How to Get Rid of Rice Weevils in the House | Eliminate Rice Weevils Fully

Don’t you hate when you find rice weevils in your house, and you find it so hard to get rid of them, or you are having a hard time dealing with them because it exhausts you to think about ways to eliminate them from your place?

Well, we will help you narrow down your problem by giving tips on getting rid of rice weevils in your house, so you won’t have to worry about your consumable food being eaten by the stubborn rice weevils.

You deserve to eat rice at its best quality since you bought it. So, if you want to get rid of rice weevils, keep on reading this guide.

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What Are Rice Weevils?

Get Rid of Rice Weevils

A rice weevil is a product pest that attacks wheat, rice, crops, and other grains. Since rice weevils eat our food, they degrade the dry goods’ quality and compromise our nutrition.

Rice weevils are so tiny, and they do not attack humans. They are harmless to us but can be devastating to our food.

They multiply rapidly given that they are little as well, and once the weevils reproduce in an area, your food can be consumed easier, and they will quickly degrade the quality.

Rice weevils are non-poisonous, and they look like a beetle but smaller and darker. If you find dark substances in your dry goods that you don’t belong to the food, most probably you are looking at a rice weevil.

How Do Rice Weevils Enter the House?

Rice weevils can enter your house in various ways. Since they feed on wheat, grain, nuts, seeds, and other dry products, they can come into your home without notice.

Generally, rice weevils can be brought through food packages that come inside your house. They do not exist immediately inside your house because they are attracted to stored packages where they can find their way in.

For example, rice. 

Once the rice is put in a sack, the sack has tiny spaces where weevils can get in, and then they will infiltrate the rice and consume as much as they can.

Then the delivery man will deliver this sack into your house, or you may purchase it from the store, and once you open it, you will notice the black bugs in the sack, which are not even a part of rice.

Can Rice Weevils Harm Us?

As we have said, rice weevils can be destructive to our food consumption, but that does not mean they can harm us in any way.

However, they have the power to lower the food quality because weevils’ food is on our food, too, and they will reduce the nutrients we can get because of the rice weevil’s doings.

Rice weevils are harmless to humans because they don’t bite. Instead, they hide if they can see us.

Get Rid of Rice Weevils

Can Rice Weevils Fly?

We usually see rice weevils eating on our dry food and crawling around it while trying to hide.

However, rice weevils can fly, too, but we cannot guarantee that all weevil bugs can fly. 

So, if you open your rice container and see a bug flying instantly while the other is crawling on top, then you have a rice weevil infestation.

They have wings ready for them to fly away, and you have to keep an eye on your other stored foods.

How to Get Rid of Rice Weevils in the House

You can get rid of rice weevils by following these essential tips.

Repack and Store your Dry Food in an Airtight Container

If you have oats, nuts, seeds, and any other dry food in your kitchen, make sure to transfer them in an airtight container once you purchase them to ensure limited access to rice weevils.

We are not sure whether the dry food has existing rice weevils, but one thing is for sure: if you store the food in an airtight container, the rice weevil will eventually die because of the suffocating environment.

Clean your Home, and Wipe Areas Where You Store your Dry Food

After repacking the food, ensure to throw away the packaging to eliminate rice weevils that are still sticking in the packages.

Then, sweep and wipe the areas where you placed the food since they are so tiny that we can barely see them.

You Can Use Bay Leaves Inside the Airtight Containers, Too

This way, you can repel them and kill them faster if they already exist inside.

But, if you have not placed the food in an airtight container but in the same packaging or regular storage, you can also use bay leaves to repel the rice weevils since it is a natural repellent.

Not only can rice weevils be appalled, but other insects, too.

Place Garlic Cloves in your House Where You Think Rice Weevils are Present

Of course, you cannot put garlic cloves directly into your dry food because it has a foul odor.

Because of its strong fragrance, rice weevils will eventually sense the garlic near them and will tend to move away from the food because it can suffocate them after a period.

Use White Vinegar and Water Mixture to Spray in Various Places

Mix a tiny part of vinegar into a spray bottle of water and ensure that your mixture does not smell too strong to keep your home away from the vinegar’s sour odor.

Do not directly spray this mixture onto your dry food but spray it on the surroundings instead.

Final Words

Rice weevils might be a problem for us consumers, but they are worse for our grain farmers.

They destroy the crops a lot easier since they are on a farm filled with grain, seeds, and other dry food, and they affect the quality, which farmers worry about.

However, we can get rid of the rice weevils if we know the food we eat.

Remember to keep your dry food in an airtight container and do more simple home prevention to eliminate rice weevils from entering your house and consuming your food.

Rice weevils are harmless, but they can reduce food quality. So, please do your best to keep them away from accessing your house!

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