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Don’t you just hate it when you clean your place so much, but later on a night, roaches appear somewhere, and it is hard to get rid of them?

You only want to get rid of them, but they keep coming back!

Even your pets try to keep them away, but roaches are good at hiding, so they are hard to chase.

Well, roaches are frustrating, and they even scare some people because of their existence.

I know you want to get rid of roaches so bad without harming your pets, so in this article, we will present you with the best pet-friendly roach killer to keep your home away from cockroaches and let your pets live harmoniously inside your house.

Why Do I Have Cockroaches in My House?

Cockroaches are the most common insects the world has, and even other people are scared to deal with them because they are not that small and not that big, but once they come near you, they can either fly or crawl very quickly.

If you have cockroaches in your home, they probably sensed a food source that they want to get and found their way into your house.

They can live and eat whatever food they can find, even if it is the cleanest or the dirtiest of all time.

Cockroaches might have entered your home because they found an easy way to access your food source. They are so dirty that they can walk on the road, garden, and reach inside your house.

Pet-Friendly Roach Killer

Does It Mean Your House is Dirty if You Have Cockroaches?

It does not necessarily mean that your house is dirty if you have cockroaches, but one thing that attracts cockroaches into entering your home is the dirt and bad sanitation they can live to feed themselves.

Sometimes, cockroaches enter your home because you have crevices around, which does not necessarily mean your home is dirty. Sometimes, cockroaches go inside because your place is messy.

Whichever that is, whether your home is clean or not, cockroaches can enter your home if they find a way. They increase the dirt and bacteria you have in your home because cockroaches can come in various places.

They can even be from the garbage, which is unsanitary if you have roaches in the house.

How Do Cockroaches Enter My Home?

Cockroaches are very resourceful that they can eat almost anything they can find near them, so long as it can feed their bodies. Cockroaches love the dirt, so they can handle it even when stepping on the dirtiest surface ever.

If you ever wonder how roaches got into your house, you may want to check crevices, gaps, and holes around because that is where they possibly went to get into your kitchen and living room.

Cockroaches are so small that they can hide in cracks and holes and hitch a ride in various places.

Cockroaches can also enter your house through packages transported and through the open windows you have in your home.

How to Spot Cockroaches in My House

Spotting cockroaches in your house is easy. Since they are so visible when they walk around, you will just know whether they are present or not.

You can know deeper if there are roaches with these following hunting tips:

  • If you have crevices and cracks that have been present in your house for a long time, then most probably, not only cockroaches but other insects as well have entered your home. 
  • Although we cannot assure whether cockroaches have entered your house, let us check on your kitchen and various house areas.
  • If you find cockroach eggs in the cupboard, cabinets, or your refridgerator, then most probably cockroaches are present in your house!
  • They now can reproduce by laying their eggs in various places. These eggs will be the new set of cockroaches in your home that will take over, so make sure to remove the eggs once you see them and remember the areas. Cockroaches can also lay eggs along with doors and windows, so check those parts as well.
  • If your clothes smell weird, then cockroaches might have been in your closet. We all know how our clothes smell after being washed.
  • They smell excellent and fragrant, but once you can notice that your clothes smell like an old cabinet infested by insects, then most probably, cockroaches have been roaming inside your closet and hid in between your clothes. This stench or unusual odor will make not only your clothes smell bad, but your furniture and utensils, too.
  • If you find shedding skins in various places, then most probably roaches shed their skins and hide somewhere inside your house. You can also find small droppings sticking on your surfaces. 
  • If you know that those never existed before, then the cockroaches may have been the reason for those droppings.
  • If you find your pets barking in the middle of the night, then most probably they are trying to chase the cockroaches they find around.
  • Cockroaches are usually nocturnal, and they only come out at night since that is when people are not around the area. If your pet can notice cockroaches, they will never stop barking until you get their attention.

Best Pet-Friendly Roach Killer

Pet-Friendly Roach Killer

Cockroach Sticky Trap

There is no better way to catch the roaches from coming in and out of their entry point when you have a sticky trap around you.

A sticky trap can immediately trap the roaches and other insects once they land their feet on the trap because the trap’s content does not let any pests move around once they are caught off guard and trapped on the surface.

Place the sticky trap on the roaches’ entry point and places where you think they live, and put a tiny amount of food in the trap in one place only.

Do not scatter the food because the stickiness will be compromised. This way, it will attract the roaches once they sense the food and step on the sticky trap after a while.

This trap is pet-friendly since it does not poison them, so long as you put this trap away from your pet’s reach.

Baking Powder and Sugar

Another pet-friendly roach killer is the baking powder and sugar mixture.

Notice how dry the mixture is? This is because we need to attract the roach with the sweetness of sugar, and they will eventually bait themselves and kill themselves after a while.

Mix an equal part of baking powder and sugar and ensure you can combine both items to distribute the sugar alongside baking powder.

Once finished, look for places where you think the cockroaches reside and sprinkle the baking powder and sugar mixture in various places.

It would be best to keep this mixture away from your pets to ensure they are more than 100% safe from this cockroach bait.

The baking powder will be the cockroach exterminator. Ensure to remove the mixture once you see dead cockroaches and replace another set to have a new sense of the sugar’s sweetness.

Bay Leaves

We know how much people love to use bay leaves in cooking because of their scent, but do you know it can repel or kill insects as well?

Not only will cockroaches be affected with bay leaves, but other insects, too.

Crush the bay leaves into super small pieces and spread the bay leaves in areas where you think the cockroaches are hiding.

You can also put a whole bay leaf in one area but be careful because it might fly or move away because of its lightness.

To ensure its effectiveness, you should put bundles of bay leaves in closed storage like your cupboard, cabinet, and many more places to provide the scent that will hurt the cockroaches and other insects.

This will make them leave your home in no time or even get killed if they get suffocated with the bay leaves’ effect.

Diatomaceous Earth

The use of diatomaceous earth may not instantly kill roaches, but it can help you big time in dealing with the roaches you have in your home.

You can purchase diatomaceous earth at most garden centers, as this is safe for your pets while it can kill or repel insects inside your house.

Place the diatomaceous earth in cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps because once a cockroach gets in touch with it, it shatters down the waxy layer of the cockroach’s exoskeleton.

This will eventually lead to dehydration, killing the cockroach after a while.

Final Words

There are multiple alternatives for pet-friendly roach killer. You just need to be careful how you use the products.

Even when you want to deal with insecticides, ensure you will be spraying those items in areas far away from your dog to ensure they won’t get harmed even just a little.

Having cockroaches inside the house does not necessarily mean you are unsanitary. Whether your home is clean or dirty, cockroaches will enter your house if they find their way to go inside.

Hopefully, this article helped you know about the best pet-friendly roach killer available in your home or the store.

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