Does Cedar Mulch Repel Spiders? Find out here!

Spiders are really annoying creatures. 

Imagine going to the lavatory to have a warm shower in this winter season only to find out that there is a big fat spider crawling on the adjacent wall and gawking at you. 

You cannot help but be vigilant of its every move and hence you cannot even enjoy your shower.

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But, you are at the right place at the right time. 

In this article, we are going to educate you on how to repel spiders using Cedar Mulch.

Does Cedar Mulch Repel Spiders?

Does Cedar Mulch Repel Spiders?

Cedar Mulch has proved to be an effective ingredient in dealing with these creatures for ages. 

Cedar Mulch releases certain chemicals which are helpful in repelling spiders.

The main chemical present in it is thujone. 

Keep the cedar mulch at different positions of your house and see it do wonders at repelling the spiders from your home sweet home. 

How Cedar Mulch Repel Spiders?

Cedar Mulch contains many chemicals and toxic acids which are effective in repelling spiders.

They have an aromatic smell which creates an appealing fragrance inside the house too (an added bonus!).  

The phenols present in the cedar mulch are what gives an aromatic fragrance as well as repels the spiders.

Benefits of Cedar Mulch

Spiders can be beneficial in the gardens but having them inside the house is not a very pleasant idea. 

Spiders can be really poisonous sometimes, so getting rid of them is the best idea.

Cedar Mulch can come in handy here!

Cedar Mulch can not only deter spiders, but they can also prove to be useful in deterring many other bugs.

On top of that, they have a woody scent that makes everything smell nice and fragrant. 

Lastly, it is not expensive and is readily available.

Practical Tips On Deterring Spiders With Cedar Mulch

Does Cedar Mulch Kill Spiders?

Following are the tips that you can make use of in order to get the best results possible – 

  • Put the Cedar Mulch in the different dark and hard-to-reach areas of the house like closets, light fixtures, and storage rooms. 
  • That way, the cedar mulch will work more effectively. 
  • You can even burn the cedar mulch.
  • This will produce a very nice woody smell that repels the spiders.
  • You can even buy cedar oil and rub it on certain areas where spiders normally crawl upon. 
  • You can mix both cedar oil and water in a spray bottle and spray it too.


Spiders can be a real pain especially if you have a phobia. 

These pesky creatures can be found everywhere from your study table to the bathroom wall and it is high time that we keep them in check. 

So, always keep the house neat and tidy and use the tactic that we have provided in this article. 

We hope you have read this article completely. Make sure to follow all of the tips that are listed below.

We are pretty sure you would get the desired results and eliminate all the spiders from your house.

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