How Do I Get Rid of Pigeons on My Roof? Find Out Here

You have to admit it; all birds flying around the village create waste in your area, most especially when pigeons live around you!

You might have tried so hard to clean your place, but later on, you will discover how many waste pigeons have brought in your area, especially now that they live on your roof.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

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Pigeons are somewhat bullying to other birds, and they can disturb your place as well. Pigeons can also carry diseases, so if you want to get rid of them from your roof, you are in the right place.

We will give you tips on getting rid of pigeons on your roof, so read with me if you want to proceed!

Pigeons on My Roof

Why Are Pigeons on My Roof?

If you notice pigeons on your roof lately, most probably, your roof has a food and water source that they can access.

Without a food source, pigeons cannot survive in an area. They need food to sustain their living, and they have to seek everywhere to look for the source.

Once they find it on your roof, they will reside around your area for several days.

How Do I Get Rid of Pigeons on My Roof?

Pigeons on your roof can be frustrating, and you have to get rid of them to avoid dealing with their poop and dirt every day.

Remove the Source of Food

The first thing you have to do is remove the food sources around you. If possible, clean your roof, sweep off all the food sources you can find there, and clean the yard afterward.

If you have a tree with fruits and it lands near the roof, remove the rotten and fallen fruits to prevent pigeons from coming in.

You also need to sweep off the entire yard because pigeons may peck on anything they can find that is beneficial for them.

Using Reflective Items

Now you have noticed multiple bird poops on your roof, and you sure do know it is hard to clean because you have to get on the top of your home.

Pigeons are the reason for this, and if you want to get rid of them, reflective light is one of the best ways.

Birds do not like bright flashes, and if you put a reflective source near your roof, pigeons might want to stay away from your area.

Ensure that your reflective item faces the roof or is directly put on the roof to keep the pigeons away.

The bright flash it makes will hurt the pigeons’ eyes, making them stay away from the place and look for another habitat.

Using Scare Pigeon Items

Even when pigeons are large birds, some animals scare them away.

Pigeons have predators they want to get rid of, and if you have these fake animals around you, you can use them to scare away the pigeons.

Pigeons do not have natural defense mechanisms to defend themselves from predators. The only thing that saves them is their ability to fly, and most of their predators are usually on land.

Mostly, pigeons are being captured by owls, ferrets, foxes, snakes, dogs, cats, and many more. Even human is a predator for pigeons.

So, if you have a fake statue of an owl or a snake, maybe other more fake animals which are predators for pigeons, put those counterfeit items on the roof and some on the tree nearest to the roof.

This way, the pigeons will notice something is watching to get them, which will keep them away from the roof.

Pigeon Repellent Gel

Another quick solution to getting rid of pigeons on your roof is the pigeon repellent gel.

This will scare not only pigeons but other birds as well. This product has chemicals that instill in their system, making them go away from the area.

If you want to keep pigeons away, this is also an excellent method because it can control the population of pigeons in your area, including other birds.

Motion-Activated Sprinkler

You genuinely want to get rid of pigeon poop on your roof and in your garden, and installing a motion-activated sprinkler will help you scare away the pigeons as well.

Sprinklers are designed to keep your garden fresh and well-hydrated with the water, and you can also keep the pests away from your area. Well, sprinklers can also scare the pigeons unexpectedly.

Even when sprinklers spray water, which can be what pigeon wants, they will be scared because of its sudden motion and unexpected spray.

Once the sprinkler senses pigeons moving around, it will automatically turn on and sprinkle water everywhere, shock the pigeons, making them fly away. It is a non-toxic method and one of the quickest ways to put pigeons away.

However, you have to deal with your water bill if your sprinkler has used too much water during activation.

Get Rid of Pigeons on My Roof

Anti-Roosting Spikes

We know how many pigeons have caused damage in your area, and we know how much you want to get rid of them.

By using anti-roosting spikes, the pigeons will go away from your roof because they don’t have anything to step on your roof if you install these spikes up there.

The anti-roosting spikes are a great option to keep away pigeons and other bird species.

It minimizes the areas where they can have a foothold and will probably look for another site to reside after realizing your home is not welcome for their presence.

These spikes are made of plastic, and the protrusions it provides cannot even provide a space for the birds to sit. The material is also long-lasting; thus, it can withstand the sun for a long time.

Final Words

Getting rid of pigeons without hurting them is somewhat a challenging job because they can fly, while all we can do is apply different traps and strategies to make them stop going in our area.

We have to get rid of them because of the mess they make, plus, they contribute a terrible smell to the surroundings because of their poop.

They are not aggressive but constantly monitor your roof and garden to make sure pigeons are not around because you don’t want to wreck your home because of the birds.

Make sure to use the tips we gave you, and if possible, you can combine them for better results.

We hope we have helped you in addressing your concern about pigeons.

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