Cockroaches in Toilet | Tips on How to Eliminate Them

At some point, everyone probably thought—no, DREADED this happening after one too many horror movies.

Having cockroaches crawling out of the toilet.

What’s worst is this happening while you’re using it and—ugh!

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It’s gross! It’s terrifying!

And it can ABSOLUTELY happen in real life!

Awful, I know, but if cockroaches can take the heat from a fully functioning microwave, I doubt a dip in some murky sewage water can deter them too much.

Even though no one wants THAT from happening, these roaches are annoyingly versatile that can only be taken down with human intervention.

So here’s what you need to know to prevent a “cockroach in toilet” situation!

Why the Toilet?

Of all places to be in, why would ANYTHING want to stay in the toilet?

That seems to be the million-dollar question here because, honestly? What’s so special about the toilet, anyway?

But while you’re asking that, cockroaches are already taking their swimming lessons in the sewage line!

Because not only can they hold their breath for up to an HOUR, these pests are notorious for eating anything they get their creepy little mouths on.

Which the sewage is chock-full of!

Whether it’s your vomit from a wild party last night or the explosive conclusion of that extra-spicy Mexican food you bought in a lazy day-off, roaches WILL eat anything that’s food! Or, in this case, what USED to be food.

And since we can’t skip a day without using the toilet, you bet these cockroaches have an all-you-can-eat buffet down there!

Which is incredibly disgusting and an ideal breeding ground!

cockroaches in your toilet

How to Keep Cockroaches Out of the Toilet

No Mess Left Behind!

Right from the start, using the toilet is purely unhygienic. You pee in it; you take a dump—none of those sound “clean” at all, don’t they?

But roaches? They absolutely LOVE all that stuff!

So what you have to do is clean up after yourself! This goes for every guy out there!

Make it a habit to wipe the toilet seat, so there’s no way to attract those pests. Always check the joints where the lid is attached!

That’s one of the many favorite spots for cockroaches to hatch on, so you might find eggs there if you’re not careful.

The same goes on the floor! Whether it’s pee or just water, don’t leave any puddles, or else it’ll attract roaches. It is why keeping every corner of our house clean at all times is necessary! We don’t want to live with these pests every day since they can also get inside our refrigerators!

But if you’re an expert at aiming straight for the bowl, then you don’t have to worry about that many spills. All you have to worry about, though, is flushing properly, so none of your wastes are left behind.

There’s a lesser chance for any roaches to come crawling in this way!

Seal, Seal, Seal!

Besides sneaking in through the toilet, cockroaches can also get through holes and cracks!

Be it on the walls or from drainage pipes, anywhere that has space already means a way in for roaches.

What you have to do is check around your bathroom if you find these little guys mysteriously appearing in your bathroom. Once you find them, seal them over!

Use caulk or some sealant depending on where these damages are, and those pesky roaches won’t find a way in anymore!


So you found a cockroach floating inside the toilet water. Before you freak out, you have two options on how to handle this.

Pour soapy water into the bowl. Sure, roaches can survive plain water, but soapy water already has its own chemicals that force them to drown when submerged in it!

That’s why soapy water is always the go-to solution in other bug cases, like bees! Once you find your roach unmoving, you can go ahead and flush it.

This is related to your other option: flushing it away!

If your plumbing is top-notch, just flush the toilet when you see a roach. If it floats back up, do this repeatedly until it either drowns in the sewage or gives up.

It’s that simple!

Tips & Precautions to Eliminate Cockroaches in Toilet

Stronger is Not Better!

Look, you want to kill them as much as the next guy, but using next-level insecticides will do you more harm than good!

Since your toilet’s connected to the sewage, there’s a high possibility that the insecticide water flowing from there can travel to the water supply.

So even though it’s wholly filtered, this chemical-induced water can poison anyone unfortunate enough to be in contact with it!

What’s worst is how animals in the wild have access to this water.

Now, what’s going to happen is you DID exterminate your pest problem, sure, but you ALSO poisoned unknowing animals!

Therefore, if you care about people outside your home at all, please don’t dunk a gallon of insecticide in your toilet. Instead, implement home remedies like peppermint oil which works for most pests.

Or any chemical that’s supposed to kill cockroaches at the snap of your fingers because not only will you kill them, you’re bound to drag those pipes with you when those chemicals you used wore them off so fast, cockroaches will be the last thing you’re going to worry about!

Can’t Do It Yourself!

Maybe you got karma acting up, or perhaps you just landed yourself in the worst possible situation from the Roulette of Misfortune—whatever the case might be, what if all of these solutions failed on you because of how particularly beefy your roaches are?

It would make sense for you to turn to DIY remedies like vinegar or the kitchen’s best weapon: baking soda.

But doing those will only make things even worse than it already is!

Clogging is a strong possibility here because who knows what’s happening inside those pipes, which can now lead to pipes bursting from water pressure and causing leaks.

Just imagining it is unpleasant!

So, instead of taking matters into your own hands, just call pest control.

Let’s see if those beefy pests can handle whatever high-grade equipment those exterminators have for them!

cockroaches in toilet

Final Words

Seeing cockroaches anywhere in the house is enough to make anyone cringe.

But are you seeing one in the toilet? You might as well set your entire bathroom on fire if that ever happens.

However, doing that in 2022 in the middle of a pandemic won’t be wise, so all you can do for now is prevent it!

And what better way to do that than by following the tips provided for you up above!

We hope this article helps you get rid of cockroaches in your toilet without hassle.

If you have any questions for us, please reach out to us in the comments below and, we will get back to you asap!

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