How To Get Rid of Ants in Your Carpet | Pro Tips to Fully Eliminate Ants

It all happened to us. You sit on the couch in your living room, you munch from a bowl of chips, and then voila!

Ants are lining up in their ideal hiding spot right under your nose (literally!) in your carpet! I know how frustrating it is that ants will likely invade your house in no time.

Obviously, we don’t want that to happen! In this article, we will let you in on some pro tips for getting rid of ants in your carpets.

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And, these are all less toxic alternatives! We got you covered on this one.

Remember, we share the same sentiments. We are here to help you deter ants in your carpets naturally and effectively.

Things That Attract Ants in Your Carpet

Get Rid of Ants in Your Carpets

Ants are diligent scavengers. They like to forage for food, water, and shelter. This is why you can find them lining up in your bedroom, kitchen counter, and on your carpets.

These pests find it favorable to get food and bring it back to their colonies, especially to the Queen. So, what attracts them to your carpets?

Leftover Food Crumbs

Let’s just put it out right there: ants like different food. They are omnivores which means they are not picky eaters. Imagine your carpet holds food crumbs left stuck on it.

Well, your carpet is the repository of food residue! That’s why it is not a strange thing to find ants. 

It is no rocket science for these ants to scavenge food left unchecked in your carpets. Most of us are guilty about spilling crumbs of chips while watching a movie in the living room.

So, you need to think twice before bringing that bowl of chips to the living room. Ensure that you clean your carpet thoroughly, as this discourages ants from foraging for food in your carpet. 

This is also one of the major reasons why you can also find ants inside your dishwasher; that is why it’s important to keep things clean from food crumbs & residue.

Uncleaned Carpet

Remember to clean your mess afterward if you love to eat and munch on snacks in your living room.

Ants are stealthy scavengers of food to move in the quickest way possible. As such, cleaning your carpet regularly is a must as it avoids the presence of these pesky ants infiltrating your homes.

Although ants can’t live in your carpet, they can use it as the place where they can scavenge for food out of the prying eyes of people. 

Now, if you have a darker color of carpets, this makes it challenging to see ants lining up in your carpet.

Thus, cleaning your carpet regularly and thoroughly is essential as it drives away the presence of ants in your carpet.

Decaying Floorboards

One of the things that attract ants is decaying floorboards. These pests love the combination of moisture and rotten wood ideal for their survival.

Ants can get into your walls, cracks, and crevices, so a rotten floorboard is suitable as the place of their new colony. So, if you have decaying floorboards, ants will likely look in your carpet.

Get Rid of Ants in Your Carpets

Pro Tips on How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Carpet

Ants are social insects. You should expect them to go and scavenge for food in groups. That’s just how these insects work together.

Some of you will opt to use natural or chemical alternatives to get rid of these. But, sorry to burst your bubble, ants are expert escape artists.

Here are some pro tips that will help you get rid of ants in your dishwasher. And, these tips are will surely help you get rid of these pesky pests residing in your carpet.

Pro-Tip #1: Use Ants Bait

Since ants love to scavenge for food residue, using ant baits is effective. These baits serve as a trap in which the ants will surely bring these ant baits back to their colony.

Now, if the Queen happens to eat the bait, it will instantly die. As we all know, the Queen is the glue that keeps them together.

This time, if the Queen dies, those remaining ants will disperse immediately.

Make sure that you place an ant bait near the carpet to avoid getting into the carpet fibers.

Pro-Tip #2: Sprinkle Boric Acid

Using a chemical solution such as boric acid is an effective method to eliminate possible ant infestation in your carpet.

All you need to do is to sprinkle a small amount of boric acid on your carpet so that it seeps into the carpet fibers.

Then, just leave this overnight. For the next day, just vacuum the carpet thoroughly.

Use a vacuum with a powerful suction so that the remaining chemicals of boric acid are also removed. 

Pro-Tip #3: Use a Vacuum with a Powerful Suction

Regular vacuuming is your best weapon against the growing infestation of ants in your carpet area.

This is one of the easiest and less time-consuming methods of getting rid of ants on your carpet.

For best results, it is recommended to vacuum at least three times a week.

Also, your vacuum should contain a HEPA filter so that toxic pollutants left within your carpet fibers are thoroughly cleaned.

Pro-Tip #4: Use Carpet Disinfectant

Some of the disinfectants you can use in deep-cleaning your carpets are those with EPA-approved active ingredients.

These are less toxic disinfectants you can use in cleaning your carpet regularly.

While some disinfectants need to be mixed with water, those are also effective in getting rid of ants lurking in your carpet.

Just make sure that you dry out the moisture right after using disinfectants. We don’t want these pests drawn even more to our carpets.

Pro-Tip #5: Hire a Pest Control Team

If you can’t control ant infestation in your carpet or even in your entire home, it is high time to hire a pest control team.

In worst-case scenarios, it is recommended to consult a professional team handling these pesky pests.

And, pest control companies have these tools and equipment in handling ants and other pests in a highly effective manner. 

Final Thoughts

Indiscriminately using pesticides and insecticides against ants will likely risk the health of both children and adults at home.

That’s why using some of these pro tips in getting rid of ants in your carpets is still the best way to do it. 

We hope you note those pro tips in getting rid of ants on your carpet. Our piece of advice: get rid of them diligently.

Just like how diligent scavengers these insects are, you need to be extra diligent in getting rid of them in your carpets. 

We know that this time you are better equipped to handle them. Just follow those pro tips, and your carpets and even your entire homes will surely be ant-free!

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