Orange Oil for Termite Control

There are many methods available for us to eliminate termites. People get confused about choosing the best for them. Among the options available, not all of them are safe and environment-friendly.

There is a need for products that are non-toxic to humans. 

Homeowners are looking for methods that are not harmful to their health, i.e. a safe treatment for the elimination of termites.

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Orange oil treatment is one such way that fulfills the requirements. It is eco-friendly and safe. 

In this article, we will discuss everything about orange oil treatment. 

How to use it? Its working, advantages, and disadvantages, everything will be covered here.

Working of Orange Oil

Orange Oil for Termite Control

Orange oil is a natural product derived from oranges. Its active component is D-limonene, which is deadly to termites. The oil is derived from orange peels.

It causes the exoskeletons of termites to dissolve. This causes termites to lose their moisture and protein which ultimately results in their death. 

The compound is extremely toxic to insects while for humans and pets it is almost harmless. It is safer and non-toxic than other termiticides and can be found in many household cleaning products and food additives.

How to Use Orange Oil?


The first step is the inspection. We have to look for signs of infestation. After finding a termite colony, drill holes into the infested wood and around the colonies. All the hollow spaces where you sense the presence of termites should be marked. It would be best if you can locate the galleries of termites too. 


This involves the releasing of orange oils into the targeted areas. All the holes that are drilled and the hollow spaces that have been marked should be poured with orange oil. We can use the sprayer technique too. Spray in all the suspected areas.

The majority of termites are killed by direct contact itself. Also, since it makes them starve, it will kill the rest of the termites too. 


After the treatment, it is necessary to inspect again. Homeowners should periodically check for infestation signs. Orange oil must be used whenever you encounter a new infestation.  Spraying it is a good way to keep your home free of termites.


  • Its toxicity level is low and is more environmentally friendly when compared with other termite control options.
  • Along with drywood termites, it is also effective against carpenter ants and wood-boring beetles.
  • It is not required for homeowners to get out of the house during the treatment.
  • There is no need to remove plants or pets during the treatment.
  • You don’t have to cover food and medication products before and during the treatment process.
  • There is very little risk of potential damage to roof tiles.


  • Its toxicity level is low, but it shouldn’t be ingested. Prolonged exposure to oil and fumes can cause skin and eye irritation, vomiting, lung irritation, nausea, and other symptoms. 
  • It does not kill any undetected infestations and will kill termites only on contact.
  • The treatment requires the drilling of holes into the wood components.
  • Residual protection against future infestation is not there.
  • As the entire colony is usually not exterminated during a single treatment, multiple treatments are required.
  • The treatment of larger infestations can be more expensive than fumigation methods.


Orange Oil Treatment for termites

Vinegar is one of the substances which we can use as an alternative to orange oil.  It not only cleans everything from the kitchen to the shower but can also kill termites too.

Just mix a half cup of vinegar with 2 lemons to get your termite killer. After putting it in a spray bottle, spray the suspected areas. The acidic substance inside it will kill the termites on contact.


Orange oil does kill termites but is not that effective. It is only effective when applied to areas with active infestations. Any termites that remain undetected and untreated will continue to eat your house thus causing further damage.

Because of this, this treatment is considered secondary treatment. Multiple treatments are therefore required for killing the entire termite colony.

The whole structure treatment i.e. fumigation is a guaranteed method of eliminating termites from the structure. In this method, the whole house is treated with a fumigant gas.

But still, if the infestation is not that much and you don’t want the use of chemicals, then you can go for orange oil treatment. Its usage is very simple and if used properly there is no harm to the health of homeowners or damage to their belongings.

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