How To Get Rid Of Rats With Black Pepper | Black Pepper for Rats 

Are rats causing you much trouble? They can be stubborn little rodents, right?

I’m very sure that you must have tried various methods to get rid of them only to see they don’t work. 

But don’t worry now! 

You can use black pepper to repel these pesky creatures, and we’ll show you how! 

Keep reading to find out how you can use black pepper for rats and avoid further infestation.

Why Is Black Pepper A Good Way To Repel Rats? 

Studies show that black pepper is a humane and effective way to eliminate rats and mice. 

Rodents have a strong sense of smell that lures them to food sources. Since they rely on their sense of smell, the pungent smell of pepper can deter them. 

Black pepper contains piperine which gives it that strong smell. Also, using black pepper is an affordable and easy way to keep rats away. 

Unlike electric traps and rodenticides, it doesn’t harm or kill rodents. So, you can quickly get rid of these creatures without feeling guilty about torturing or killing them. 

black pepper for rats

Black Pepper Against Rats- How Does It Work?

How exactly does black pepper work in repelling rats and mice? Here’s the answer! 

  • Black and cayenne pepper can cause nasal irritation in rodents, making them avoid their smell. 
  • Black pepper contains a bioactive component called piperine that irritates the mice and reduces their appetite. This loss of appetite is especially seen in female rats, reducing their reproduction. The less they eat, the less they mate and produce offspring.
  • Black pepper may be a great way to curb the time between minor annoyances and a full-blown infestation. However, if the infestation becomes severe, this method might not be enough to repel rats.

Using more spicy pepper, such as cayenne pepper,  in combination with black pepper can give a more pronounced and effective defense.

So why not try using that pepper from your spice rack to see if it works? 

Let’s see how to do it step by step. 

Steps To Use Black Pepper To Get Rid Of Rats:

1. Clean Up And Prep

First, you should clean up any food scraps, trash, or water sources to prevent them from looking for sources elsewhere. 

Once you have cleaned, check for any holes through which mice and rats might enter and block them. This may include holes in the foundations of your home, cracks in the floor, broken pipes, and more. 

2. Laying Down A Black Pepper Barrier

The next step is to create a barrier with black pepper. Choose areas behind refrigerators, washers, and dryers, along walls, near trash cans, and anywhere else the rats go.

Spread a good amount of crushed black pepper in areas with the most rodent traffic. 

eliminate rats with black pepper

3. Find The Right Place

Look for any nests in the nooks and crannies of your homes. Find where the rodents are hiding and load that place with black pepper. This will drive these residents away from those areas. 

4. Repeat Until Rats Are Gone

Do all these steps mentioned above till all the rats are gone. Don’t be haste to remove the pepper barrier since rats tend to return in search of food and water. 

Using Black Pepper Oil: 

Studies show that using 2% black pepper oil can repel female mice. You can also try this instead of using black pepper as such. 

Will Black Pepper Repel Mice Long-term? 

You can use black pepper to make rats avoid nesting in your house. But will it work in the long term? Now that is reasonable doubt indeed. 

Black pepper and other deterrents may be utilized as a long-term solution. But that’s not very effective.

Black pepper may not keep the rats away for extended periods, and the act of placing it can become tedious for you. 

Rats are intelligent creatures. Whether you use humane deterrents like black pepper or more lethal solutions, rodents will learn to avoid these traps over time. So using black pepper cannot be a long-term solution. 

You will have to seek the help of a pest controller for a long-term solution.


Rats can be so annoying and disgusting. You might need to spend so much money if the infestation gets worse. 

But don’t worry! Now you know that black pepper can come to the rescue!

I hope this article has tips on using black pepper to get rid of rats.

You can also use other stuff in your kitchen cabinet, like baking soda or salt, to eliminate rats from your home.

So what are you waiting for? Just try to see how these tips work.

Make sure to follow the steps properly to get good results!

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