or hurt you. They can be a temporary nuisance, especially in your bathrooms. Their migration usually happens less than a week and soon they will migrate outside if there is favorable humidity.

Springtails in Bathrooms

Springtails are nuisance pests in your bathrooms. If there is a presence of springtails in your bathroom then it will likely indicate that there is an abundance of water, dampness, and wet moisture fitted for a springtail’s survival.

These insects will swarm areas within your bathroom as they love to enjoy the high humidity and presence of water sources. There can be a leaking pipe and poorly sealed tubs and sinks. Now, if springtails love to situate themselves in your bathroom walls then, it is an indication of mold and fungus present in your bathroom.

Just like how these insects migrate inside your homes, springtails move into your bathrooms as the outdoor heat is too much for them to sustain. When the outdoor dry with intense heat, springtails are attracted to indoor moisture that can be found in your bathrooms. It is highly crucial for their survival.

Final Thoughts

Springtails are mostly a nuisance pest. If you’ve ever seen one while in the shower, don’t panic and shriek right away. As we have mentioned before, springtails do not harm or bite people. So, just be calm or find a way to get rid of them.

Now that we have shed light on your question about those tiny bugs that jump in your bathroom, you’ll finally know something about these insects called springtails. This time, you’ll better know how to react when you found them in your bathrooms.

Remember, springtails won’t hurt you! You’ll probably be the one to hurt them back out of panic. Just kidding!

Thanks for reading!

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