How Much Does It Cost to Repair Termite Damaged House?

Termites cause a lot of problems for homeowners. They damage their walls, roofs, yards, etc. Wooden pieces of furniture are always a target for termites.

It is difficult for us to identify their presence until the damage is done. Also, we have to take a lot of precautions to avoid a termite infestation.

Apart from all these problems, there comes one more. The after damage part. Repairing. The first question is whether it can be repaired or not?

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Second, comes the most important one, how much does it take to repair the termite damage?

This article is going to deal with these questions. 

Types of Damage

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Termite Damaged House?

Let’s start with the capability of termites. So, below is the list of damages termites are capable of doing.

Wall and Roof Damage

Mud tubes are the most common signs of damage in walls and roofs. Termites create thin mud tubes in walls and roofs for traveling purposes. Tiny holes can also be seen here. Termites create these holes while drilling and later use them for the ejection of their droppings.

Cellulose Damage

Termites feed on cellulose. All the things that consist of cellulose invite termites. Books, cardboard boxes, wooden structures, etc are most likely to get attacked by termites as they are made up of cellulose.

Foundation Damage

To find food sources, termites prefer to live underground. Also, subterranean termites travel from underground so any gaps present there will let termites damage your foundation.

Is the Damage Repairable?

Termite Damage Repair Cost?

It is usually difficult for termites to damage your house to an extent that is beyond repair.

If any wooden furniture is damaged, then the repairing part is not tough. You can replace the damaged part.

Subterranean termites are the ones that cause damage to the foundation, as they travel through soil. Fixing these damages is tough but not impossible. 

Exceptions are always there. In case the infestation was present for many years, then the damage is not repairable.  You have to let go of those belongings.

For example, if wooden furniture is being infected for years, then you have to replace the entire furniture. Similarly, if walls and roofs are getting damaged for years, repairing is not possible at all.

How to Deal with the Damage?

Damage has been done. What now? What are the options available for us?

This section is going to deal with the things that can be done by the homeowners after encountering termite damage.

Use Wood Hardeners

If the damage is not that much, you can use wood hardeners to increase the toughness of the structure. It can also be used to fill the gaps caused by termites.

Wood sealant can also be utilized to stop the supply of oxygen. This will kill the remaining termites present in the structure.

Use Termite Killers

Spray termite killer on the infected areas. This method will not repair the damage but it will kill the termites present in the structure. You can use this to prevent future damages.

Repairing Cost

Repairing Cost of Termite Damage

The repairing cost of termite damage depends upon various factors such as the type of treatment used, the degree of damage, the market, and the team chosen for the task.

The average cost can be around $2000- $3000 but it may increase. For example, if your entire wall or floor is damaged, then the cost of repairing will be very expensive.

The cosmetic damage such as discoloration in walls and floors, blending of floors can cause up to a few hundred dollars (around $700) to several thousand dollars (around $4000) in repairs.

The repairing of structural damage (damages to walls, roofs, foundations, etc) is more expensive than cosmetic damage. It starts from a few thousand dollars. The average of $3000 becomes a starting point here. It may increase depending upon the flooring materials, paint, sheetrock, etc.

The more experienced the pest control team is, the more will be their fees. Also, if the material that is damaged is made up of expensive components, then again the repairing cost will be high.


Termite Damage Cost

After learning about the cost of damage, we all have understood how important taking preventive steps are. To save your money and house from getting damaged, here is a list of some preventive measures. These measures should be taken to prevent termite damage.

  • Wood should not be stored in the yard.
  • The base of the wooden structures should not touch the soil.
  • Keep your walls and roofs moisture-free.
  • Inspection should be done at regular intervals.


Termite damage repair cost depends upon various factors. There is no fixed amount. Everything depends upon the kind of damage done by termites, the team you are hiring, and the amount of damage.

It is better to take preventive measures. As it will not only save your money but will also save your belongings from getting damaged by termites.

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