Gnats in Refrigerator

The presence of gnats in our refrigerators is not a pleasing sight. We put our edibles there, and having gnats around those edibles is not at all healthy.

But why do gnats enter refrigerators? What could be the reason?

In this article, we are going to discuss all these things. Possible reasons for their presence, how gnats get inside, and how to get rid of them, everything is going to be discussed here.

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Possible Reasons For Gnats Presence in Refrigerator

Gnats in Refrigerator

There are two possible reasons for the presence of gnats inside the refrigerator. The first one is simple, the presence of decayed or rotten food inside the refrigerator. Gnats are attracted to decayed organic matter, so always try to remove food materials that can no longer be eaten.

Second, comes the availability of passage. If the door is kept open, gnats are most likely to grab this opportunity and will enter into the refrigerator.

Also, if there is a problem with the gasket, they will find a way into the fridge. The gasket is an elastic strip that is attached to the outer edge of a refrigerator.

Having a problem with the gasket means the door is not sealed properly. There could be debris along the gasket that is preventing the door from closing properly. This provides a passage for gnats to make their way into the refrigerator.

It is advised to clean the gasket and then do a test to ensure that there is no gap. The test is simple. 

You will need to grab a piece of paper and then put it between the door of the fridge. Try to pull out the paper. If there is tension felt while doing so, then everything is fine.

But if there is no tension felt i.e. you can easily pull out the paper then a repair or replacement is required. This should be done to prevent the entry of gnats into the refrigerator.

How Do Gnats Get Inside the Refrigerator?

The doors are closed all the time, so how is it possible for gnats to get inside the refrigerator? Maybe they are so fast that they get inside while we open it to get some things. Let’s find out.

Gnats mostly enter refrigerators through its doors. They do so when we mistakenly keep the fridge open for a longer time. Gnats grab this opportunity.

Sometimes they may enter even if the doors are not opened for a long time. We don’t even notice this as they are very tiny and fast.

Few homeowners keep large baskets inside their refrigerators, which stops the doors from completely closing. Gnats use this gap to enter into the fridge.

Those gnats that are present inside the fridge, find their way to the freezer through the vent. They can enter there with the help of doors also. But since freezers are not used too much, gnats don’t get enough opportunity to make their way to the freezer through its doors.

Although most of the gnats use doors for their entry inside the fridge or freezer, another entry point is through fruits and vegetables. Gnats could have already been present over the edibles before putting them inside the fridge. 

How Long Can Gnats Survive in the Refrigerator?

How Gnats Gets in Refrigerator

You may have noticed that we mostly find dead gnats inside the refrigerator. Why is it so? 

The answer is simple, they cannot survive long enough in the refrigerator due to its cold temperature. They can hardly survive for one minute inside the refrigerator.

Preventive Measures

It doesn’t require much effort to get rid of gnats from our refrigerator. All you have to do is do some cleaning and be cautious while operating the refrigerator.

Below is the list of some measures that can be taken to avoid the presence of gnats in the refrigerator.

  • Always keep a clean cloth reserved for the refrigerator. Clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator at regular intervals.
  • Do not keep rotten and spoiled fruits and vegetables inside the refrigerator.
  • Before putting vegetables and fruits inside the refrigerator, clean it properly.
  • Cleaning the gasket of the fridge can also help you in getting rid of gnats.
  • While operating the refrigerator, make sure the door is closed properly and is not kept open for a longer time.


Gnats can get inside a refrigerator with ease. But don’t worry, we too can get rid of them easily. Try to maintain hygiene. Keep your edibles and refrigerator clean.

Check the working of doors at regular intervals. All these measures will ensure that there are no gnats inside your refrigerator.

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