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What is a Cicada?

What’s that continuous loud buzzing noise coming from the garden? You might’ve pondered over this question on a lazy afternoon or a time when you …

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Purpose of Cicadas

How often have you been struck by the deep yearning to delve deeper into the question of life? The questions of “Who are we?” and …

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Cicada Life Cycle

Summer brings along with it ice cream trucks and lemonade stalls but most importantly, it brings the song of cicadas. Ever wondered why cicadas only …

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Do Cicadas Bite?

Cicadas are often counted among the inseparable memories of summer, buzzing around the trees. Those who have lived in one of the many parts of …

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Best Chicken Feeder in 2022 | Chicken Feeders to Prevent Rats

I see you love to raise chickens.

Feeding them can bring you happiness, especially when you see them eating all the food you give with excitement.

It does not just make chicken owners happy, but it can also state how well you feed your chicken because of their drive to eat the food around them.

However, feeding chicken might worsen if you do not have the best chicken feeder in your place. The food may scatter, which will invite rats and cockroaches to roam around the area.

In this article, we will show you the best chicken feeder to prevent rats from coming to your house, so you can let your chickens enjoy their meal!

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Get Rid of Plaster Bagworms Inside Your Home | With Pro Tips

Many homeowners have been confused with these strange pests hanging on their walls and ceilings.

They are shaped like watermelon seeds and have gray and flat elongated bodies. And, sometimes, you’ll even see a worm’s head sticking out of their encasements!

So, what are these strange pests? Well, they are called plaster bagworms!

Don’ be fooled by their odd appearance! These pests can cause structural damage to your homes.

As such, in this article, we will let you in on some pro tips in getting rid of these bagworms in no time.

These tips will save you tons of stress and worry in dealing with these nuisance-hanging pests. Read more of these pro tips listed below.

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Getting Rid of Frogs in A Fish Pond | With Pro Tips to Eliminate Frogs

Have you ever been disturbed and annoyed by the croaking chorus of frogs in your fish pond? If your answer is yes, then you’ll agree that it is a total bother!

Imagine having a long night’s sleep and being disturbed by the loud noise of these frogs. Indeed, they are a real nuisance!

You might want to employ natural and effective ways to get rid of frogs in your fish pond in no time. 

In this article, we will let you in on some pro tips in getting rid of frogs in a fish pond naturally and effectively.

This time, you are better equipped to remove their presence out of your fish pond. Read on to find out some of the methods you can do to repel frogs from your fish pond.

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