Spider Poop & Droppings | What Does Spider Poop Look Like

You might be seeing spiders around your home, and you might be wondering: do they even poop around?

Spiders are eight-legged arachnids that can be someone’s pet if they want to, while it can be a nightmare to some people.

However, what’s more frustrating is finding a speck of unknown dirt on your home’s surface without even knowing where it comes from!

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Do you think it comes from the spider? Or is it just an unusual splatter?

Let’s know more!

Do Spiders Poop?

Most of us might be wondering if spiders do ever poop.

We find them almost in every corner of our homes, and we have no idea how they excrete their body wastes.

spider on wall

Well, it’s time to break the curiosity because spiders excrete their wastes, too.

Spiders poop like every other insect or animal in the world, but we just don’t usually find where they tend to relieve themselves from the wastes they have to get out of their system.

Spider droppings might be something we can see but won’t notice because spiders are so tiny that even their poop can be unnoticeable.

What Does Spider Poop Look Like?

You may or may not have seen a spider poop in some parts of your home because their poop is comparable to that of birds and other insects.

A spider poop is like a tinier version of a bird’s poop, and it also has almost the same color and consistency when comparing both their excretions.

Spiders leave their feces or droppings not in a solid state because their droppings usually have a thick consistency in a highly viscous liquid form.

Spider droppings are dark in color, and they typically come in neutral shades – brown, grey, white, and black.

Their droppings usually resemble thick splatters, so once you see one, probably, that’s the spider’s body waste.

Is Spider Poop Toxic?

Many people fear spiders, mainly because they are so tiny yet can be venomous at the most unexpected time.

One bite from a spider can freak a person out, so it would be best to know whether their poops or dropping are toxic or not.

However, if you want to get rid of spiders present in your home, using hairspray is a good repellant for spiders.

Spider poop is not toxic. Even when spiders feast on insects like flies, there’s somehow an antimicrobial property in their venom that their poop does not show any danger for humans. 

Even when spiders consume insects that can be potentially dangerous to them and us, their poop or droppings remain free from any toxic that can harm us.

Researchers cannot find any pathogens in their droppings that can be dangerous. 

It is unique how they can eat vector insects while not acquiring a harmful pathogen!

Where You Can Find Spider Droppings?

Spiders can survive a long time without food, which means relieving themselves will only happen sometimes, most especially if they do not have food to consume.

If they relieve themselves, you can usually find the droppings just around the house. 

You may not even know that it is spider poop! They are too tiny that it may be too hard to locate them.

Watching closely to corners of the house is necessary, even on the concrete walls. While you’re on a lookout, you might encounter other insects lying around like tiny bugs on your concrete wall.

The best way to locate their droppings is to look for where they make their cobwebs. Usually, you can find them in the top and floor corners of the house and more places away from any human contact.

You can also check out your garage, basement, and attics because spiders can leave their droppings just on the walls of that area, and if you find a neutral-colored splatter, that is a spider dropping, most probably.

How to Clean Spider Poop

There are many ways to clean the spider droppings, so we will enlist the stuff you might want to use or need during the general cleaning sessions.

Even when spider droppings are not toxic, it is still essential to keep yourself safe, so wear clean gloves and boots to protect yourself from tiny poop splashes!

  • Remember not to use rubbing alcohol on surfaces because it might damage the finish; plus, your walls might get discoloration!
  • You can use the water and bleach solution to clean the surface. The water to bleach ratio must be 9:1, and you must use a stiff, full brush on surfaces.
  • Put the solution in a sprayer, then scrub the droppings you see! Wipe immediately with a cloth right after brushing.
  • If the spider poop is just outside your home and you are too tired to do multiple things before cleaning it up, you can just spray the poop area with water using a hose, and it would be a lot better to use a pressure pipe to make the job faster.
clean spider poop

Final Words

Now you have known all about the spider poop, do you still think the splatter on your home’s surface is just unknown dirt?

Spider droppings are small and thick, with various neutral colors, and you can just clean them right away.

There are multiple ways to remove spider poop; just choose which method works most efficiently for you.

Hopefully, this quick and informative guide helped you learn about spider droppings along the way.

It’s time to explore the house now, buddy!

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