Wolf Spider vs Hobo Spider

There are a lot of spiders in the world. They all have their own peculiarities and mannerisms, and it’s difficult for the typical property owner …

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How Do Spiders Make Their Webs?

Spiders are master engineers, with incredible planning skills and a material that allows them to create accurate, operational webs.

Spider silk is a glossy, strong, and light substance with chemical properties. It’s tougher than steel and has a high tensile strength, which means it can withstand a lot of stretching before snapping. 

Spiders use their silk for a variety of reasons, including the construction of webs. Given that the World Spider Catalog lists 45,749 species of spiders on the planet, that diversity is easy to imagine. 

With the discovery of new species on a regular basis, the number is continually changing. Scientists have spent decades attempting to figure out what gives silk its strength and flexibility, but they have only uncovered hints so far.

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How to Get Rid of Spider Nests | Tried & Tested Remedies

Imagine having to deal with spider’s nests and webs all the time! All of the sticky webs clinging in your ceilings and windows are unsightly to behold.

It feels like the job of getting rid of those spider’s nests is never-ending!

Hey, we share the same sentiments! In this article, we are going to let you in on some pro tips to getting rid of spider nests effectively and naturally.

This time, you are better prepared in dealing with spider’s nests. We got you covered on this one!

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Spider Poop & Droppings | What Does Spider Poop Look Like

You might be seeing spiders around your home, and you might be wondering: do they even poop around?

Spiders are eight-legged arachnids that can be someone’s pet if they want to, while it can be a nightmare to some people.

However, what’s more frustrating is finding a speck of unknown dirt on your home’s surface without even knowing where it comes from!

Do you think it comes from the spider? Or is it just an unusual splatter?

Let’s know more!

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Can You Kill A Spider with Hairspray? | Find Out Here

Imagine prepping up in your cozy room, late in the afternoon, for a dinner date with your friends when all of a sudden, you spot a spider crawling towards you. Instant panic! 

I know how terrifying it is to be stuck in that situation.

Well, if your brain still works well despite being clouded by the thought that a spider might attack you anytime, the first thing you’d do is look around for something you can use as armor.

To your left, to your right, all around, and a hairspray catches your attention. Now, the question is, would it work? Can you kill a spider with hairspray?

In this article, I will not only answer your question but also teach you ways to handle this scary situation!

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