How Do Gnats Appear Out of Nowhere

You bought some fruits from the market and totally forgot their existence until you saw some random flying insects buzzing around it. 

Have you wondered what they are? 

Well, these flying insects are Gnats which are similar to fruit flies and can quickly get into your house.

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But how come they get inside your home from nowhere? What attracts them, and how long can gnat infestation last? 

Have you got all these questions swirling in your mind? 

No worries, keep reading this article to get answers to all these questions.

What are Gnats and Where Do They Come From?

How Do Gnats Appear Out of Nowhere

Gnats are small dark brown flying insects with thin and long bodies. These insects measure a quarter of an inch and resemble fruit flies. Some people assume them as baby flies. 

However, they aren’t very good at flying, and you can see them crawling or resting around landscaping or potted plants. Though they aren’t dangerous, they create a big mess and are pretty hard to get rid of. 

These Gnats are mostly found in occupied soil and other wet areas. They come in search of food and moisture. If your home has these two things, they will find their way to get inside.

How are Gnats Born?

Aforementioned, Gnats love moisture, and they lay their eggs in any moist organic material like dirt, mulch, and compost. A female gnat in small batches can lay up to 300 eggs in its lifetime. 

Once these gnat eggs hatch, the larvae feed on the soil’s decaying matter, algae, and fungi. After two weeks, they mature as flying pests. 

The life expectancy of adult gnats is about one week to 10 days. However, the entire life cycle of most gnats is about one month, and within this period, they reproduce and multiply into thousands quickly.

What Attracts Gnats?

From Where Gnats Come From?

Gnats easily get attracted to breeding spots like moisture-loaded areas and places where ample food supplies are available. Also, rotting leaves, damp mulch flower beds, and even light attract gnats. 

Since they are smaller than mosquitos, they easily get inside your home. A small opening around your house, gaps around windows and doors, or even tiny holes in window screens can help these pests get inside your house. 

How Long Can a Gnat Infestation Last?

In most cases, gnats enter your house from the outdoors directly through open doors or find their way through cracks or holes in the walls, windows, etc. These insects start to infest the trash cans, rotten foods, especially fruits, or any moist places. 

If you wonder how long a gnat infestation lasts, the answer is as long as there are favorable conditions like warm weather, ample food, and moisture. 

However, these creatures don’t survive cold temperatures. So it is necessary to fix the breeding places and make unfavorable conditions for them.


Gnats seem to appear out of nowhere but they need certain conditions to thrive. It is essential to identify these conditions to keep them at bay. 

You can either try out some natural ways to get rid of gnats or use some pest killers or baits to trap these insects and kill them. 

Also, it is recommended to keep a regular check of your surroundings for gnats presence. Fix any moisture problems and remove decaying matter from your house or yard, as these can serve as gnats’ breeding grounds.

That’s all about gnats and how they appear out of nowhere. Thanks for scrolling through!

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