Does Bug Zapper Kill Gnats?

Are you annoyed by the small flying insects that keep buzzing outdoors around your home as well? 

Well, the annoying creatures could be gnats. These creatures are easily found in places where there is moisture, food, and favorable weather conditions. If you are looking for a way to get rid of gnats, then we suggest you check bug zappers. 

If you have the doubt whether bug zapper eradicates gnats, then you must check out this article. As we have given clear insights on what a bug zapper is, its working, and whether it kills gnats. 

So let’s get into the article now. 

What Are Gnats?

Gnats, sometimes called blackflies or midges, are tiny flying insects. They are hard to see when alone and can only be found in swarms or when they bite you. 

Though these are tiny creatures, they can easily infest your home or gardens and become a nuisance. They breed quickly under favorable situations and make it hard to eradicate them. 

What Are Bug Zappers and How Does It Work?

A bug zapper, also called an electrical discharge insect control system, electrocution trap, or electric insect killer is a device that utilizes UV lights to attract insects and kill them. 

This device has a pair of wire grids where electrocution occurs. The electrocution is caused due to a 2000 high voltage from the wire grids.

The UV light bulb and the wires are put in protective plastic or grounded metal cage. When a gnat sees the UV light, it enters the space between the circuits and dies instantly. 

Bug zappers don’t have continuous electrocution. Only when the zapper catches an insect, does it electrocute it the next second. 

Some bug zappers come with trays, fans to collect and trap insects. Whereas some use strong suction fans to pull in the dead insects and get them collected on trays.

You can find bug zappers in various sizes and lengths. So you can choose one best suited to your needs.

As the zapper’s voltage ranges from 2000 to 4000 volts, if you accidentally touch the wire grid when the device is on, your life could be in danger. For safety purposes, handling the bug zappers with care is suggested.

Does Bug Zapper Kill Gnats?

The short answer is yes. Bright lights and colors grab gnats’ attention. So electric bug zappers easily deter or kill gnats. 

Though bug zappers can’t kill the entire population of gnats existing in a particular area, they can keep the population down more effectively than other methods. 


Most people try out multiple methods to kill gnats. Some try natural methods, and others try chemicals. But they miss an easy method to keep the gnats away, especially outdoors. 

Well, by now, we hope you got a clear idea that bug zappers can effectively eliminate gnats.

Bug zappers are a one-time investment and will come to a long life if maintained well. So make your home gnats free by investing in bug zappers. 

That’s all about Bug Zappers and its way of killing gnats. Thanks for scrolling through!

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