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We use a refrigerator to preserve our food and definitely not to keep pests like cockroaches.

You’re probably here because you’ve had enough of the cockroaches that keep lingering in your fridge, and I am confident that you have these questions in your mind,

“Why are there roaches in my fridge?”

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“How did they get there?”

“How can I get rid of them?”

“How can I prevent this infestation?”

You’re reading the right article as this will provide you with the answers and solutions to your problem. Continue reading if you want to put an end to this kind of infestation.

Why are There Cockroaches in the Refrigerator?

A lot of cockroach species originally live in tropical or subtropical places. They are used to warm temperatures as well as dark and messy areas.

Aside from this, they also like to stay in a place with food.

cockroach in the refrigerator

That being said, roaches find refrigerator motors an excellent place to stay. In worse situations, they even enter the fridge to get food.

With that, the worse refrigerator infestation happens. These insects stay in places inside our house to quickly get food or be more comfortable. You might encounter other insects like ants and tiny red bugs etc.

Do Cockroaches Enter the Refrigerator?

In some cases, cockroaches enter the refrigerator to take food supplies.

You may not notice them entering as you open the fridge because they move fast, and even when the fridge is closed, they can slip in small openings due to loose rubbers and cracks. 

However, this rarely happens because cockroaches can’t withstand a freezing temperature inside.

Though roaches getting inside the refrigerator barely happen, the occasional visit can instantly spread bacteria and mold spores across your foods.

Foods contaminated with their saliva and excrement can carry diseases.

How Do Roaches Get into the Refrigerator?

Roaches prefer warm places, so a refrigerator is not comfortable for them. But, never forget that it doesn’t mean they can’t survive in the cold temperature.

And, they also like dirty and messy places. Hence, an unorganized and dirty refrigerator with lots of food is an invitation for them.

Moreover, small openings such as gaps between machinery, worn-out gasket, cracks, or crevices give them easy access inside.

So, you must always check the condition of your refrigerator. Fix the broken parts as soon as possible because you can’t always tell when they will have the chance to get inside.

Aside from your refrigerator, it would help if you kept your window and doors closed most of the time. It will refrain cockroaches from entering your house.

There are also other pests that could go along with these cockroaches, do remember that even rats can climb on walls and other things.

How to Prevent Roaches from Entering Your Refrigerator

Here’s the simple answer to this question: roaches must dislike your refrigerator. They must dislike your place to the extent that they won’t ever want to return.

Cockroaches stay in places where they feel comfortable and where they think they will benefit from.

Of course, you can’t take out the food from the fridge. But, you can get rid of the mess and dirt so it will no longer become attractive for them.

You should regularly clean your fridge and ensure that there are no rotten and spoiled foods.

It would help to organize everything inside, including nutrition, containers, and bottles. Leftover food must be in a container with a cover. 

Additionally, if there are spills, wipe or clean them immediately.

Remember not to use any chemical pesticides inside. As alternatives, you can use natural treatments like neem, bay leaves, and peppermint oil as cockroach repellents.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in the Refrigerator?

Oftentimes, it gets too late because roaches have already infested the refrigerator. The next plan will be to eliminate them. So, how do you do this?

A thorough cleaning operation is the best solution.

Before you even start, prepare your insecticide and unplug the refrigerator to be the safest to conduct the operation to eradicate these pests.

You can also have a boric acid to dust the area surrounding the fridge.

Cleaning the Area Surrounding the Fridge

The best time to do the cleaning operation is the time when the cockroaches are most active. This way, you’ll know how bad the infestation of your refrigerator is.

First, pull the refrigerator away from the wall. That location most probably has lots of cockroaches, so spray them immediately with insecticide.

Then, clean the area thoroughly with water and soap so all the dirt, including the chemical, will be removed.

When the floor gets dry, you can pour a bit of boric acid. This chemical will prevent the cockroaches from coming.

However, it is not applicable to be used inside the fridge because foods can be poisonous and deadly when contaminated.

Cleaning the Fridge’s Exterior Parts

After cleaning the area, you can now proceed in cleaning the exterior parts of the refrigerator. These include condenser coils, a water pan at the bottom, and a motor.

While cleaning, you may find cockroach eggs, baby roaches, and feces in the cobwebs. Make sure not just to remove but also destroy them so they won’t multiply.

After cleaning the outside part, fix the loose rubbers and seal any cracks that can be an entry point for the cockroaches.

Why is it Important to Eradicate Roaches in the Refrigerator?

Cockroaches like to stay in dirty places, so they carry many diseases.

Even if they are just located in the area surrounding the fridge, there is a big possibility that they will enter it either by mistake or intentionally when they sense that there is food.

One problem is it’s hard to determine whether a food is contaminated with a cockroach’s excrement or saliva.

Hence, you can’t quickly tell if the food from the fridge is still clean after finding cockroaches inside. Probably, you’ll only know when you start to feel something wrong with your stomach.

remove cockroach from fridge

Important Things to Remember

  • Once you discover that there is a roach infestation inside your fridge, do not hesitate to throw all the food away. 
  • If the fridge infestation is worse and you can no longer handle it, call a professional to take control.
  • Avoid turning off your fridge for a long time because the warm temperature will attract cockroaches.
  • Use chemicals only for the outside and natural or organic treatments for the inside.
  • Avoid leaving the door open for a long time.
  • Cockroaches dislike cold temperatures but it doesn’t mean they can’t survive it. 

Final Words

Pests are pests, so they will grab every opportunity to infest everything inside your house.

Infestation of the refrigerator leads to health risks since your family’s food is kept and preserved there.

So, the most important thing you need to remember is maintaining cleanliness as this is not welcoming for cockroaches.

Also, don’t forget to check for roaches in the dishwasher and microwave because there are other familiar places where you can find these pesky little buggers hiding and making a home.

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