How To Get Rid Of Mice In Bedroom | Prevent Mice Infestation

Is your peaceful sleep being disturbed by some squeaky, scratching noises in your bedroom?

Chances are there might be mice in your room! It’s so annoying and disgusting to have these unwelcome guests, right? 

You don’t have to panic! We are here to help you out! 

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Read this article to see how you can get rid of these pesky little creatures.

You will also get to know what you can do to prevent further entry of mice into your bedroom! 

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What Attracts Mice To Bedroom?

Untidy Room 

If you haven’t tidied up your house in a while, you welcome these rodents to nest and breed. Mice love to eat anything and everything. 

They are mainly attracted to food leftovers in the trash, countertops, opened and unfinished packets of food, etc.

So if you have any of these in your bedroom, it’s likely to grab the attention of mice who look for food everywhere. 

Leaking Faucets 

Just like food, mice also look for water wherever they go. So if you have water sources available near your bedroom, mice would love to nest in your rooms.

These sources include leaky pipes and taps and pets’ bowls of water. 

Comfy spaces 

Mice also need warm, comfortable shelter to build their nests, breed, and thrive.

Any cracks or holes in the exterior of your home are potential points of entry that could allow mice to get into your walls and, from there, into the interior of your living space. 

This is how they reach your bedroom; if it’s warm, dark, and cozy, mice make themselves comfortable there.

Mice are capable of squeezing through even the tiniest spaces. So if the exterior of your bedroom has such unsealed holes, mice can stealthily move in. 

Get Rid Of Mice In Bedroom

What Can Mice Do To Your Bedroom?

Just imagine how much damage mice can do to your bedroom. To make it simple, we have listed below those:

Damage To Your Mattress And Cot:

Mice can chew through materials like plastic, wood, and cotton, and this can cause damage to your bedding and cot.

They have strong teeth which can pull off foam and sponge from your mattress. 

They are great climbers, making it easy for them to crawl up to your beds effortlessly. 

Damage To Wires And Plumbing 

Mice and rats can chew through wires and gnaw them. This can cause shocks and short circuits, resulting in problems as serious as fire. 

Disturbs Sleep 

These pesky creatures can awake you the whole night with squeaking and crawling noises. 

Mice look for warm comfy spaces, especially in winter. This is why they enter houses.

If they reach your bedroom, there’s a big chance that these nocturnal pests will crawl on the bed while you peacefully sleep.

Carries Diseases 

Mice carry many diseases like hantavirus, rat-bite fever, rabies, leptospirosis, and plague.

This is more likely to happen when mice crawl up to your bed and contaminate it with urine or feces. 

They might even bite in defense. This can result in serious health issues.

Can Mice Climb Walls and Ceilings? 

Yes! Mice and rats are master climbers. They can quickly scale both interior and exterior walls.

They have dexterous paws that give them the remarkable capacity to climb high up to the roof and attics. 

Here are reasons why mice can climb easily:

  • They have tiny claws that can find and fit easily into minute cracks, crevices, and pores in a wall, ceiling, or other objects. 
  • They are very strong for their size and thus can hold on tight vertically and horizontally. 
  • Mice can stretch their bodies to lay them flat against a wall or other surface, helping them not fall off. 
  • Mice use their tails to adjust for balance while climbing.

However, mice can face some difficulties in climbing over surfaces that are so smooth.

They can climb on surfaces like wood, metals that are not very smooth, bricks, wooden furniture, trees and branches overhanging your house, most forms of plastic, and any building material facades. 

The key to reducing their climbing abilities is to use smooth surfaces and remove tree branches or any of the surfaces mentioned above. 

How to Get Rid of Mice In Bedroom

Knowing what troubles and hazards these rodents can cause, you might now want to know ways to get rid of them from your bedroom.

Some methods can be used to eliminate mice in your bedroom and house.


Mice have a strong sense of smell that makes them sensitive to pepper. Pepper contains piperine that can irritate the mice’s nasal passages, which they avoid. 

Pepper also reduces the appetite of mice, especially the female ones, thus reducing mating and reproduction. So black pepper is a good deterrent for mice. 

How to Use Black Pepper to Repel Mice? 

  • Use some crushed pepper to do this. 
  • Just sprinkle a pinch of black pepper in the corners of the room and near the bed to keep them from climbing into the bed.

You can also use peppermint oil dipped in cotton balls to repel mice. Just place them near your beds and at the corners of your room. 


Camphor also has a strong odor and works the same way as pepper. You can use camphor in its oil form. 

  • Just take a cotton ball and dip it in camphor oil.
  • Leave it in the corners of the room. You can also place some near your bed to repel these mice. 
  • You can also use camphor balls as such. The vapors they emit can also repel rats and mice. 


Many rodenticides are available, and they can be used to kill mice.

Some common rodenticides include Zinc Phosphide, Bromethalin, and anticoagulants like Bromadiolone, chlorophacinone, difethialone, brodifacoum, and warfarin. 

But this method has some disadvantages. You don’t want your room stinking of dead mice, right?

Make sure you use this method as a last resort and put the dead mice away from your house. 


Traps come in different types. Some electronic traps can kill mice by cutting off their necks or giving them an electric shock.

The mice are lured into the trap using bait. 

Again here you have to deal with dead mice, which can also be disgusting and unhygienic.

So you can also go for traps with cages that catch the mice alive. You can let them away far from your home and get rid of mice from your bedroom. 

use rat traps for mice

Preventing Mice From Entering Your Bedroom

Even though you might get rid of mice in your bedroom using the above methods, they can quickly return.

Mice are intelligent creatures, and you must prevent them from entering your house again to avoid future infestation. 

So to prevent mice from entering your bedroom again, you can follow these methods. 

Close Gaps And Holes

Mice can stealthily enter the house through holes and gaps in the exterior of your home. They climb up through the walls and reach the interior. This is how they can enter your bedroom too. 

To prevent mice from entering your bedroom, you need to close any possible entry points for mice. Seal the gaps in the exterior of your house and roofs and walls.

Mice can also enter through bathrooms in search of water. So fix leaky faucets to deprive them of water sources. 

Wet Waste Management 

Garbage and trash are the primary sources of food for mice. Place trash cans a few feet away from your house. 

Make sure to keep garbage in garbage bags that are properly sealed.

It’s better to have a metal trash can that mice can not chew and make holes to enter.

Maintain Cleanliness 

A clean room can minimize the possibility of mice nesting in your rooms. Mice look for dirty, dark, shady places for nesting. A clean and well-lit room deprives them of these. 

Maintain cleanliness of every nook and corner of your room. Check your room for mouse droppings to know if mice are roaming around so that you can get rid of them in your bedroom.

maintain cleanliness to prevent rats

Check Your Walls And Ceiling 

Mice are great climbers and tend to nest in your walls and ceilings. You need to check your walls and ceiling for mice activity. 

Some signs include:

  • Squeaking or scurrying sounds from walls 
  • Running sounds or footstep sounds during the night
  • Droppings in the ground or area near walls and corners. 
  • Chewed or gnawed on wires and insulation 
  • Chewed or gnawed on food packages 
  • Rub marks on walls
  • Damaged furniture and nests made of shredded paper or sponge. 
  • Disturbed wiring in the house. 


Mice can be so annoying and troublesome that it makes the situation worse when it is in the bedroom.

When disturbed by these creatures, a good night’s sleep after a long tiring day can cause so much frustration. 

So look for signs of mice in your room and carefully get rid of them in your bedroom by using the methods we have suggested.

Have a pleasant sleep without any worries about these little rodents!

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