Bed Bugs Living On The Couch: What Should You Do?

Have you ever dozed off on the couch while watching your favorite TV series? But beware! Some little vampires, called ‘Bed Bugs’ can turn your dreams into a nightmare! You must be wondering ‘Can bed bugs live on my couch?’ Let’s find out!

In this article, we will discuss signs of bed bugs on the couch, ways to get rid of them, and some other methods you can use in case of an infestation. In short, we will tell you everything there is to know about bed bugs on the couch. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Can Bed Bugs Live on Your Couch?

‘Bed Bugs’, as the name indicates, are little insects that live in your bed and feed on your blood at night. But these pests, contrary to their name, often do not restrict themselves to the bed. Bed bugs are known to infest many other furniture and places where humans spend a lot of their time, and YES, this includes your couch!

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Finding bed bugs on your couch is quite common. It is the second most popular hiding place for the bugs after your bed. Other common places where these bugs can be found include furniture, sofa, walls, and cracks.

Signs of Bed Bugs in the Couch

There are some very simple signs, which can be easily identified, which indicate that your couch is infested. Here are some!

Live Bed Bugs

Adult bed bugs are small, brown, flat, and oval-shaped. As they are very small, it can be difficult to spot them with the naked eye. You may use a magnifying glass in this case.

You may also see bed bug eggs as small white dots on your couch. They are bigger than the eggs of other insects and hence, easily noticeable.

Bed Bug Feces

If your couch is infested, you may find tiny black or brown spots on the couch. These are bed bug feces. These spots may be easily visible if your couch is light in color.

If you do not remove or wash these stains, they harden with time and it becomes very difficult to remove them.

Dead Bed Bugs

If you turn over the cushions or try to clean your couch, dead bed bugs will scatter all around the wooden frame.

Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs on the Couch

If your couch is indicative of any of the above signs, you most likely have bed bugs living on your couch. So, to remove these, here are some methods you can try!


Remove all items from your couch such as cushions, covers, or any sheets, and leave the wooden frame behind. Now you can either send these off to dry cleaning, which will surely kill the bugs present in them, or you can wash and dry them yourself.

To wash and dry, remember that it is not the water that kills the bugs, but the temperature. So, set the cycle at the highest temperature possible without damaging the material, and wash the cushions and covers.

Similarly, dry them at the highest temperature possible, or simply sun-dry them by keeping them on the roof of your car.

While you have sent the cushions for washing, you can wipe and disinfect the wooden frame, before setting the cushions back on the couch.


Vacuuming cannot get rid of all the bed bugs, but it is a good way to keep the bed bug numbers down.

Thorough vacuuming of the frame and cushions can pick up both live and dead bed bugs along with their eggs and control the infestation. You can then throw the vacuum bag in an outdoor trash can so that these bed bugs do not return.

Vacuuming also picks up skin sheds, exoskeletons, and fecal matter of bed bugs.


Steaming is costly, but the most effective method yet to get rid of bed bugs. Steam has a very high temperature that the bed bugs cannot tolerate, and as a result, die. Moreover, steam particles are small and can get into every nook and cranny of the couch and kill bed bugs.


You can either use a chemical-based spray or a natural one.

Chemical-based bug sprays can be found in your nearby market. Although they are effective, they can be harmful, especially near pets or children. They are also easy to use. You can use this spray once a week on your couch and clean it later.

The second option is natural sprays. It is chemical-free and harmless. But mostly, these natural sprays can only kill bed bugs on contact, which is a nearly impossible task. You can use natural sprays in combination with other methods like steaming or vacuuming.


You can use traps for preventing a new infiltration of bugs in your couch after you’ve gotten rid of, or controlled the previous one.

Bed Bugs DO NOT fly or jump, so there is no way they will be able to escape the traps laid. You can lay these traps on the foot of the couch in a line. Avoid leaving spaces in between these traps, as bed bugs can easily enter through them.


You can use a plastic encasement for your couch for a few days to trap the bed bugs inside till they are killed. But it is not a completely feasible method because bed bugs can live up to 3 months without a meal.

You can also spray insecticide dust before encasing your couch, to fasten the process of killing bed bugs.

Other Methods you can Use to Treat an Infestation

If your couch is infested, then it is likely that bed bugs are hiding in many other places at your home. You can use the following methods to treat an infestation.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth can dehydrate a bed bug, consequently killing it, when it comes in contact. It is available in the form of a simple powder that can be sprayed around your home. It is harmless and free of chemicals.

It can be sprayed on your bed, mattress, walls, furniture, even inside cracks, couch, etc. It is a safe option to use even around pets and children.

Essential Oil Sprays

These sprays can be made at home using a few essential oils like peppermint or clove. They are effective repellants due to their smell and can kill on contact. They can be applied to the body to prevent bug bites.

Final Words

Bed bugs on the couch is a task on its own. But the good news is that you don’t have to panic or throw your couch away, because we are here to help you! This article has all the DOs and DON’Ts of treating bed bugs on your couch. We hope we have supported you a little and made your battle against these stubborn pests easier! All the Best! 

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