Killing Rats with Salt | Can You Use Salt to Get Rid of Rats?

Are you having trouble dealing with rats and mice moving around your home while plaguing you all together?

Rats are tough to deal with in maintaining the cleanliness of our house.

You may resort to killing this pest, and you might want to get rid of rats using salt. Yes, your warrior is just sitting in your kitchen waiting to be used!

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Let’s discuss it and learn if salt can work in killing rats.

Does Salt Kill Rats?

killing rats using salt

You might not have heard of this, but salt does something to rats. If you talk about killing rats with salt instantly, it doesn’t work. 

Rats are suckers for sweet and salty food. It drives them crazed when they sense these food tastes around them, and eventually, they’ll eat them.

Rats aren’t conscious about the environment they’re in; hence, rats will eat almost anything they can have access to, and that’s what makes them “dirty” when they break into your house.

It has not yet been proven that salt can instantly kill rats, but salt is toxic to rats and can affect their system; it can kill them as time passes.

Like humans, rats can taste salt as a horrible sensation when they consume too much, and they drink water to compensate for it.

Salt can make the rats dehydrated as they are, and that’s what we feel too; we consume a considerable amount of water to make up for the salt level in our system. 

Rats are prone to sickness because they swallow almost everything they can find around them without being cautious of the food they consume.

While salt can also be something they’re going to take, it may affect their kidney and kill them if too much salt intake has been made.

How To Use Salt In Killing Rats

Salt is a versatile ingredient, and we use it when we cook food.

There haven’t been enough testimonies that we can use salt in killing rats; however, there’s a way we can utilize it with the combination of another substance: the detergent.

However, using salt and detergent was hardly discussed when we look for home remedies to kill rats in the house. People’s attestations stated not enough evidence, but some still use them to eradicate the rats from their homes.

We cannot confirm that salt and detergent can kill rats, but they can help with your rat problems.

If you want to try the salt and detergent mix, simply mix salt and detergent with any sweet food you can find in your home.

The salt ratio must be larger than the detergent, while the food should be much greater than the salt and detergent. This method attracts the rats with the sweet food scent, while the salt and detergent will eventually enter their system.

Put the salt + detergent + food mixture in areas where rats live or corners and holes where you think they pass by every day.

Rats aren’t concerned about the food they digest, but the sweet food you use helps lure them to eat the mixture.

Using Salt to Deter Rats

killing rats with salt

If you are sketchy in using salt to kill rats, you can prevent them from entering your home or just force them to go out with the salt and detergent ingredients that can act as a rat repellent.

Mix salt and detergent with water, but make sure either detergent or salt smell doesn’t dominate. Place the mixture in a spray bottle, and you can use it for spraying around the areas where you think rats will pass by.

By spraying, this won’t be swallowed by the rats because you’re only going to deter them from the place they inhabit. 

Spraying the salt and detergent mix to areas where you think rats are exposed will keep them away from entering your home.

The inexpensive mixture may not kill rats because they can’t swallow it, but it will keep the rats away from your home because it acts as a repellent for these rodents.

Final Words

There haven’t been many testimonies about using salt to kill rats, but salt can kill rats, not just instantly.

As salt can make a human dehydrated, this does the same to the rats: too much consumption will make them dehydrated, and it will intoxicate them as time goes by.

It may take days before the salt will work, but it can help you deal with rats, although it doesn’t belong at the top of the list.

There are many more effective homemade remedies to get rid of rats than salt, to be honest. Relying on salt can help you, but it doesn’t work in a flash.

You can find more home remedies, and it’s up to you if you want to work with something that you want to try or for something that will definitely work at the end of the day.

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