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Don’t you find it annoying when you did everything to make your garden beautiful, but you will find out later on those ants are roaming around your lawn?

Even when they are a part of nature, it is genuinely hindering, and it makes our grass, plants, and flowers unpleasant to the eyes.

Not only do ants distract our garden, but they can also hurt people by biting, especially when we spend our time in the garden.

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So, we have thought of a solution: getting rid of ants without killing plants, and we bet you need this guide to help you deal with an ant infestation in your lawn!

Why Are There Ants in My Garden?

Get Rid of Ants in Garden

If you find a trail of ants in your garden, there must be several factors you have to check whether you have it in your home or not.

Ants are present in your garden because of food sources they can find, and these sources can be among your plants only.

If you notice the ants moving around the lawn and traveling around the pot, soil, and plants, then that area has a sweet part that attracts them to go entirely and gather around.

It can also be food crumbs spread around the yard accessible to the ants, making them go and bring food once they go home.

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Garden Without Killing Plants

Hot or Boiling Water

Using hot or boiling water for ant extermination is one of the simplest and most accessible ways to eliminate them, whether in the garden or inside the house.

Using room-temperature water won’t do enough to kill the ants instantly, so you have to boil the water to make it work.

Ants cannot tolerate the temperature of hot water. Therefore, the hot water will kill them instantly in one pour.

Simply locate the ants in your yard and follow their trail. If you found their habitat, you can also pour it directly to ensure you can reduce or eradicate their numbers.

Once you find the trail, pour the hot water generously and ensure the pouring hits the ants. Avoid pouring directly onto your plants.

Repeat until you can barely see them or until they are eradicated.

Get Rid of Ants in Garden

White Vinegar

Yes, we know how much stink a vinegar exerts, but you can also use white vinegar as your weapon to deal with ants.

A long trail of ants in the yard will damage your garden, and they may damage your plants as well. So, if you use white vinegar, you can help reduce and get rid of ants in your garden.

Pour a liter of white vinegar directly into the ant trail, and if a liter is not enough, you can increase so long as you can pour along the ant trail generously.

Make sure you use all the vinegar on the ants to eliminate them.

Vinegar won’t harm your plants, and it will help kill ants instantly.

Chalk Powder or Chalk Piece

Another way to eliminate ants is a chalk piece.

However, using chalk pieces in the garden might be challenging because you need to find places to draw the line along.

The chalk piece can help the ants stay away from your plants, so long as you know where to use the chalk.

Simply draw a line using the chalk piece, and you can start drawing for each pot. This way, ants will keep away from getting into each plant once the chalk is written on the pot.

A chalk piece may reduce the number of ants, and it may help them get away from your area as well.

However, a chalk piece might not be enough to kill them instantly since it can only push them away.

Pepper Powder

Since pepper is also a plant, it is also an excellent way to get rid of ants in your garden.

Get your black pepper and ensure it is crushed. A handful of black pepper powder will do, and simply sprinkle it onto the soil and the ant trail to get rid of plants in no time.

Although black pepper powder is a dry method to eliminate the ants, it is a great way to reduce their numbers as it can repel them from going into the garden.

If you have no intentions of killing the ants, sprinkling black pepper will be the best idea because ants hate pepper and will probably stay away from areas with its traces.

Soap and Water

It may sound cliche, but soapy water can work wonders in killing ants in the yard.

In fact, soapy water has been successfully used to eliminate various other pests like bees, wasps, etc.

Soap might be a chemical, but it does not kill your plants when you use it properly. Hence, soap can even help you protect your garden away from the bastard ants trying to get in your way.

Mix 1-2 tablespoons of liquid dishwashing soap to 1 pint of water. The more soap you can use, the better, and the warmer the water, the better this mixture will work.

Stir the mixture carefully and shake afterward.

Once particles are evenly distributed, pour the mixture into a spray container, and spray directly on your plants to get rid of ants.

Remember not to spray the soap and water mixture because it might damage the plants. But don’t worry, using this mixture in moderation will keep your plants safe, plus it will get rid of ants eventually.

Final Words

And there you have it, the simplest and most accessible ways you can use to eliminate the ants in your garden.

You can get rid of ants without killing your plants, and you have to ensure you are careful in performing the tips we have given you to preserve the beauty of your garden.

If ants still protrude on your garden, it is better to call the professional immediately because they might have their colony somewhere that you cannot find.

You might not know that these methods won’t work because there are many of them in their home!

Please select the most suitable method for your comfort and living conditions, and monitor your garden to eliminate them from your surroundings completely.

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