How to Get Rid of Brown Anole Lizards | More About Brown Anole Lizards

Can you even measure how much you hate it when lizards are roaming around your house when you turn on the lights in the night?

To be honest, it is indeed frustrating once you find lizards on the ceiling and walls, and you cannot just do anything about it because they move so quickly that we cannot catch them.

We know how much you want to get rid of anole lizards in your home because those pesky small reptiles are just ruining the home ambiance sometimes.

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So, we made this guide to help you get rid of the lizards in your place to help lessen your problem.

Let’s go!

What Makes Anole Lizards Enter the House?

Get Rid of Brown Anole Lizards

Anole lizards are not insects because they are small reptiles who walk worldwide. We can find them almost everywhere, so we can find them commonly in our household.

There are various reasons why anole lizards are entering your house.

  • First of all, if you have a good food source that feeds the lizards’ system, they will probably find their way to make it to the source. Lizards like to eat pests – they can eat spiders, ants, flies, worms, and anything they can find around them.
  • However, they do not limit themselves to eating pests alone because your leftover food crumbs can also help them survive for the next few days! Lizards can exist in various parts of your home, meaning they find great food sources in the area.
  • If they can find a great shelter inside your house or in the yard, then anole lizards can reside and hide there. Since they are small, they have to protect themselves from any threat they can find, including humans.
  • It will be hard to catch them since they move so quickly, so a great shelter will be their fallback. Lizards love dark places or anywhere inaccessible to humans and other threats, and they can hide in cupboards, under the table, outdoor benches, pots, and many more.
  • If some parts of your area are unclean and have been for long, then lizards can stay in that area. Contaminated areas can attract lizards to this and insects and pests. Since the place is not accessible to people, they can feel safe in it and find food whenever they want.
Get Rid of Brown Anole Lizards

How to Inspect Lizards

You may find lizards on your ceiling and wall every day, but you don’t know how many of them are there. You have to figure out where they came from, and so you have to inspect your place to get more info about anole lizards.

To inspect lizards, here are some tips we can recommend:

  • Look for inaccessible areas in your house. There are hiding places that you might not think about, so you have to start looking at inaccessible regions so you can see whether anole lizards are there or not. 
  • Lizards love dark and cool places to stay on, and they want to keep away from any threats near them. Once you find droppings in the hiding places, then most probably, lizards are living in those places.
  • Keep in mind their entry points. Since you have already figured out the hiding places of anole lizards, you have to locate and take note of the entry points so that you can keep them away from any food access they can find in your place.
  • Sometimes, lizards also walk around our food and utensils if no people are around. When you know about their entry points, you can ensure to monitor your kitchen and other places so that lizards won’t make access out of them.
  • Look for their droppings and mind the location. Since you have already checked hidden places in your house, you can also check on your screen doors, windows, and many more. Once you have checked on inaccessible parts of your home, you have to look for their droppings.
  • Once you find multiple droppings surrounding the area, then most probably, the anole lizards are hiding in that place! Better to clean the place to remove the droppings and take note of the area to know the route of lizards. 

Double-check every house part you have inspected to ensure you can access them in prevention.

How to Get Rid of Brown Anole Lizards

Brown anole lizards can either be inside or outside your house. Wherever they go, we know you want to get rid of them. Hence, here are some tips we can give you to get rid of brown anole lizards that surround your place.

  • Clean up all hidden and inaccessible places. We know how lizards can live in dirty areas. Since you want to get rid of them, remove all food access near the hiding places and clean up their droppings to ensure sanitation in your place as well. Wipe places with a damp cloth after sweeping, and let the dampness dry after a few minutes.
  • Seal the entry points. Remember you have inspected the entry points to their hiding places? Well, we have to seal them now, so we cannot give shelter to brown anole lizards. Small cracks, holes, and other entries can fit lizards, so it is better to seal them all up to get rid of them quickly.
  • Remove food sources near the entry and hiding places. No matter how quickly lizards can move, if the place is prone to human access and various threats, they will not penetrate going to those areas.
  • Thus, keep your food access away from their hiding places, and keep insects and pests away from there, too. Lizards can eat not only pests and insects but your food also, so it is better to keep all types of food away from their areas and secure them in proper places.
  • Spray or put natural repellents in their hiding spots so you can get rid of them from going back again. Do not trap lizards because they are still agile even when trapped, so it is better to voluntarily let them go away from your house.

Final Words

Now you know why lizards are coming into your place, how you can inspect their existence, and how you can get rid of brown anole lizards.

Getting rid of anole lizards is easy so long as you consistently monitor your house condition to keep everything in order again after the anole lizards’ infestation.

Lizards keep themselves away from people, but that does not mean you are safe from them.

They can also carry various dirt and germs, and you have to get rid of them to avoid cross-contamination.

Hopefully, we helped you get rid of anole lizards inside and out of your house, and we wish for your consistency in making your place lizard-free!

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