Killing Moles with Marshmallows: The Ultimate Guide

Moles, those elusive underground creatures known for their tunneling prowess, can wreak havoc on lawns and gardens, leaving behind unsightly molehills and damaged roots.

As mole control methods abound, from traps to repellents, one unconventional solution has gained attention: marshmallows. Yes, those soft, sugary treats are often associated with campfires and s’mores. But can marshmallows really kill moles? 

In this article, we’ll explore this intriguing claim and delve into the reasons behind it.

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Do Marshmallows Kill Moles?

Yes, Marshmallows can kill moles but it’s important to note that the effectiveness of marshmallows as a mole control method is still a topic of debate and lacks scientific consensus. While some see it as effective, others are skeptical.

Why Do Marshmallows Kill Moles?

The theory behind why marshmallows are believed to have potential killing moles is related to the ingredients found in commercial-grade marshmallows, specifically carrageenan. 

Carrageenan is a common ingredient used in food and cosmetic products as a thickening agent, and it is derived from certain species of seaweed.

Some proponents of using marshmallows as a homemade mole poison control method claim that moles cannot digest carrageenan, which can potentially slow down their digestive system and ultimately lead to their death.

It’s worth mentioning that moles have a specialized diet of insects and earthworms, and they are not known to consume plant-based or processed foods like marshmallows in their natural habitat. 

Thus, the consumption of marshmallows by moles would be considered unnatural and may disrupt their digestive process.

Killing Moles with Marshmallows

How to Use Marshmallows to Kill Moles

Identify Mole Activity

Before using any mole control method, it’s crucial to identify the areas where moles are active in your lawn or garden.

Look for molehills, tunnels, and surface runways to determine the extent of the mole problem.

Remove Possible Food Sources

Moles primarily feed on insects, bugs, grubs, snails, and earthworms, so removing their food source may help deter them from your lawn or garden.

Consider using insecticides or natural methods to control the population of insects and grubs in your yard.

Choose Marshmallows 

Use commercial-grade marshmallows that contain carrageenan, as this is believed to be the ingredient that may potentially disrupt the moles’ digestive system.

Avoid marshmallows with added flavors or other artificial ingredients, as these may not be as effective.

Place Marshmallows

Take marshmallows and place them directly in the mole tunnels or molehills.

Some suggest placing marshmallows in multiple areas of mole activity to increase the chances of moles encountering them.

Monitor and Repeat

Check the mole tunnels or mounds regularly to see if the marshmallows have been disturbed or eaten.

If they have been consumed, some believe that it may disrupt the moles’ digestive process, potentially leading to their death.

However, it’s important to note that this method may take time and multiple applications may be needed.

getting rid of moles with marshmallows


While moles can sometimes be seen as pests that ruin lawns, attempting to kill them with marshmallows may or may not be effective.

However, it could potentially reduce their numbers if done correctly. 

If you’re interested in trying the marshmallow method to get rid of moles, there’s no harm in giving it a shot for a clean and peaceful yard. 

If this marshmallow method doesn’t turn out well for you then you can try another method such as dry ice to kill moles or propane to get rid of moles.

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