How to Get Rid of Sand Gnats

Did you get bit by sand gnats? We assume it’s a yes from you, and now you are looking at how to get rid of sand gnats

Sand gnats are called by several names like black critters, punkie, biting midges, non-see-um, Chitra, or sand fleas. While most of the gnats types don’t harm humans, sand gnats are the exception; they not just bite and suck blood but also cause diseases in humans.

If you are interested to learn about what causes gnats, whether bug spray works against them and how to get rid of sand gnats, then continue reading this blog. 

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What Causes Sand Gnats To Be So Bad Outside?

How to Get Rid of Sand Gnats

Sand gnats are common for many homeowners. But first, understand that gnats don’t show up around your garden or yard without any reason. 

These flying insects require food, moisture, and optimal temperature for their existence. That said, what causes gnats to be so bad outside is moist soil, decomposing and moist organic matter. 

These places become the breeding ground for sand gnats, and they multiply quickly and cause harm to humans by biting and spreading diseases

Does Bug Spray Work on Sand Gnats?

Yes, bug spray designed for flying insects can easily work on sand gnats and kill them. However, they are not much effective in preventing future infestations. Rather they only work for a short time. 

How to Get Rid of Sand Gnats?

How to Kill Sand Gnats

There are multiple methods to eliminate sand gnats. Depending on the needs and infestation severity, you can adopt one.

Based on the infested area, we have classified the methods into two.

Method 1: Infested Area – Indoors

If sand gnats have infested your house, offices, or pet houses, then you can follow the below-given steps.

Vacuuming – This is a proven technique that kills adults and eggs of sand flies. So vacuum every nook and corner of the house, including any cracks in walls, floors, ceiling, and window panels, and get rid of sand gnats. 

Steam cleaning – This is another powerful method to make your house sand gnats-free. Sand gnats cannot withstand high temperatures. So by steaming every place, you can kill eggs, larvae, pupae, and adult sand flies.

DEET insect repellent – Once you have cleaned the house thoroughly, you can spray DEET insect repellent, which is readily available in stores. 

Use natural oils – Citronella, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Orange peel, or lemon act as an excellent repellent for sand gnats. You can either use their candle, oil, juice, or spray these natural products on sand gnats infested areas and repel them.

Salt – Salt dehydrates sand gnats. So by sprinkling salt on the carpets 24 hours before vacuuming, you can kill them quickly. 

So these are some methods to make your indoors sand gnats free. 

Method 2: Infested Area – Outdoors

Sand gnats living areas in the outdoors include garden, lawn, garbage can, etc. So to eliminate them give a quick go-through on the given methods below.

Boric acid – By adding some boric acid on the floor near the garbage can, you can control and get rid of sand gnats. 

Insecticides –  Insecticides can quickly eliminate sand gnats. Check out for insecticides with d-limonene and linalool as they are more effective against sand flies. While using insecticides, strictly follow the instructions carefully and keep children and pets away in the sprayed area for one or two hours. 

Citronella, Lavender, Eucalyptus Oil Spray – By using either of the sprays, you can control the infestation effectively.

Diatomaceous Earth – You can use Diatomaceous earth if your infested area is sand, soil, or moist. This chemical kills the sand gnats by drying them out by absorbing the oils and fats from the cuticle of the insect’s exoskeleton. 


That’s a wrap now. Though there are multiple types of gnats present, sand gnats are dangerous as they bite humans and cause unnecessary trouble. 

Sand gnats can exist only in the dry area based on favorable conditions. So by cleaning the house and eliminating their breeding areas, you can quickly make your house sand gnats free. 

This article has tried to address some crucial questions about sand gnats and given the best ways to eliminate them. We hope you found this article useful. Cheers!

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