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Fleas are pesky tiny insects that can infest your car or home quite quickly. These small insects will keep reproducing until removed, making them the biggest menace to your vehicle.

Just one of these insects can raise havoc on your car by creating an unsightly infestation throughout the interior and exterior of your car. Plus, they bring with them hazards for you and your family.

It can be challenging to get rid of them and keep them away if you don’t know how to tackle them. Learn how to get rid of fleas in your car through the various steps outlined below.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Car

Fleas are nasty little creatures that will plague you, your pets, your home, and your car until you go to great lengths to get rid of them.

If there is a flea infestation in your car, it is essential to take action as soon as possible before an outbreak occurs.

Several remedies will help you get rid of fleas in your car fast. But these are some of the most common methods that can help you achieve this.

Get Rid of Fleas in Car

Dry Vacuuming

Step 1. Clean your car.

Remove all blankets, sheets, bedding, covers, or clothing from your car and go straight to the laundry to wash them at the highest heat setting possible.

Doing this will ensure that most of the fleas, larvae, and eggs that are clinging to your belongings are gone for good.

Step 2. Vacuum the interior of the car.

Don’t forget to clean the interior of the car too. Vacuum your seats and upholstery to get rid of fleas that are hiding in hard-to-reach areas.

Vacuuming will pick up eggs, larvae, and adult fleas and get them out of their cocoons, so they are easier to get rid of.

Step 3. Repeat as needed.

Fleas are pretty good at hatching, so it’s essential to clean and vacuum your car about two to three times a week as a routine until there are no visible signs of infestation.

This will keep the fleas in check and prevent them from multiplying.

Using Flea Bombs

If you want to take your cleaning routine a step further, try using flea bombs after dry vacuuming your car.

After removing and cleaning all your car items and fabrics, prepare your car for flea bombs or insecticides. Close the windows and doors and follow the instructions and precautions of your flea treatment.

Once the flea bomb is detonated inside your car, give the treatment time to take effect and keep the windows and doors shut close.

Do not open your car for at least 48 hours after using the flea bomb to get rid of fleas in your car and prevent yourself from inhaling the toxic chemicals from the insecticide. T

his flea bomb may stop fleas from invading your car. There are a wide variety of flea bombs, for it is also used for other insects like wasps.

After 48 hours or so, depending on the product, leave the car open for a couple of hours to allow the air out. This will help get rid of any residual smell and chemicals.

Finally, run your vacuum one more time to thoroughly clean any dirt or leftover chemicals, making sure your car is nice and ready to use.

Steam Cleaning

However, in severe cases, dry vacuuming is not enough to control and rid flea infestation. In such cases, steam cleaning is a highly effective and environmentally friendly way to rid your car of fleas.

Steam is known to clean all kinds of pests from your car. Usually, a steam cleaner can produce heat as high as 212°F.

The high temperature eradicates the fleas and the eggs and larvae in any development stage to prevent them from hatching.

To do this, use a steam cleaner after vacuuming. The steam will sanitize and clean your interior better than a vacuum can.

Likewise, you should also repeat the process two to three times a week to ensure all the fleas and eggs inside your car are completely gone.

However, keep in mind that using steam and other chemicals such as flea bombs could cause several problems. This is because the chemicals can become ineffective when exposed to heat.

To prevent this from happening, first, get a steam cleaner and sanitize your car. Once that’s done, follow it with your flea bomb or insecticide and spray it on places where fleas reside.

How to Prevent Fleas from Getting Inside the Car

Getting rid of fleas in your car is not easy, so it’s also essential to prevent them from coming back after solving your flea problem.

Here are some tips to help you prevent fleas from taking up residence in your car again.

Get Rid of Fleas in Car

Maintain a regular cleaning routine.

Cleaning your car regularly is key to keeping it free from fleas. Wash the sheets and blankets, throw out any clutter, and vacuum out all of the cracks in your car at least once a week.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your car and house is the first rule in keeping pests away.

It looks like a lot of work, but it is worth it than having fleas, gnats, and other insects around your house.

Make sure your pets are flea-free.

Taking care of your pet’s skin and fur can reduce the amount of flea activity in your home and car.

Flea shampoos and medicine purchased from a veterinarian will kill fleas and prevent them from infecting your pet and property.

Final Words

Fleas are very tiny but pack a big punch with annoyance. They can literally ruin your car’s interior.

They are also known to bite and harm humans and pets, so it is essential to learn how to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Worse still, if left unchecked, fleas can quickly spread to all parts of your vehicle to your home.

Fortunately, if you are vigilant enough, you will be able to catch the problem early on before it gets out of hand.

If you’re worried about getting rid of fleas in your car, don’t worry because many methods will enable you to do so, which are mentioned above.

Is your car infested with fleas? It’s quite a nuisance and very frustrating, but I hope these several ways to get rid of fleas in the car have helped you deal with your flea problem.

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