Why You Must Hire A Pest Control Service?

A small swarm of gnats found around your indoors or outdoors can be quickly eliminated using traps made of household items. 

But what if there is a large swarm of gnats roaming around you. They stick around your face or hands and cause much trouble. 

Isn’t it serious?

Getting rid of gnat infestation can be extremely tricky at this stage. So this is why you must hire exterminator or pest control services to take control of the gnat infestation. 

Also, you can’t hire a random pest company listed on the internet. It is necessary to narrow down the selection based on criteria. 

This article has some expert tips on choosing pest control services and we will tell you about the gnat exterminator cost. Let’s get started. 

How Serious are Gnats? 

Why You Must Hire A Pest Control Service?

First, let’s point out the breeding cycle of gnats. This helps you understand how a sudden swarm of gnats pop out of nowhere.

An individual female gnat can lay upto 300 eggs at once, and this number surges up to 30 times before its lifespan ends. The eggs hatch into larvae and then turn into pupae. Then finally, within 2 weeks, the adult gnats come out. Also, the warm temperature can increase their breeding speed. 

Imagine what a swarm can do if a single female gnat can create so many gnats. 

In most cases, gnats are harmless creatures; however, their infestation causes nuisance. Also, some gnat species bite humans and lead to serious troubles. 

So to clear the nuisance created by gnats, it is important to get rid of them. 

Why Hire Exterminator/Pest Control Services?

The question must be, “when must one hire pest control services”. Anyways, we will answer both, when and why in this section.

If you find a small swarm of gnats flying around moist places or any food that attracts gnats, then you can quickly get rid of them using fly traps or vinegar and baking soda mixture. 

But you can’t deal with them the same way when a large gnat infestation hits your house. 

So this is when you must hire exterminators or pest control services. 

Now coming to the question, “Why must you hire one.” 

When dealing with gnat infestation goes out of control, we recommend seeking help from professionals. The professionals in pest control would have years of experience in dealing with different pests. 

So seeking help at the right time will reduce damage caused by gnat infestation.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Pest Control Company 

Why Hire Exterminator/Pest Control Services?

Look for these 7 important factors before hiring a pest control company


The first factor to consider is the pest control company’s license. This is because this job involves technicians who would handle some dangerous pesticides, which, when not handled well, can result in serious health risks. So it is vital to consider whether the pest control company is legally certified to do this job.

Training and experience

This is the next crucial factor. Even if a pest control company is licensed enough, they must have some experience to do the job more efficiently. 

They must know the pest behavioral pattern, food habits, and breeding habitats. So they can quickly work on eliminating and controlling the pest (in our case, the gnats). 

Safety and quality

This factor is important because the pest control treatment is mostly done inside your house and its surroundings. The pesticides used might come in contact with your kids or pets. 

So it is crucial to test how safely the material is used and also check the quality of products.


An effective treatment result will be known only after a week or two. So while considering the pest control service, do ask for a guarantee on how long it takes for the treatment to work and discuss the compensation policies in case things don’t turn out as expected. 


Pest control jobs are highly services-oriented. So looking for the lowest price is not recommended as they may compromise on the quality. However, shortlist a set of companies, compare the prices with various strong points of each, and decide whether the price is considerable. 

We researched and found that gnat pest control is charged between $100 to $500.

Customer reviews

Lastly, it is essential to check the pest control company’s customer experiences, reviews, and recommendations. By doing so, you will get more idea about their service quality and whether or not to hire them


If you are dealing with severe gnat infestation in your house, then it is recommended to get help from experts and get rid of these nasty gnats

We have already addressed everything you need to know before hiring a pest control service, so keep these factors in mind before you come to a decision.

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