How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Carpet | Eliminate Bed Bugs in Carpet

No matter how clean your home looks, if various pests enter without you realizing it, it will ruin your life and be frustrating for the next few weeks or months.

What if I tell you, bed bugs won’t only live in your mattress, but they can live in your carpet, too?

You may not see it, but bed bugs can enjoy their lives while feeding on your blood, while the carpet’s quality is being lowered simultaneously.

Well, it’s still hard for bed bugs to hide away, so we will tell you more about them and help you get rid of them from living on your carpet!

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to follow this guide!

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Carpet

What Are Bed Bugs?

It is not only your bed that the bed bugs can live on, but any other items too with any fabric in them.

Bed bugs are small, brownish insects that are almost too tiny to see, and they feed on warm blood, usually when their hosts are not noticing them.

Bed bugs do not generally eat your carpet or your fabric, but all of them can live and multiply in those places because that is where they find the most comfort they can attain to survive.

Even when bed bugs cannot bite on a piece of fabric, they still have the most significant tendency to reduce the quality of carpets, beds, pillows, and many more, because these bugs make those items their home, which is not suitable for our part.

Bed bugs have to feed themselves to evolve and become more mature daily.

Some people may not notice, but bed bugs may have bitten them while asleep if a bed bug infestation is inside the room.

Where Can We Find Bed Bugs?

We can find bed bugs almost everywhere in the house. You may not know it, but they may have crawled to your room’s corner also!

Yes, bed bugs live on fabrics, and they can commonly be found in these places:

  • Above and under the carpet
  • Inside the mattress
  • Within the pillow
  • Inside your couch
  • Crawling through your linens
  • Cracks between a table or chair leg with a carpet below
  • Within your upholstered furniture

These places are the most common resting area of the bed bugs because they are attracted to fabrics, furniture, clothes, and many more.

Beds bugs live by sucking on warm blood, and since we walk, sit, and stand around the mentioned home areas above, the bed bugs will just wait for the right opportunity to feed themselves by biting you if you won’t notice.

Bed bugs can also roam around the house and may reach your walls and floors, but that is because they are looking for a peaceful area to live with access to warm blood at the same time.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Carpet

How Did Bed Bugs Enter My Home?

There are various reasons why bed bugs entered your home, and these reasons might sound general, but they are the pointing subject of why you have bed bugs living in your house.

First, bed bugs can travel through luggage, backpacks, delivered furniture, and many more. They can hitch a ride to reach various places because their transporter already has fabric in them.

Once these items are dropped inside your house, the bed bugs now enter your home freely and without you noticing it.

Second, bed bugs can travel between rooms, units, and buildings.

If you are so sure that you never had bed bugs before, then most probably those bed bugs found their way to get in your house by traveling from one place to another because they think your house is their comfort zone to live peacefully.

Third, bed bugs may have been in your home before you have moved in, and they just found their way to live under your carpet after a while.

Even when you don’t know it, bed bugs have already been on the carpet for a time, and they rapidly multiply after a few days or weeks.

Can Bed Bugs Bite My Pets?

Bed bugs don’t live in pets, nor do they live in the human body. But, bed bugs live by sucking warm blood, more particularly the blood of a human being.

Did you know that bed bugs can live in your hair as well? Yep!

But that does not mean that bed bugs only bite people; they can bite your pets as well.

They do not spend much time in pets because pets are susceptible and quickly wake up once disturbed, but bed bugs can bite your pets and suck their blood later on.

Bed bugs only bite pets sometimes because they are alert to their environment, but pets are still closer to your carpet if you let them live inside your house.

Hence, bed bugs can bite them even when it is not continuous, but they will find a way to get your pet’s blood even when it’s hard because your pet is closer to your carpet than you are.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Carpet

You can get rid of bed bugs on your carpet by following these simple tips. However, make sure to repeat these steps until you are confident enough that bed bugs have been eliminated from your carpet so you can ensure the total absence of their presence.

  • Clean your entire home. You do not just sweep around and wipe around, but you have to clean every corner of your home to ensure you can get rid not only of bed bugs but other insects as well. This is the very first step you should take to reduce the number of bed bugs crawling in your home.
  • Vacuum your mattress, upholstered furniture, and carpet. Although vacuuming may not ensure total eradication of bed bugs, it can reduce their number from walking inside your home because you sucked all the dirt from your home items, plus the bed bugs are being sucked by the vacuum as well.
  • However, we cannot ensure that the bed bugs in the vacuum are already dead because they can also live there until they starve to death.
  • So the best thing to do is clean your vacuum after use and clean it outside the house to prevent the dirt from coming back inside.
  • Ensure you have vacuumed your carpet very well to eliminate all the bed bugs and other insects living in it.
  • Steam your carpet and mattresses. You can also include your upholstered furniture for this matter. Once you finish steaming the bed and table, focus on the carpet and steam it carefully because bed bugs can be distracted from the extreme temperature the steam can put onto them.
  • Steaming should make the carpet damp but not too wet, and ensure you have run the vacuum through all parts of the carpet.
  • If you have small rugs inside your house and they are not yet that used, you can also steam them to ensure the removal of bed bugs.
  • However, if the small rugs are already dirty, you have to get rid of them and wash them immediately to lessen the bed bugs from coming in and out of your house.
  • Change the beddings. Yes, we know that we are talking about removing bed bugs from your carpet, but keep in mind that bed bugs travel around where they can find pieces of fabric. They can live in mattresses, box springs, rugs, carpets, and many more.
  • To reduce their number inside your home, change all the beddings and put the old ones in the laundry. This way, you can ensure that you have removed bed bugs and other pests, plus you get rid of the dust living in your mattress.
  • Seal up and cracks and holes in your home. Small crevices can be the bed bugs’ way of entry, and if you have cracks inside your home, it is better to seal them up because other insects may enter your home also.
  • Even when these holes and cracks are not fabric-based, bed bugs can still try to live in them since those can be their entry points in accessing your home.
  • Use ultrasonic pest repellents after cleaning your entire home, from carpets to bed and furniture. Studies show that bugs can truly be distracted and repelled by the ultrasonic device’s noise production.

Final Words

Bed bugs do not harm humans, but they can bite us as much as they want to feed themselves.

Their bites are not that harmful, but they can leave a mark on our skins.

Hence, it would help if you got rid of bed bugs in your carpet to remove their habitat and protect ourselves and our pets.

Hopefully, this guide helped you know more about bed bugs and how you can eliminate them from your carpet.

Be consistent and monitor your home to repel all the pests inside!

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