How to Get Rid of Spider Nests | Tried & Tested Remedies

Imagine having to deal with spider’s nests and webs all the time! All of the sticky webs clinging in your ceilings and windows are unsightly to behold.

It feels like the job of getting rid of those spider’s nests is never-ending!

Hey, we share the same sentiments! In this article, we are going to let you in on some pro tips to getting rid of spider nests effectively and naturally.

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This time, you are better prepared in dealing with spider’s nests. We got you covered on this one!

Understanding a Spider Nest

Let us just put it out right there: spiders are not insects. As you should know, spiders feed off of insects found in your backyard, plants, and homes.

They are beneficial arthropods that have eight legs rather than six legs for an insect.

Now, if you’ve seen the presence of spider poop in your home or noticed spider nests, or webs, then it is a clear indication that spiders have infiltrated your homes.

They are successful predators but, most of them do not hunt or stalk their prey. Instead, spiders weave webs to trap their prey. Pretty amazing, right?

Some of the most common poisonous spiders in the United States are black widows, tarantulas, and brown recluses. It is because of their tell-tale venom that a lot of people develop arachnophobia or fear of spiders.

In your homes, it is better to get rid of spider nests right away. If you remove their nests or webs, you lessen their growing population residing in your homes.

get rid of a spider nest

Getting Rid of a Spider Nest

Spider nests and webs can be a nuisance in homes and buildings. These webs are often found in dark and hidden places such as on ceilings and windows.

Inside, spiders love to lurk in storerooms and basements. Spiders love to stay in the dark and go unnoticed while they weave webs to trap their prey and make a new shelter.

So, how can we get rid of spider nests naturally and effectively? Here are some of the pro tips that will surely help you get rid of spider nests in an instant. And, these tips will surely win your fight against spider nests.

Use Brooms/Vacuum

Brooms and vacuums are your best companions in getting rid of spider nests. And, you pretty much own these things in your homes. As these are accessible, you can start getting rid of spider nests in an instant. 

If you have a broom in your house, you can use this to sweep off and clean spider webs hanging in your ceilings or your windows.

As these areas are too far to reach, you can hold the upper tip of a broom to reach your ceilings. Or, you can use a ladder or a chair just to make sure that spider nests are removed.

Now, if you have a hand-held vacuum, it makes the job easier to reach for those spider nests. Or, if you don’t have one, just use a regular vacuum with an extension nozzle.

Use vacuums to suck and get rid of those spider nests. Some webs are stuck so you better do this quite a couple of times.

Use a Duster

In your homes, some areas are just too difficult to reach or cover. This means that some of those spider webs will linger unnoticed in your ceilings or windows. By using a soft duster, any cranny or nook is get rid of spider nests.

Now, if you don’t have a soft duster at home, you need to be resourceful. You can get a stick, a rubber band, and a sock.

Secure the sock with a rubber band on the tip of your stick. And now, you have a DIY duster. You can use this to reach ceilings and windows and it is just as effective when using a soft duster.

Spider webs are sticky making them too difficult to remove. As you go along in getting rid of them, make sure that you use extra force in handling your duster.

This removes the spider nests faster and easier, although your hands and shoulder will strain with effort.

Mix Water and Bleach

This one will surely remove not just the webs or nests, but it will get rid of spiders living on those nests in an instant. Bleach contains chlorine that is harmful to use, so make sure that you follow this pro tip extra care and caution.

In here, you need to mix water and bleach in a big sprayer. You need to mix bleach with cold or lukewarm water, and not with hot water.

This will activate some harmful chemicals in the bleach and also do not mix it with other household chemicals you can find. 

After doing this, just spray directly to those nests and webs you can find inside or outside your home. It will drown and even remove nests right away.

On this one, make sure that you wear gloves and let the children or other adult keep their distance while you are spraying because bleach can be extremely toxic if used carelessly.

get rid of a spider nest

Use Vinegar/Essential Oils

If you’re anxious or wary of using bleach in getting rid of spider nests in your homes, you can use vinegar and essential oils.

Both of these household solutions carry a strong and pungent smell that targets the olfactory system of spiders.

What you can do is mix equal amounts of water with vinegar or essential oils and place it on a bottle spray.

Make sure that you shake it well before spraying it to a spider’s nest or web. And then, you can now spray it directly in contact with spider’s nests. 

Vinegar and essential oil mixture is an effective way to get rid of spider nests in a natural and homemade way.

Children and adults at home are not at risk of harmful chemicals such as bleach. So, this can be your option in getting rid of spider’s nests in an instant.

Final Thoughts

After jotting down those pro tips in getting rid of spider’s nests, we know that you’ll be able to work it out.

We know how annoying and frustrating it is to deal with spider webs and nests inside our homes. Obviously, we don’t want that to happen!

This time, we know that getting rid of spider nests inside or outside your homes is much easier to accomplish. And, we are here to help you with those pro tips we have outlined for you.

Our piece of advice: try those pro tips one at a time. Maybe, one or two of those tips we’ll work best for you!

Thanks for reading! 

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