Do Termites Fly?

Just because it’s in our body is it necessary to use them? Okay let’s make things clear, termites have got wings, so is it necessary for them to fly?

Or should I ask whether they even fly or not? 

Many tiny creatures fly so how we can actually differentiate termites from them?

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Don’t worry these questions will not remain a headache anymore, because we have got answers to all these questions and this article is gonna do that.

Is Flying Characteristic of Termites?

Apart from wood chomping, we can add one more characteristic to the Termites I.e. flying. Not all of them fly but some do. This flying is not regular, it happens at certain parts of the year. Swarmers, the adult reproductive Termites fly.

How Much Important Flying is to Them? 

Do Termites Fly?

Without flying, they won’t be able to increase their numbers. They fly during the spring when the weather is warm. 

After reaching a specific geographically suitable location, they reproduce and establish a new colony. Flying is the most important part of their reproductive process.

Difference Between Flying Termites and Flying Ants

The major difference lies in the antennae. Flying ants’ antennae are bent while Termites have straight antennae.

The regions of the body can be easily distinguished in ants while Termites have uniform width through their body.

The length of the wings is the same in termites but when it comes to ants, back wings are shorter than front wings.

Should We Be Worried About Flying Termites?

Flying Termites

Flying termites are not dangerous till the moment they shed their leaves and settle on the ground. As soon as they do this, their hunt for a new colony begins. If successful, their offspring may cause damage to our house. 

While flying, their main focus is only on finding a suitable location for expanding and reproductive purposes. But if you encounter a Flying Termite, make sure that they don’t land near your house, as there will be a risk of invasion from the newly formed colony.


We can conclude that flying is not just a characteristic of termites like other insects. The travel they do is to maintain their existence. 

There is no harm from Flying Termites solely, but the after consequences are dangerous. So it is better to take precautions and eliminate Flying Termites whenever encountered.

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