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According to a recent study, 63% of homes in the U.S. contain cockroaches.

So, are you part of the statistics now? Probably. 

Most experts advise calling a pest control official or physically fumigating your premises. 

Important Note: If you're tired of pests and want a reliable solution, then you should definitely consider seeking help from a professional pest control company. DIY solutions can be effective, but if you're dealing with a significant pest infestation, you don't want to rely solely on DIY methods. Pest control companies typically don't charge huge fees. You can fill out this form to receive free quotes from the top local pest control companies, and compare the quotes and see for yourself. Then, finally, your pest problems will be eliminated for good.

But hiring an exterminator is expensive. 

Thankfully, there is one last convenient alternative to try out. 

If you feel cockroaches and insects are invading your home or yard, you’ve probably heard about Diatomaceous Earth and want to check it out. 

But does this ‘wonder product’ eliminate cockroaches? Indeed, it does!

Keep reading to find out whether Diatomaceous Earth kills cockroaches and how.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is a powder, white substance derived from the pulverized remains of fossilized algae. 

These algae cells are high in a compound called silica, making the dried sediment produced from these fossils a rich source of natural silica. 

Diatomaceous earth has been famous in the pest control industry since the beginning of the 1960s and is powder-based dust made using crushed diatom fossils. 

Essentially, the diatoms collect in the residue of lakes, waterways, seas, and streams over a significant period.

The diatoms are gathered when they become fossilized and afterward industrially treated to make various products.

Some diatomaceous earth items include soft drinks, medicinal products, skincare items, toothpaste, and many others.

How Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Cockroaches?

Diatomaceous earth is industrially sold as a desiccant.

Therefore, unlike conventional poisons, pests needn’t ingest diatomaceous earth to be dead. 

Simple exposure to diatomaceous earth is enough to destroy their exoskeleton, eventually drying them out to death. 

Does Diatomaceous Earth Really Eliminate Roaches?

The short answer is YES.

Diatomaceous Earth is a highly effective, cheap, and foolproof solution to your cockroach problems.  The powder works by puncturing the roach’s exoskeleton, causing it to dehydrate and die.

It is also easy to use and does not require professional support to combat an infestation in your home. 

How TO Use Diatomaceous Earth For Roaches, Step By Step Guide

Step 1:

  • Dry to remove any dampness from the area where you want to apply the diatomaceous earth. The water may cause the mixture to thicken and effectively render it ineffective.
  •  To prevent the further growth of cockroaches, seal up any crevices that could have opened up under sinks, in the washroom, near floorboards, or around poorly insulated door frames. 
  • Also, trace their origin and how they get into your home or yard.

Step 2:

  • Try to locate all spots infested by cockroaches. This usually includes narrow cracks, dark crevices, floorboards, behind appliances, and inside cupboards. 
  • Once you locate their colony, spread-out diatomaceous earth around in a complete circle to make a border around their territory.
  • Remember to dust the diatomaceous earth lightly, making a uniform layer. Since cockroaches won’t directly venture near the diatomaceous earth if the dusting is too imminent, try to limit the spray to a single spot and spread it evenly instead. 

Step 3:

Gently coat all infected areas with the diatomaceous earth, carefully tracing a route along the foundation. 

Step 4:

  • Moving on, if you have a minor crack or any space that is left unused, then treat this area. 
  • Take about 3 lbs of the powder and make a small pile near the entrance to the crawlspace. 
  • Using a fan or leaf blower, aim at the lump of DE and turn the rotors on. This will create a large, heavy cloud of DE beneath the house. 

Step 5:

  • For outdoor treatment, likewise, sprinkle a small amount of diatomaceous earth on the top of the cockroach’s colony. 

Step 6:

And that’s it!

  • Leave the diatomaceous earth applied as long as the cockroach infestation continues. 
  • Once the roaches have perished, you can scoop up the leftover diatomaceous earth, leaving a fine film behind to avoid a re-infestation. 
  • If you see the roaches lying dormant on their back, then know that DE has worked and killed the roaches.
Diatomaceous Earth Kill Roaches
Diatomaceous Earth

How Quickly Does Diatomaceous Earth Kill Roaches?

While the length can vary, most users report a change within 2-3 weeks of sustained application. 

Remember, DE is only fatal to bugs when they come into direct contact with the poison, which can cause delays if the roaches utilize alternative routes. 

Is Diatomaceous Earth Safe for You?

As per the NPIC (National Pesticide Information Center), diatomaceous earth is safe when utilized as a natural insecticide. 

Modern medicine prescribes diatomaceous earth to treat high cholesterol levels and constipation and improve health for skin, nails, teeth, bones, and hair.

Even though it’s considered safe for humans and pets, there are a few things you should know before using it:

  • Be sure to use food-grade diatomaceous powder, as some products intended for other uses may be harmful if ingested.
  • Wear a dust mask when applying the powder to avoid inhaling it.
  • Keep children and pets away from treated areas until the powder has had a chance to dry.
  • The diatomaceous powder can be an effective way to get rid of cockroaches, but it’s important to use it safely to avoid any risks to your family or pets.

Final Words

In conclusion, diatomaceous earth is a solid pest controller insecticide to keep cockroaches and other pests at bay. 

It is both non-poisonous and cost-effective.

Whether it’s American or German roaches, Diatomaceous Earth can kill all these cockroaches and get rid of them successfully.

You can also try foggers to eliminate roaches from your house permanently.

We hope you have a roach-free house!

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