How to Kill Moles and Gophers with Dry Ice: Chill Approach

Now you have to mow your lawn again and make your garden as beautiful as ever.

You have already prepared all equipment you need to establish your lawn, and your perseverance is up to making the lawn a lot cleaner than before!

However, moles are destroying your burning passion for keeping the yard pretty.

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Don’t you think it’s just plain rude?

Well, moles might be one of the most frustrating crawling creatures on our property, but we can get rid of them by using one thing: dry ice.

We can use dry ice to eliminate gophers and moles, and we want to share with you the simple ways to use dry ice to address your problem!

What is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide, and it is made by liquefying carbon dioxide and injecting it into a holding tank. It does not melt into a liquid as it warms up; hence, it sublimes.

Using dry ice can be hazardous if the place is not well-ventilated and stored in a small area.

As it melts, it will turn into a carbon dioxide gas, which is fatal if you are isolated in a small space together with the dry ice.

dry ice to kill moles

Does Dry Ice Really Kill Moles?

You know how fatal dry ice can be if not properly used. So, it will also be fatal to the moles if you use them correctly, intending to eliminate them from your area.

However, if you misuse dry ice to kill the moles, this method might not work because you need to eliminate mistakes while using dry ice in removing moles.

dry ice to kill moles

Dry Ice to Kill Moles

Before anything else, you have to protect yourself from coming in contact with the dry ice. You cannot let the dry ice touch your skin because it will cause severe damage.

Make sure to wear safety gloves and goggles before dealing with the dry ice, and make sure the dry ice is stored in Styrofoam or an insulated cooler with a slightly open lid to avoid explosion.

  1. Check your lawn and look at the holes the moles made, and as much as possible, gather the dug dirt around the holes in preparation with the dry ice method. This way, you can quickly move with the soil near the holes once the dry ice is used.
  2. Break the dry ice in the container, and make sure not to hold it that much when breaking to ensure your skin’s safety. You can use a small hammer or knife to break the dry ice into small blocks and pellets and make sure the pieces you have produced fit in the holes.
  3. Prepare yourself, and review all the mole holes. This way, you can study where you want to start and end, and you have to quickly move because moles can promptly realize what is happening in their surroundings. If they notice the dry ice is everywhere, and you are not moving fast, there is a great chance they will still find their way to hide and come back later on.
  4. Put the dry ice container on the surface, and it should be near you. Get as much dry ice as you want, but make sure it does not contact your skin. Ensure you have gloves on, and quickly drop the ice blocks in each hole. Once you drop the ice blocks, immediately cover them with the dirt so the sublimation of the dry ice won’t go outside. This will affect the moles under your yard because carbon dioxide will occur in the area.
  5. Ensure to put dry ice blocks in all holes and cover them with dirt. If your neighbor also has moles issues, it is best to tell them to put dry ice in the holes so they won’t move around.
  6. Now, all you have to do is wait for the results. Check atleast a day if a new hole is made, and if not, you are good to go, but monitor your yard closely. If new holes are still being made, you can call the professionals to help you get rid of them faster or repeat the process with faster pacing.

Final Words

If you find dry ice hard to use, you should learn more about it because it is hazardous to kill moles.

Not only can it kill moles, but dry ice can also eliminate rats if used correctly.

However, they can also harm you if you do not know the precautions before you hold or come in contact with the dry ice.

Those rodents can bring a tremendous mess in your garden, so monitor your lawn every time to ensure you can take all the moles down, even when the process is slow so long as it is accurate and steady.

Hopefully, this brief article helped you with your concern about dry ice in killing moles.

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