Killing Boxelder Bugs | Soapy Water For Boxelder Bugs

Once the weather cools off in the season, you can notice various insects trying to reside in multiple places, including the boxelder bugs who start looking for a cozy spot to spend the winter. 

As much as you want to let them stay in your area, you will notice how much they are an inconvenience, especially to your household, who may be afraid of insects.

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What do you think, can soapy water kill boxelder bugs?

Let’s know and find out more!

What Are Boxelder Bugs?

Soapy Water For Boxelder Bugs- How to get rid of boxelder bugs naturally?

Boxelder bugs may sound new to some people because they cannot be found anywhere in the world.

From the name itself, boxelder bugs are insects found primarily in boxelder trees, and they are native to the western states.

Boxelder bugs are the primary nuisance when the season starts to change because once the weather cools off in fall, they will begin to start looking for new habitats so they can spend the winter.

Boxelder bugs have red and black color combinations, and these pesky bugs are not appealing once you find them residing in your garden, garage, or wherever in your home.

Does Soapy Water Kill Boxelder Bugs?

Soapy water may sound substandard, but soapy water works when it comes to killing boxelder bugs!

When you use the water and soap mixture, the boxelder bugs become repulsive, and you can saturate them thoroughly with the mixture.

This soapy water method can instantly take effect once you use it against the bugs, wanting to get rid of all the boxelder bugs surrounding your home.

Even insect infestation can be controlled and reduced with soapy water so long as you know when to use it, and everything should be in moderation to keep the surroundings safe.

How Fast Does Soapy Water Kill Boxelder Bugs

How to Use Soapy Water to Kill Boxelder Bugs

To kill boxelder bugs with soapy water, follow these simple steps:

  • Check out your area and locate where the boxelder bugs are. Sometimes, they gather around one place, but some of them reside in some parts of your home. They usually stay on the wall, and you can visibly see how many boxelder bugs are present in your place. Ensure you can locate all of their habitats to eliminate them easily.
  • Wear protective gear. Although boxelder bugs are not known to hurt humans or even cause damage to homes or plants, you still need to protect yourself to ensure you won’t keep contact with the bugs. Some are scared of insects while some are not, so it is better to protect yourself from having contact with the bugs.
  • Mix a teaspoon or two of dishwashing liquid into a spray bottle filled with water, and shake the bottle to combine both particles. More dishwashing liquid will be better, but ensure you can estimate that the water will not be super soapy once sprayed on the surface. If you have a knapsack sprayer, make sure to mix soap and water in an even ratio as well. A knapsack sprayer will make the job easier and more efficient later on.
  • Spray the mixture directly onto the boxelder bugs. The soapy water is repulsive to them, so they will instantly react and slowly deteriorate once they contact the soapy water. It will dehydrate them, and they will eventually die.
  • If you sprayed on the wall, let it sit for a while to ensure it absorbs on the boxelder bugs. Then, clean up your wall to remove stains and other dirt particles.

How Long Does it Take for Soapy Water to Kill Boxelder Bugs?

The time it takes for soapy water to kill boxelder bugs can vary depending on factors such as the concentration of the soap solution, the size of the insects, and the method of application. In general, it may take several minutes to an hour for the soap to effectively suffocate and kill the bugs.

Potential Drawbacks or Limitations of Using Soapy Water for Pest Control?

While soapy water is generally safe and environmentally friendly, it may have some limitations. It may not be as effective against large or heavily infested populations of insects, and it may require repeated applications for complete control. Additionally, some plants may be sensitive to certain types of soap.

What Bugs Does Soapy Water Kill?

Keep in mind that soapy water does not only kill boxelder bugs, but it can kill other insects as well, like soapy water for wasps, bees, ants, aphids, mealybugs, mites, and whiteflies, among others etc.

Its ability to suffocate insects and disrupt their cell membranes makes it a versatile and non-toxic option for pest control in gardens, homes, and other indoor or outdoor spaces.

Final Words

Now you know how a simple water and soap mixture can kill the pesky boxelder bugs in your home.

It is not that hard to use this method, in fact, it is the easiest way to get rid of them! You only need to ensure you know where the boxelder bugs are in your home, so you can catch them all in one setting while applying the soapy water onto the surface.

If you have tried this method and it’s not enough for your boxelder bug issues, then it is best to call pest control to help you get those bugs away from your peaceful home with the help of professionals.

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